5SOS ; She looks so perfect ♥ (;

She was an average girl who left home in hopes of achieving her dream. Her friends resented the fact that she was moving far away. She suffered. She loves her friends and but she needed to get out of the town in order to fulfill her dreams. One day, her life changed and she just kept finding her way back to this one boy who managed to conquer her heart while having her live out her dream . They were living out their dreams together. Her wildest dreams became a reality and she could only thank 4 amazing guys.

* First time I write a fan fiction please take the time and read♥ don't criticize. Can I get positive feedback though .... xx Thanks ♥


2. Seeing them.

Jessica's POV

    My boss was with my ex, Willy, who was arrogant but can be such an amazing guy. He was arguing with the man and I could tell that they were both getting frustrated. I stopped playing around and walked towards them. I was nervous for some reason. I still couldn't figure out the faces of the 4 guys behind the man. 

Calum's POV

      The lads and me were with our manager who was arguing with this one guy, who where I can see wasn't in charge of anything. All of a sudden, my eyes focused on this beautiful girl who was headed towards us . She looked like an angel. Who was she? Why was she walking towards us ? She was getting closer. Shit. 

Luke's POV

     Honestly, I wasn't even paying attention to the argument happening right in front of my face. Literally. My eyes had been to focus on this girl who caught my eyes as soon as we got  there. I found myself thinking of her and wondering what she was like. She seemed innocent but fun and mysterious. I broke my train of thoughts when I looked at the boys. I noticed that Calum was starring at her too. Pretty soon the rest of the band found themselves starring at her too. I just wanted to get to know her. As she got closer to us I realized this is my chance. Maybe...

Jessica's POV

      I was being watched or I assumed because I had a weird feeling. I did the only rational thing to do was look at the ground as I walked. When I reached them I began to lift my head. I looked at Charlotte (my boss), who was trying to calm down Willy . I asked her what was going on. Before she could respond , Willy answered " These PEOPLE think that they can come here and take..." Thank god Charlotte cut him off. " They also have a permit to use the bay. Do you think we can wait for a couple of hours so they can shoot their video?" Willy was outraged " We were here first so they have to wait for US!" I was quite disappointed in him but at the same time I was really angry. " WILLIAM ! What is the matter with you?!"  I looked at the man who was trying to contain his anger and apologized to him  " I'm truly sorry, William took this situation out of proportion. We do not mind waiting for you guys to finish." Charlotte nodded but Willy couldn't take it and spattered " I WON'T STAND FOR THIS! SCREW YOU ALL!!!" Everyone turned to see him and Charlotte tried to stop him but I told her to give him space . I went over to my friends to tell them the change of plans and they graciously agreed. I went back to Charlotte as everyone picked up. I was introduced to the man, who's name was John band was the manager of the boys who were behind him. I glanced over at them and instantly recognized them . That was no ordinary band that was FIVE SECONDS OF SUMMER , one of my favorite bands of all time. I was filled with excitement that was so indescribable. John was about to introduce them to me when I interrupted him and began to stutter. Oh my god why did I just interrupt him? "  I know .... exactly... who they are. They .... are ...Five ....SECONDS of SUMMER ." I was starstruck .

Luke's POV 

      I was thrilled that she knew who we were. It relieved me too see how excited she was to see us. Maybe it was gonna be easier to get to know her, I mean I just found out one , she was a fan of us.I smiled at her and our eyes met and it felt so magical. The rest of the band was also smiling. All of a sudden, I see her get closer to us but she seemed so nervous as she walked towards us. She was SO cute , I whined to myself.


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