5SOS ; She looks so perfect ♥ (;

She was an average girl who left home in hopes of achieving her dream. Her friends resented the fact that she was moving far away. She suffered. She loves her friends and but she needed to get out of the town in order to fulfill her dreams. One day, her life changed and she just kept finding her way back to this one boy who managed to conquer her heart while having her live out her dream . They were living out their dreams together. Her wildest dreams became a reality and she could only thank 4 amazing guys.

* First time I write a fan fiction please take the time and read♥ don't criticize. Can I get positive feedback though .... xx Thanks ♥


3. The talk

Jessica's POV

      I don't know why but I began to walk towards them. In the process, my eyes met with Luke's and I nearly died. I think I just wanted to show that I really do know who they were. I pointed at Calum, I felt my finger shake and I slowly got the words out of my mouth " That's Calum." I moved along the line and was naming them. Once I reached Luke I froze and waited to say " This is ....... Luke," I could hardly get his name. I looked up and our gaze met again. 

Michael's POV

     I noticed that we were all starring at this estranged girl which made me realize that no of us have ever settled down or had a serious relationship. I began to think that maybe this girl would come into  our lives and change that a after all we were soon getting a 1 year vacation. A couple of months ago Luke had just turned 22 and was a bit bummed that he was single. Maybe this girl could help him. Anyways, this girl soon had all her co-workers surrounding her and they were all trying to talk to her but she seemed focused on us which I liked. Despite all the attention she was getting , she was friendly and quite humble to us and to her co-workers who looked like her friends. I looked over at the boys and realized that Luke was completely mesmerized by her. I began asking her questions just so we can get to know her better. She was 20 and was about to be 21 in 2 weeks. Wow, she is really young. Her friends left and were headed towards some rocks not to far away from us. I then hear Ashton, " You aren't fully American, right? " She giggled and in the sweetest voice said " No, both of my parents are from Mexico but I grew up here." Calum  was even more intrigued and told her , his profound love for Mexico. She laughed and said " Oh, Calum I think we'll get along great." She smiled and said " You guys are amazingly talented and really nice." We all smiled at her and I even felt myself blush. She later mentioned that her name was Jessica but everyone calls her Jessica. Jessica. Jessica Garcia. 

Luke's POV

      Her name was Jessica. Jess. Why couldn't I just have the courage to talk to her? She turned to me and smiled. " Hey Mr. Shy , why aren't you talking?" Shit. I froze in that instant. 


Jessica's POV

       I was fascinated by all the boys. I mean come on I was and still am such a huge fan. But Luke. Uff Luke . He just intrigued me the most but he wasn't talking at all. He finally responded to my question, " Oh , sorry. Um I was just thinking."  He turned to his band mates and then to John and said " I think it's time to go shoot the video." I don't know why but those words hurt me. I thought there was a connection between us but apparently it was just me. I annoyed him. I managed to fake a smile even though I was dying inside. With the best way possible I said "Okay, well I'll leave you guys to it. Bye it was great meeting you boys." As I walked away , I waved back and they all waved back except for Luke. Ouch. I finally was reunited with my friends at our rocks.

 Ashton's POV

       Ahh, what the hell is Luke thinking?! It was so obvious that Jess was into him and he came off as a complete ass!!! John began to set up as he talked to Charlotte. I could tell that Calum was into Jess too but just not as passionate as Luke. When we were alone, I punched Luke in the arm . He was surprised " What the that for ?! " "For being an ass and forcing that cute girl to leave! What is wrong with you? You were so into her, dumbass." The guys began insulting him too.

Luke's POV

        Wow. Was I really that obvious? Oh my god , they were right. What did I just do? They called us over to begin shooting. All I could think about was how I just ruined my chances with Jess.... no. Was I that stupid? 


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