Malia is from a small town in Miami, she is very well known at Salvatore high school. She Is a girl who likes to take every opportunity to get out of her house , she loves to party & let loose. Her parents have always been really strict with her , which causes her to act the way she does. Justin is from Orlando And he currently goes to school at Santiago high school. He is "The Jock" of the school along with his friends Austin, Ryan & Chaz. Austin has started a musical career , What happens when they have to move to Miami ?




Thank god its Friday I've literally been counting down every second since Monday morning. I'm so excited for tonight, I still haven't told my parents anything yet i'm still coming up with my excuse to get out of the house. So i'm in last period which is my art class and all the teacher has been talking about is how happy she is that she doesn't have to deal with our class anymore. She hates our class because no one ever pays attention to her, every ones to busy twerking, making out, or smoking. But I am just sitting here talk to Kendal about the party tonight. "Dude, okay so you know how Austin is moving out here doing summer?" I asked Kendal "Who the hell is Austin" Kendal asked very confused. "OMG KENDAL I"VE TOLD YOU ABOUT HIM SO MANY TIMES" I yelled but I was joking. "Oh that one ! but I didn't know he was moving out here" "Well actually he already moved out here with a couple of his friends, Justin, Alfredo & Ryan. I heard there all pretty cute & there's one for each of us" I said laughing but at the same time being totally serious. I Just hope they show up tonight, I tweeted it to Austin but i'm pretty sure he didn't see it" I sighed. "But how Awesome would that be if they did !" Kendall said trying to make me smile which she succeeded at. There's about  3 minutes left until school is finally out ! Then were all free for 3 months ! then we have to come back to this hell hole. But i'm just looking forward to summer break with my girls ! "2 MORE MINUTES" I heard our quarterback Dylan yell. "FINALLY DUDE IM SO HAPPY TO GET OUT OF THIS PLACE" I shrieked . "Just wait on it babe" Dylan replied with a smirk. He was really cute but I've already been there done that, and I wasn't planning on going back. DINGGGGGGG! The bell finally rang and the class jumped out of there seats all ready to go home and get ready for the party. "OMG you guys I cant wait to start our summer!" Lena said with the dorkiest smile. "Me either Lena party every night, getting drunk, sneaking out, dancing with every guy I see" Bridgette replied. "Lets make a pact right now that no matter what happens no matter how much we drink, sleep around, sneak out that we will always have each others backs." I said waiting for the girls to agree with me. "I'm in" they said in unison. "YAY ! and whose house are we meeting at to get ready?" I asked "Mine , but have you decided on what your going to tell your parents" Lena asked. " I think I might just say i'm going to sleep over at Lena's then leave as quick as I can" I said causing the others to laugh.


We were all dancing around and singing to Buckwild by 2 virgins and Taylor Caniff. I was curling my hair in very loose curls to get a beach wave type of curl. I had on A crop top that said boss across it, with high waisted shorts & a red and black flannel wrapped around my waist, I haven't  decided what shoes I want to wear but probably my converse. I already had touched up my make up so as soon as I was done with my hair I was completely ready. "Are you almost done Malia" Bridgette came into the bathroom to see how much more I had to do. "Yeah just 2 more pieces" I said. I finished my hair and walked out of the bathroom to see all of my girls.  "DAMN GIRL YOU LOOK HOT, YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE GUYS ALL OVER YOU TONIGHT." Kendal said . "thank you hoochie , you guys all look hot as well."  I said as I was putting on my white converse with a red rim around it. "Are y'all ready to go" Lena asked. We all nodded and grabbed our stuff then headed out the door to head to our summer kick off party.


We finally go to the beach and the dj was already all set up, so many more people showed up then we expected. Oh well that just means more cute boys. "Dude Bridgette this is going to be the best party you've ever thrown." Kendal said. "I had no idea the hole school would actually show up !" Bridgette shrieked in excitement. "I'm going to go get a drink Lena wanna come with me?" I asked . Lena nodded and her and I went to the table set up next to the dj and we got four cups full of beer. When we were done pouring all the beer in them we walked back to Bridgette and Kendal. We handed them their beers and talked for a little. I then got this urge to want to dance so Ii asked the girls and we all left where we were sitting to go dance. Walking through all the people grinding and twerking on each other we finally found a free spot and started dancing, That's when I first layed eyes on Austin's friend Justin. I knew it was him because Austin is always posting pictures with him. When he noticed I was staring I quickly looked away & continued grinding against some random guy. I was trying so hard to dance as best as I could so Justin would notice me. Suddenly I felt like someone was watching me & I realized Austin was here too. After Loyal by Chris Brown was over Main chick came on and I decided to go get a      drink. I walked back to where I was before I started dancing took my drink and decided to go sit closer to the water. As I sat down I started thinking about how cute Austin's friend Justin is. I was thinking of some ways to go talk to him, I didn't want to be weird about it. I mean after all I am the one who invited them.


Moving here with Austin was probably the best thing I have ever done. Now that he finally signed with permanent records, his fan base is getting bigger and bigger which means there are girls all over him and his friends. For example one of his fans found out we were moving out here and tweeted him about this party they were having at the beach to kick off the summer. Austin saw the tweet and then texted me and the boys if we were up for it. The boys all said yes & I said fine but if its lame i'm out.  The party is later tonight and i'm kind of excited to go to our first party in Miami.


So we show up at the party and it looked like everyone was having a blast, There were couples making out , People drinking, And then there were a bunch of people grinding on each other. I then set eyes on this girl she was so beautiful and could move her body so good. From what I can tell she was with 3 of her friends , they were all grinding on each other, then she looked up and saw me and I quickly looked away, when I looked at her again she was dancing wit some guy. I then went to go get a drink with Austin, Chaz, and Ryan. This party was going to be fun I just need to find that girl and make sure to dance with her before we leave. When we came back by where everyone was dancing I noticed the girl wasn't there anymore. So maybe this was my opportunity to find her and ask her to dance with me.  I spotted her friends and went to ask them if they knew were she went. "Hey uhm i'm Justin I came with Austin, I saw  one of your friends dancing with y'all and I was wondering if you knew where she went." "Oh hey I'm Lena and you must be talking about Malia, Uhm she might be down by the water she loves it down there" she said smiling. "cool thanks" I thanked her before I walked off.  I started walking towards the water and finally spotted Malia I think her name is , she is so pretty and looked so hot in the outfit she had on. "Malia ?" I asked praying that that was her name. "what's up" Malia asked without looking up. "Uhm hey i'm Justin, I saw you dancing and started thinking about how lucky I would be if you danced with me" "I know who you are" she chuckled "who do you think invited y'all to this party?" she asked. "omg that was you" I asked kind of shocked "yeah hat was me" she said slightly blushing. "well i'm glad you invited us, or else we would have never met" I said making her blush even more. "So you still up for that dance ?" she asked before grabbing my hand and guiding me back to where everyone else was dancing. Damn she was so sexy. Just then up down came on by t-pain . And she started grinding on me, she knew exactly what to do every time her body moved against me I thought more and more about what she was going to do after we were done dancing. The song eventually came to an end and she left to go get us another drink. I sat with Austin and I think One of Malia's friends Kendal . I could tell her and Austin were already really into each other. "Here you go." Malia said snapping me out of my thoughts. "Thanks babe" I said and instantly saw her cheeks turn a shade of red. "So how do you like Miami?" she asked, "oh I love it out here the weather, the girls, the parties everything is so much better out here." I answered her question. "Oh so this isn't the first party you've been to since you moved out here" she asked "naah I've been to 2 more before yours." I said. " I bet nobody danced better then me at those parties" Malia replied biting her lip. She looked so cute when she did that. "Your right, you're the only one who has kept me entertained  the whole party.  I said. "oh so should I take that as a compliment" she replied smirking. "yes you should" I said. "Ayee are you ready to go? I gotta be up early to go record at the studio" Austin asked me "Yeah let me just get Malia's number then we can go. " I said. then turned toward Malia to see her blushing "So Malia I've got to go but before I go can you give me your number?" I said trying to act smooth but on the inside I was full of excitement. "sure let me see your phone" she said. I handed her my phone and watched as she put her number in my phone. She handed me , my phone and said bye but before she completely walked away I grabbed her by her wrist and pulled her closer to me I then put my hand on the side of her face and kissed her.



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