Malia is from a small town in Miami, she is very well known at Salvatore high school. She Is a girl who likes to take every opportunity to get out of her house , she loves to party & let loose. Her parents have always been really strict with her , which causes her to act the way she does. Justin is from Orlando And he currently goes to school at Santiago high school. He is "The Jock" of the school along with his friends Austin, Ryan & Chaz. Austin has started a musical career , What happens when they have to move to Miami ?


6. A/N


Hey guys I just want to apologize for writing such a crappy chapter, but it got me to where I need to be for the next update ! oh and btw this is what Malia looks like uhm if you cant see it its just a picture of me lol. uhmm anyways thank you guys so much for reading my book it honestly means so much to me !

kisses- deanne

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