5SOS ; She looks so perfect ♥ (;

She was an average girl who left home in hopes of achieving her dream. Her friends resented the fact that she was moving far away. She suffered. She loves her friends and but she needed to get out of the town in order to fulfill her dreams. One day, her life changed and she just kept finding her way back to this one boy who managed to conquer her heart while having her live out her dream . They were living out their dreams together. Her wildest dreams became a reality and she could only thank 4 amazing guys.

* First time I write a fan fiction please take the time and read♥ don't criticize. Can I get positive feedback though .... xx Thanks ♥


5. Even closer(;

Jessica's POV

      From his (Luke's) chest, I looked up only to find him starring at me. Oh this guy who I've been obsessed with since I heard of 5SOS. The boy whom I thought hated me was now holding me in a very protective, comforting manner. His presence calmed me and there was something about him that made me trust him. He made me feel secure, something I haven't been feeling lately. Oh, and when he looks me in the eyes , I seriously melt. My huge smile appears without warning. I looked down and realize that I had been crying. Oh my god I probably looked so disgusting to him and he was just smiling to contain his laughter. But it didn't seem that way maybe I am probably imagining it. My thoughts were suddenly interrupted.Shit he heard me."Yes it is all in your head because you are absolutely beautiful and I am not laughing at you . I am smiling because I am simply admiring your beauty." At that moment I was blushing so much. Maybe because I was embarrassed or because he called me beautiful.  "Did I said it out loud or are you just a mind reader?" He began to laugh " You said it out loud. You have quite the imagination."I laughed and then it got silent. He broke the silence when he asked me if I was feeling better. I took a huge breath, "Yes, I'm fine thank you. You must want to go back to shooting your video." I didn't want him to go and I was hoping he would stay with me. I began to remove myself from his chest but he wouldn't let go and he kept pulling me right back to his chest and said to me "Fine is never good. The video is unimportant at the moment right now I just care about you being okay. You don't have to thank me , I'm happy to be here for you." His words made me feel wanted and important. He made me forget all the problems. I giggled, "what is so wrong with saying fine? Don't worry I am okay really ." With the cutest smirk on his face, " Fine just always turns out to mean that the girl is suffering inside and won't call for help." Aw he was so cute, "Sorry but I think your theory failed because in my vocabulary it means that I'm doing well." " Fine, I believe you." He said as he laughed. His laughter just brought me so much joy. The more I thought about it I became more and more convinced that he was an angel who came to rescue me in my lowest point in time. I was truly grateful. He was perfect and I loved everything I knew about him. He was right I wasn't great. I was wonderful, happy ,great because he had came into my life. We began talking if we knew each other for an eternity. We laughed and we argued but it was great. Better than I ever could have expected. 

Luke's POV

       We got closer not physically but emotionally. We talked for a while but it only seemed as it was for a couple of seconds.  Her head was still on my chest and I didn't plan or wanted to move it. She would occasionally look up as I talked. She's such an amazing listener and her voice was so mesmerizing. I began to lean closer to her lips. Our lips were beginning to meet and then they were just an inch away when I heard the boys yell my name. Almost instantaneously, she jumped off and walked away just like that. Fuck. I gave the boys death glares. They had horrible timing. My phone rang and it was a text from Calum. I looked over at them and they were all huddled around the phone. The text read 'Sorry' . No kidding man they just ruined my first kiss with Jess. I replied to them expecting and explanation for why they interrupted me. 'We were just going to mock you for your tweet. I'd like to think that she follows us.' Oh my god I completely forgot about the tweet. As she rested on my chest I somehow managed to tweet. The tweet read ' I think I'm in love........ xx Luke.' Once more my thoughts were interrupted by a text ' GO AFTER HER YOU IDIOT!!! xxx Cal, Ash, Mikey. ' They were right for once.

Jessica's POV

        Oh my god ! LUKE HEMMINGS AND I WERE ABOUT TO KISS!  I was freaking out . I still felt butterflies in my stomach. When they called his name I assumed it was because they needed him even though they weren't getting much done themselves. I just walked away with no turning back. I think that has always been my problem, walking away. I began to play in the sand. My head was spinning out of control. I distracted myself by checking Twitter. Luke tweeted 15 minutes ago... I didn't know if it was meant for me or not but a part of me hoped it was.. I was confused but I just tried to ignore it. I couldn't. I found myself thinking . Does he love me? I felt someone breathing over me. I looked up a nd it was no other than Luke. He was starring at me smiling in a teasing manner. I could tell he was trying to contain his laughter but what was he doing here? 

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