Moving schools

Vicki attempted her 5th new school and has met someone who means everything to her but what if eventually he breaks her heart find out!!!


1. new school more drama

Hey my name is Victoria. Well my friends call me Vicki or Tori. I am 15 years old. I have light brown hair with blonde highlights on the bottom. I have blue eyes and I'm a tomboy. So this is my story..

As I woke up I had my morning routine. I took a quick shower. Then I put on my stay weird top and a pair of shorts. I got 30$ from my desk and put my phone in my pocket I got my glasses and my backpack. I put on some galaxy vans and got the keys of my new Ferrari. I got it for my birthday. When I came into the schools parking lot there was a lot of people. I parked my car and walked to my class. Everyone was staring at me.. I felt so different. Than I just accidentally bumped into a guy. My stuff fell.

Me: shit

Guy: look I'm sorry I should have watched where I was going.

Me: no it's my fault sorry. I said as I grabbed my stuff and he helped me.

Guy: so what's your name I'm Justin.

Me: well my names Victoria but call my Vicki or Tori.

Justin: ok. Vicki see u around.

Woah that justin dude was really hot like seriously. After school ended I thought that my first day wasn't to bad after all. While I was walking I saw justin so I ran up to him.

Me: hey justin.

Justin: oh hey tori

Me: well uhh

Justin just looked at his phone he was on YouTube the channel was called kidrauhl.

Me: Justin u sing?

Justin: I guess I do..

Vicki's P.O.V

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