Lucky one

One year after the last concert, she was going to one again. Simple Plan had always been her hero's, but this concert would different in many ways.


2. Vacation

Sophie’s P.O.V

Vacation is definitely one of my favorite things. Just chill at home, listening to music. But still it was hard for me to really focus on anything these days. Even when people would talk to me, I’m not really paying attention. All I really can think of, is Simple Plan and the guy I’m really excited to meet; David. What a beautiful name to a beautiful person. Last concert he replied to me screaming, “I love you” with an “I love you too, baby”. I don’t even know what I’m going to say when I meet them. They are after all my hero’s. Back then I was all about dreaming of marrying them, but I guess I have changed, because now I’m more interested in really listening to the music, and just be more mature around them, and not scream them in the face like many others would. I remember back then, I would count how many years we had in-between us, in a crazy believe that one of them actually would be mine. I’m 17 now, and now I can more focus on them being my idols, my hero’s.

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