A Night To Forget

Aerial is your average 16 year old, but one night she went to a party and got drunk. After she got drunk she blacked out. The next day she woke up tied to a bed and thenn 5 boys walked in. they all stared at her with smirks on all of their faces. She screameed and then blackness.




" Aerial get down here now! "  I rushed down stairs as my mom yelled for me.

" What do you want mom?! " I said.

" I want you to run to the store quick to get things for dinner, okay. "

" Okay but I might go to Bella's house. "

" Okay but don't be to late. "

As I put on some black and white VANS, I grabbed my car keys and left.

As soon as i got to Bella's we were talking about a party she was having tonight. I told her 
I would come but i'll have to sneak out because I wasn't allowed to go to parties at night. My mom is such a control freak. Then I got a call, it was my mom she said I need to get home now or I was grounded: as usual.

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