Lucky one

One year after the last concert, she was going to one again. Simple Plan had always been her hero's, but this concert would different in many ways.


1. Everlasting memory

“I remember every sunset. I remember every word you said. We were never gonna say goodbye. Tell me how to get back to summer paradise with you, and I’ll be there in a heartbeat.”


I still remember the words he said to me. I still remember the feeling that went trough my body. It’s still like electricity going trough my body. How happy I was, looking at him, and knowing he said it to me.


No one’s P.O.V

So today was the day. One year since she last went to a Simple Plan concert. 18th of April 2012. And in only 2 weeks she was going see them again. Last time she went, was before she became a member of the Simple Plan crew, so she couldn’t go backstage like she can now. What happened to the last concert will be an everlasting memory for her. The man she adored told her he loved her. Of course not in the right way, but still, words couldn’t explain how happy she was for that memory. 

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