What Will Happen?

Jackie gets dragged along to some event called Magcon. Once the meet and greet starts she meets Carter Reynolds...
Read To Find out what happens next Magcon


3. Chapter 3

*Jackie's POV*

As I pulled out of the parking lot and headed to my apartment I couldn't stop smiling. I turned on the radio and Turn Down For What was on so I turned it up,rolled the windows down and put my ray bands on and started singing the lyrics really,really loud and did a little dancing in my seat. As I pulled into my apartment building I turned my car off, grabbed my stuff and hopped out. Christina must of heard my car pull in because right when I got into the apartment she came running down the stairs like a mad person. "JACKIE!!" She yelled "Yes" I replied smiling. "Where were you?"she asked. "Ohh...just out with my new boyfriend!!" I replied smiling like a freak. "No way" she yelled. "Way!" I replied. We hugged then did our happy dance. I went up stairs and changed into my black volleyball(Jackie plays volleyball...maybe I have Carter come to a game?) sweats and my pink under amour shirt. As I was pulling my hair into a high ponytail my phone buzzed. The message said from the best boyfriend a girl could have😘 "well I now who got into my phone" I said to myself smiling. "Hey babe:) I was wondering if you wanted to go out 2nite?"

"Hey babe:) I would love to..😘 wht r we going to do?"

"It's a surprise...but dress comfy;)"

"Ok:) c u soon😘"

"K c u soon babe😘😘 I'll pick u up at 8😘"

It was 6:30 so I decided to get ready. I put on my yoga pants and my Property of New York sweatshirt and got out my pink NIKES. I went to the bathroom and pulled my hair into a bun with a white under amour headband. It was 7 when I finished getting ready. So I decided to watch some Glee.

*1 hour later*

My doorbell rang. I ran downstairs with my phone and wallet in one and my shoes in the other. I put my phone,wallet and shoes on my kitchen table and opened the door. Carter stood there wearing his black with green stripes basketball shirts and his black shirt that says never stop in green writing and his legendary SnapBack.

"Ready gorgeous?" He asked smiling

"Yep" I replied kissing his cheek. I pulled on my shoes and grabbed my phone and wallet. I grabbed Carter's hand and starting walking to his car.

*heyy:) sorry I haven't updated in a while I'm been busy with school and volleyball. Tell me what you think about Carter coming to a couple of her volleyball games:) love you:)*

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