Magcon/26MGMNT Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN)

Imagines and preferences about Nash, Cameron, Hayes, Jack and Jack, etc.



1. Your first fight (NASH GRIER)

Nash Grier Imagine

You shove your last shirt in your bag. There were more clothes but you couldn't bare to be in the same room as him anymore. "Babe, please. I promise to n-" You cut him off, "I'm tired of you making promises only to break them Nash." With that you walked out the door your bag on your shoulder. You could hear Nash walking behind you. "It was a mistake! I'm sorry! I promise!" He cried but it was too late. You walked out into the cool night unlocking the car, wasting no time getting in with your bags. You make eye contact with Nash one last time, trying to comprehend how you got here.

You sat on your bed, waiting for Nash. You two lived together and he went to dinner with his family. Scrolling through Twitter you were completely bored tweeting absolute nonsense. You went through your DMs. You replied to some fans and when you opened one you froze as your whole body tensed. It wasn't hate. It was Nash.

Kissing another girl.

Your thumbs tapped out the message sending it.

What is this?

The reply was quick, as if they waited for you to reply.

It's my sister. Nash used to date her and they meet up tonight and she sent me this picture. I thought you should see this. I'm sorry :(

Your heart shattered. Nash would never lie. Would he?

That's not true. Nash is spending the night having dinner with his family.

You bit your lip waiting for the reply. Was there going to be a reply?

Another picture came up. It was of the same shirt the girl wore signed by Nash.

He signed this tonight. My sister just came home. I gotta go. I'm sorry if it means anything I totally shipped you two.

Okay. Thanks.

Was all you could reply as you locked your phone. There was only one way to figure out if it was true. Text him.

Hey, I know you're with your fam, but are you coming home soon?

You sent it.


Fifty-nine, Sixty.

It's been 6 minutes. That girl was a liar, Nash was n-

You heard the front door open and keys jingle. "HONEY I'M HOME!" He laughs.

You felt the tears in your eyes as you heard his footsteps coming closer and the door opened, revealing Nash. He was all smiles. He sat on the bed and you could smell the perfume. "Is everything alright Y/N?" He asked, concerned. "Where were you tonight?" you question. "With my f-" You shoved the phone into his chest standing up. You grab a bag from the closet.

"Y/N, babe I'm sorry." He sniffles. You don't shed a tear as you shove things into your bag. "Babe please! Don't." He runs over holding your wrist. You shake him off. You had to leave. Before you breakdown yourself.  

You started the car and backed out the driveway. "It's for the best." You whisper to yourself as the tears start to roll, you wipe them away but they only keep flowing until you just stop wiping them away. "It's for the best." You repeated.

It's for the best.

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