What Will Happen?

Jackie gets dragged along to some event called Magcon. Once the meet and greet starts she meets Carter Reynolds...
Read To Find out what happens next Magcon


4. Chapter 4


Carter pulled into a park. The park had a little playground,volleyball courts and a baseball field. By volleyball courts,there was a blanket and a picnic basket sitting on top of the blanket."Aww Carter it's so pretty" I said. "Thanks"he replied blushing. Carter led me over to the picnic. He pulled out all of my favorite food: ham sandwiches, chocolate covered strawberries, lemonade,and Lays chips. As we where eating I said"I have a volleyball game tomorrow, do you want to go?" "Yea I would love to" he replied smiling.

*4 hours later*

"Thanks babe I had so much fun." I said smiling. "Yea so did I" he replied. "For my game by at the arena by 11" I told him. "Wouldn't miss it for the world"he said smiling as he gave me a kiss on the lips.

*The Next Morning*

I got up and started getting ready for my game. I braided a strand of my hair and connected the braid to my low ponytail. I put on my red,white and black team bow. I pulled on my spandex,and my volleyball jersey with my number 35 on the back. I put my shoes,water bottle,knee pads and phone into my bag and grabbed my flip flops.

*At The Arena*

I started to warm up with my best friend, Emily. We where peppering (passing,setting and hitting) when Carter came through the door. He came up behind me when I wasn't looking and brought me into a hug and kissed my cheek."Hey babe" he said into my ear. "Hi"I replied smiling. "Hello" Emily said smiling. "Oh Carter this is my best friend Emily. Emily this is my boyfriend Carter." "Hi Carter" Emily said to Carter smiling "Hi Emily" Carter replied shaking Emily's hand also smiling. As Carter walked away to find a spot. Emily said"I like him" I replied"Me to". As I was playing, you could hear Carter yelling "Go Jackie!" I giggled to myself. After my game, I was talking to some girls on my team facing away from Carter. After a couple of minutes talking to the girls, I turned around and saw Carter talking to Savanna. Savanna had long blond hair that was pulled away into a high ponytail with our team bow. She had long legs and a beautiful smile. Sure I was a little jealousy but I knew Carter wouldn't do anything. As I was gathering the balls up from the court with Emily I turned to look at Carter and Savanna and they where kissing very deeply. I looked at Emily with tears already falling from my eyes. "Go,I'll talk to Coach" she said "thank you" I replied hugging her. "I'll call you later"she said I nodded. I grabbed my bag and went up to Carter "HAVING FUN CARTER" I yelled at him and ran off. "JACKIE let me explain!" Carter yelled as he ran after me. I ran to my car and jumped in and started crying. I thought to my self "Is this the last of me and Carter?"

*Hiii:) Cliff hanger!!! What do you think will happen??? Luv ya!!*

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