Malia is from a small town in Miami, she is very well known at Salvatore high school. She Is a girl who likes to take every opportunity to get out of her house , she loves to party & let loose. Her parents have always been really strict with her , which causes her to act the way she does. Justin is from Orlando And he currently goes to school at Santiago high school. He is "The Jock" of the school along with his friends Austin, Ryan & Chaz. Austin has started a musical career , What happens when they have to move to Miami ?


1. Better Than Words.


       "MMM MMM YEAH YEAH  , MMM MMM YEAH YEAH" my favorite singer Austin Mahone blasted through my speaker causing me to tumble off my bed. But I didn't mind because of how much I love hearing his voice in the mornings. I wish other people got to enjoy it as much as I do. You see Austin is a great singer but not many people have heard of him yet. The only thing I hate about hearing his voice in the morning is that it means its time to get ready for school. Once I realized I had about an hour to get ready for school I ran out to the hallway grabbed a towel, ran back to my room picked out a burgundy crop top and a skater skirt, then jogged into my bathroom turned on my speaker and finally hopped into the shower. The water sliding down my body felt amazing, showers in the morning are always the best. When I was all done washing my hair and body I turned off the shower and wrapped myself in my towel. I ran back to my bedroom and put my clothes on after that was done I checked the time I still had 30 minutes left so I decided to blow dry my hair then straighten it. I was nearly one straightening my hair when my mom called for me. Dang it looks like I have to put my make up on in the car ! I quickly brushed my teeth then headed downstairs with my backpack and makeup bag. "good morning baby" my mom said handing me a clean apple "good morning mommy" I replied sweetly. "You better get going, Lena's been honking for almost 5 minutes" my mom said as she was laughing, I gave my mom a kiss on the cheek and finally left.

"Dude Malia what the hell took you so long I've been waiting out here for almost 10 minutes!" Lena asked while hitting my arm, as if she was telling me to not let it happen again. "I know i'm sorry I was doing my hair" I apologize. "Yeah whatever girl, and it looks nice as always" She said rolling her eyes in a playful way. Lena is my best friend, we have grown up together, our moms went to college together so we have always been very close. "Can you like not slam on your breaks today I need to put on my makeup" I asked Lena which caused her to chuckle.


Once I arrived at school Lena and I went to our lockers which of course were right next to each  other. "Hey have you talked to Bridgette she hasn't been answering my phone calls or replying to my texts" I asked Lena. "Oh yeah she got in trouble , her parents found out about her sleeping around" Lena and I both chuckled. "That girl just doesn't know when to stop." I muttered while laughing. Bridgette is another one of my best friends, our parents are very similar, they are both very strict and in order for us to leave our house we can only go "study" at each others houses. I'm surprised my parents haven't found out about what we really do. We aren't the school sluts or anything but we like to party I mean who doesn't?  "Talking about me I see" Bridgette mumbled walking to her locker on the other side of Lena's. "I heard you got into some trouble" I said slightly smirking. "I wish my parents didn't get mad about everything I do, but there still letting me have the big "study" party just not at my house , my mom said we could have it at the beach instead".

"Oooh even better" I said with a devilish smirk. Lena and Bridgette just laughed and we closed our lockers. We all have first period together which is Geometry. I hate math, but I love the class because the teacher lets us do whatever we want in it. So me Bridgette, Lena & Kendall all sat in the back and planned out our party at the beach. We invited everyone for summer break kickoff party , of course there's going to be alcohol Just not provided by us. I cant wait till the party on Friday. There better be some cute guys cause I feel like between my and my friends we've dated all the cute ones that go to our school. Now that first period is over we go to 2nd then 3rd then 4th then lunch then 5th and lastly 6th. As you can Tell my day has been very boring but just a couple more days till I get to party every night. I just don't know what im going to tell my parents cause who studies during the summer ?

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