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Imagines and preferences about Nash, Cameron, Hayes, Jack and Jack, etc.



2. Your First Date (JACK J) -ARIANA

Y/F/N= Your Friend's name


"Do you think this is too much?" You turn to (y/f/n).

"Maybe the dress was a bit much, I mean you're going bowling." She shrugs, looking at her nails, she was such a tomboy so she didn't really care for first date business.

(^^Your outfit, sorry if it's bad^^^)

"Do you really have to wear that dumb pin?" She rolls her eyes.

"Yes, Jack thinks it's cute, plus Katniss would have wanted me to wear it." You nod.

"If she was real." She mumbled to herself.

"What was that?"



The doorbell chimes, echoing throughout the house.

"He's here?!" You both gasp.

Shit just got real, you thought.

You both run down the stairs, pausing at the door.

"Ready?" (y/f/n) mouths. You nod your head.

She turns the knob and the door swings open, and right in front of you, is...


"WHAT THE FUCK GILINSKY!" You shout, now you were pissed, you waited forever for Jack, JOHNSON. But instead you got cheap knock-off, all eyebrows Gilinsky.

"Hey, chill out. Jack told me to come here to tell you. He can't make it. Family stuff." He smiles, letting himself in.

"HEY! YOU GUYS GOT A SMART TV?! Man, you don't know how bad I want one of t-"

"Get. Out." You say, teeth clenched.

"C'mon! I wanna see this baby in a-"

"GET OUT!" You scream, you've never seen Jack move so fast in your life.

You couldn't believe Jack would ditch you like that. He seemed so hype about it, talking about the whole date non-stop, just to stand you up.

"I feel so stupid." You choke out, collapsing onto the c0ouch, crying.

"Hey, hey, hey, don't do that. Jack's an idiot." (y/f/n) frowns, wrapping an arm around, pulling you closer.

You put your head on her shoulder "He was a cute, blonde, blue eyed idiot." You sniffle.

"Emphasis on the idiot part." She nods.

"I don't get it. He was so excited for this date and then he stood me up." You sigh.

"Boys are stupid."


You changed out of your clothes into your comfortable pajamas.

You sat puffy eyed, watching Love Actually with (y/f/n).

"Ari! Do we have to watch this?" She whines. You shush her, stuffing your mouth with popcorn.

The door bell rings.

"Did you order pizza?" She asks you.

You shake your head, finishing the popcorn in your mouth.

Standing up, you walk over to the door. There stands Jack, smiling sweetly with a bouquet of roses.

"Jack? What are you doing here?" You ask.

"Here for our date silly!" He laughs and grabs your hand, pulling you out the door.

"Jack. Stop. STOP!" You scream, he freezes, turning towards you.

"You ditched me."

"Cause I wanted to change our destination, now. Let's go!" He walks over to the car, opening the door for you.

Everything in you told you to stomp back up that porch in your bunny slippers, but he looked so perfect in the moonlight. His eyes shining. You sigh and walk over and get into the car.


You're silent until you see it.

"JACK! OH MY GOSH!" You don't even wait for him to turn off the car, running off into the sand. You stared up at the big balloon.

"Ahoy Ma'am! Ready to fly?" A man smiles, saluting you.

"You dig it?" Jack says, wrapping his arms around you from behind.

"More than ever!" You squeal, running over to the hot air balloon.

The man helps you into the basket.

"Captain Martin at your service!" He bows.


"Johnson." Jack says behind you.


"We're gonna get married so get used to introducing yourself as Ariana Johnson. I'm Jack by the way Captain Martin." He shakes the man's hand.

You stomach was being attacked by butterflies and you felt lighter than a feather. You cheeks hurt from how hard you were smiling.

You slowly began to lift off the ground.

"Well, Mrs. Johnson, the only downside to this date, is the food. Hope you like Peanut Butter and Jelly sandwiches!" He smiles, waving the sandwich wrapped in cling wrap in your face.

"As long as I'm with you Mr. Johnson I'm dandy!" You smile taking the sandwich.

You both eat happily, gazing at the beautiful scenery.


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