Malia is from a small town in Miami, she is very well known at Salvatore high school. She Is a girl who likes to take every opportunity to get out of her house , she loves to party & let loose. Her parents have always been really strict with her , which causes her to act the way she does. Justin is from Orlando And he currently goes to school at Santiago high school. He is "The Jock" of the school along with his friends Austin, Ryan & Chaz. Austin has started a musical career , What happens when they have to move to Miami ?


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We didn't leave the beach till about 3:30 a lot of people went to Tyler's to continue to party but  The girls and I were pooped so we decided to go back to Lena's. After Justin left I went back and acted like nothing was wrong, I danced and drank so much I am going to have a massive hangover in the morning thank god i'm staying at Lena's. If my parents ever found out about this I wouldn't be let out of the house ever again. Lena's parents are really cool they let her do everything and they always tell my parents that we stayed at there house that's why i'm aloud to go to Lena's. I don't know what I would do without her. "GIRLS BREAKFAST IS READY!!" Lena's mom Avery yelled. "We will be down in a minute" I heard Lena yell back. We quickly all got up and put shirts over our sports bras and ran downstairs. Yes we all slept in sports bras and Nike compression shorts. Don't act like you've never done that before. "OOOH BACON!" I shouted in excitement. The others laughed at my reaction. "Hey Avery do you have any aspirin my head is killing me." I asked "Oh sure hunny hang on ill go get it for you." She quickly ran upstairs to get the bottle of aspirin. "Hey whore what happened with you and that kid last night." Kendal asked "uhh... what kid?" I responded all to quickly. "Justin" Bridgette answered before Kendal could. I don't really know what to say, cause I'm still not sure what happened. "Oh him, I just uh I don't know what I was thinking, Its like when he kissed me I went numb It was the weirdest thing I have ever felt before so I freaked out. But before I could apologize he had already got a number from this girl and left." I said "Are you sure he got another girls number" Bridgette asked . "I'm positive , I might have been far away but I know what I saw" "Well can you describe the girl?" Kendal asked. "She kinda looked like Bridgette but I didn't see her face"  I tried to describe. "OH YUP THAT WAS ME, I GAVE HIM YOUR NUMBER" Bridgette confessed. "YOU WHAT!?" I croaked. "I saw the way you reacted and I knew you would want to talk to him again so I gave him your number in hopes that he would call you later." Bridgette explained. I actually liked that she gave him my number, but what if he doesn't call, well I wouldn't blame him I wouldn't call me either after what happened last night. "Did you tell him it was my number or did you just give it to him?" I asked trying not to blush. "I just gave it to him, but the paper has your name and number" Bridgette giggled. On one hand I cant believe she gave my number to him but on the other hand I'm glad she did. "Here baby sorry it took so long" Avery handed me the aspirin. "Thanks mamas" I smiled. "Sooo guys what are we doing tonight?" Lena chimed in " I don't really care" "YOO LETS HIT THE CLUB" Kendal shrieked. "Dowwnn!" I blurted. "Okay but what club?" Lena asked looking at Kendal and I. "What about Delano's ?" I chimed. Delano's is the best club ever and they always let us in even though were underage. Bridgette slept with the bouncer so he lets us all in & believe it or not she also slept with one of the bar tenders so he serves us drinks all the time! "OOOH YAASS LETS DO THAT" Bridgette and Kendal said at the same time. I love my friends there so much fun. Lena finally agreed to join us and we all went home to grab our clothes and meet up at Kendal's.


"IM HOME LOSER'S" I shouted hearing an echo. I walked down the hall into our family room expecting to see my parents but instead I found a note that read. "Hey sweetheart dad and I left for his business tour well be gone for a few months! Don't do anything stupid, We got Mrs. Montes to come and check in every once in a while. Were expecting you to be with your friends most of the time but we transferred a couple thousand dollars into your bank account ! Love you see you in a couple months<3


YAAAS omg party at my house err day ! Was all that was going through my head at the moment. I quickly texted the girls telling them that my parents were gonna be gone for a couple months so I have the house all to myself. Bridgette immediately called me "Beeetch I cant believe your parents are gone for so long do you mind if I stay there with you until your parents come back !" Bridgette asked. "Is that even a question ! I don't care dude my house is open to everyone until my parents get back" I shrieked. I'm so excited I get to do whatever I want without having to run it by my parents. "Okay baby girl i'm gonna go talk to my mom and tell her i'm staying over there for a couple months" "Okay slut see you at Kendal's" I said before hanging up. Once I hung up I realized the Lena and Kendal both ant to stay with me too. I replied saying that it was fine id love to have them stay with me and that I would see them at Kendal's. I quickly ran upstairs grabbed a couple different outfits and pajamas just incase, I took my tooth brush and my makeup, curling iron, and straightener were already in my other bag. After I Packed my stuff I ran and got the keys to my moms Kia Optima, locked the door grabbed my stuff opened the garage and left to Kendal's. After about 10 minutes I arrived at Kendal's and asked if I could take a shower before everyone else got there she of course said yes so I grabbed my clothes, phone, and toothbrush then went into her bathroom. I turned on the shower, as I was waiting for the water to get hot I hooked up my phone to her radio and played bubblegum by Jason Derulo. I slid off my clothes then got into the shower. I swear showers are my best friends I love how the water feels when it touches my skin. After I washed my body I moved on to my hair I then washed my face after I washed my face I turned off the shower, grabbed my towel and dried myself as fast as I could. After i was dried i wrapped my towel around my hair and put on my black high waisted shorts, then slipped on my bra and then out on my crop top that allowed my belly button piercing to show. I looked at myself in the mirror to make sure I had on made my curves stand out which I think did perfectly. I quietly unlocked the door and walked out to be greeted by Lena, Bridgette, Kendal and WHAT THE HELL AUSTIN IS HERE! "Woaah you look gorgeous girl!" Lena complimented me. And everyone agreed "Thanks babe" I said. "Should i just scrunch my hair?" i asked "Yeah i think that will look great with what you have on" Bridgette answered. "Okay ill be done in about 15 minutes, are you guys all ready?" i asked "Yeah, well kinda, we still have to wait for Austin's friends" Kendal told. I looked at her wide eyed as if asking if Justin was coming here , she nodded her head and I Instantly got so nervous. I mean i clearly like him every time someone brings him up my hole body gets hot. But Since he's coming out with us tonight I'm going to apologize and hope he gives me another chance. "Oh okay, well ill be in here if anyone needs me" I said before walking into the bathroom. I closed the door and put my music on full blast i got the moose and hair spray from Kendal's cabinet. I filled my hand up with moose and rubbed it into my hair quickly scrunching my hair & then put my head down and scrunched it more after that was done I sprayed it all with hair spray to make sure it stays. I then started putting on m make up And hummed a long to play it again by Luke Bryan. When I was done I decided to put in my black hoop nose ring. Grabbed my phone and walked back to Kendal's room. And to my surprise no one was in there so I just layed on the bed and started planning out what I was going to do when I saw Justin. I turned onto my stomach and started playing piano tiles. "Hey, everyone's waiting downstairs, are you ready?" Lena asked "Yeep. ill be down in a sec" I said "You okay?" she asked me . "Honestly i don't know if i am, i obviously like Justin Which would explain why I've been getting so nervous every time his name is mentioned, but after i blew up on him yesterday he probably wants nothing to do with me now" I groaned "Well i mean there's nothing you can do other than apologize to him for what happened i think he'll understand if you explained why." Lena tried to comfort me "Okay then lets go ! i an do this... right?" "Yes you can and you will NOW LETS GO" Lena said pulling me by my wrist. We walked downstairs with our arms linked. "WE'RE READY HOES" Lena shouted which caused everyone to turn around and look at us. I saw Justin i quickly smiled and looked away ,  but when i looked at him again i noticed he had a girl with him. I was honestly so stupid to think he would come by himself. Is it Weird that i felt my heart crush when i saw him holding this girls hand. I know its my fault but i honestly thought i would have another shot with him, its obvious he didn't feel anything when he kissed me yesterday. This is all my fault i cant blame him for this because he had no idea how i felt about him, I cant believe i did this to my self i mean i barely even know the guy. Oh Well its over with there will never be a Malia & Justin might as well go to the club and do my own thing let him do him. "Alright lets go, whose car's are we taking"? Austin asked "I brought my moms car so i can take a couple people , can you take your car?" i asked "Yeah that's fine" Austin agreed "Okay, ill take Lena Fredo, Bridgette, Ryan & one other person" i said "Can i come with you" Kendal asked "Of course you can butt hole" I said "Okay so Austin your taking the rest" i smiled. Thank god Justin didn't volunteer to come with me i would have killed my self literally. We all got out of the house and all the people who were coming with me got in the car and the rest got into Austin's.

We eventually got to Delano's and the bouncer let us in once we were in all you could see were people grinding against each other people making out, taking shots etc. Lena and I took a couple shots before going out to dance.




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