Malia is from a small town in Miami, she is very well known at Salvatore high school. She Is a girl who likes to take every opportunity to get out of her house , she loves to party & let loose. Her parents have always been really strict with her , which causes her to act the way she does. Justin is from Orlando And he currently goes to school at Santiago high school. He is "The Jock" of the school along with his friends Austin, Ryan & Chaz. Austin has started a musical career , What happens when they have to move to Miami ?


9. Dance with me


I was currently in the middle of the dance floor with Lena and Bridgette. We were dancing to talk dirty to me by Jason Derulo. I love this song so much I can dance to it all night. Anyways as i was dancing this guy i think his name was Dylan grabbed me by my waist and asked if we could dance i of course didn't mind dancing with him he was so HOT. So as we were dancing together talk dirty to me came to an end and Do My Dance came on. I Instantly moved my hips to the beat of the song hoping i was teasing Dylan at least a little bit. As we were dancing i felt something hit my elbow and when i looked up i saw Lena looking at someone. When i finally lined my eyes up with who she was staring at i noticed that person was staring at me, like i was doing something wrong. And i bet you can guess who it was , and if you cant guess then ill let you know that it was Justin. When he realized i was looking at him he smirked turned around and started talking to the girl that he brought with us i think her name was Berlin. After he turned around i decided to turn around and give Dylan all of my attention, but as hard as i tried not to keep looking at Justin i just couldn't.


I thought bringing Berlin with me would help me get my mind off of Malia, yes i knew we were going out in a huge group tonight but i thought id be able to avoid her. When i saw her walk down the stairs at Kendal's house i immediately grabbed Berlin by her waist. When Malia saw that Berlin was with me she looked kind of upset. Malia said hello to everyone but me. I kind of felt like a douche bringing Berlin with us but i really needed something/ someone to help me get through tonight. When Malia asked who wanted to go with her i was about to say i would go but Kendal beat me too it. Probably for the best right? Anyways once we got to the club Malia, Lena, Bridgette, Austin, &  Fredo took a couple shots then headed to the dance floor. I wanted to go with them but Berlin said no. I wasn't gonna argue with her so i just ordered a couple of bottles for our table and watched everyone dance. By everyone i meant Malia the way her body moves is ridiculous it would drive any man crazy. When she started dancing with this guy I felt like i needed to do something about it, I know i like Malia but im just making everything more complicated. Me bringing Berlin here was a mistake that could have been me and Malia but i made the stupid decision to bring Berlin. I needed to talk to Malia but I couldn't figure out a way too get her attention. I leaned over to grab Berlin's hand and take her to the dance floor with everyone else. When we got there i made sure to stand as close as i could to Malia when i went a little closer to her she looked at me and rolled her eyes. I don't get her though she's sending me so many different signals does she like me or not ?


When Justin and Berlin came out to the dance floor i felt like someone had stabbed me in the stomach, i don't understand why this whole situation is affecting me i don't know this kid at all but i know for a fact that this was more than just a physical attraction. i  wouldn't be able to hook up with him ad move on he already has this huge affect on me and we don't know each other. what happens when we do start to get to know each other my feeling for him are only going to get stronger. I don't know if ill be okay with him being with Berlin , I've literally never felt this way about anyone before my feelings for him are so strong already but he moved on so quick this whole situation is confusing. "Malia?" i heard someone call me which immediately snapped me out of my thoughts. "yeah?" i looked up to see it was Justin "Can we talk" he asked. "Is your girlfriend going to be okay with that ?" i said " my what ?" he chuckled. "Just come talk to me baby ill explain everything"  Holy shit when he called me baby that literally made my stomach go crazy im pretty sure i was blushing pretty baad too. We both snuck off toward the shore in complete silence. Once we got there i sat down and waited for him to speak up. it took him a few minutes but then he spoke up and said "Look i like you a lot, i know we don't know each other but the way i feel when im around you is crazy, the only reason i brought Berlin here was to make you jealous but instead you started dancing with that douche and made me jealous and i decided i had to put my foot down and let you know how i really felt." I was so happy that he felt the same way i felt. I was smiling like an idiot he doesn't understand how happy he just made me. "Justin i like you too, but this is really weird to me i feel so connected to you and we have only known each other a little over 3 days, don't you think its weird that we both want each other so badly but hardly even know each other?" i asked still in shock from what he told me "It is a little weird, but i really do like you a lot actually but i don't want to move to fast i want us to last you know i want us to be the couple everyone else looks up to do you think we could do that?" he said as he nudged my arm. I quickly nodded and looked at him he was staring at me and all i wanted to do was kiss him in this very moment. We both leaned in and when our lips touched i got this feeling that felt like something inside of me burst, gosh he was such a good kisser i'm so happy i got another chance to have his lips on mine !


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