What Will Happen?

Jackie gets dragged along to some event called Magcon. Once the meet and greet starts she meets Carter Reynolds...
Read To Find out what happens next Magcon


17. Chapter 13

*Jackies POV*

After Carter brought me home I got a text from my coach: "Jackie come to the gym right now we have college scouts that want to see what you can do!! Please be here in 30 minutes!!" I replied "ok" and started to get ready. I put on my spandex and my practice shirt with my number 28 on the back and grabbed my volleyball bag with my white mizunos and knee pads and grabbed my crocs and ran out the door.

*30 minutes later*

I arrived at the gym and headed straight for the locker rooms. I turned on my volleyball playlist and the first song was "Just Saying" by 5 seconds of summer. I hummed along as I braided my hair and stretched. As I walked out to the gym I heard my coach saying "she is one of the best players I've ever had" I blushed. I walked in and saw a group of 10 plus scouts sitting in the bleachers. I walked over to my coach and he told who was who and what we are going to start with.

*3 hours later*

After all the scouts but one left the scout who had stated came up to me. "Hi I'm Mary Joyce with the University of Minnesota and we would love to have you fly up and come see the campus and play a little with the girls. Take my card and call me as soon as you decided." "Thank you" I smiled. As soon as I changed I ran to my car smiling and called Carter "hello" "hi babe" "hey baby girl how was the tryout thing?" He asked "good the university of Minnesota wants me to travel up there and see the campus and play with the team!!"I said smiling "wow that's great!"he said "thanks" "does that mean your thinking about going to Minnesota for college?" "I'm thinking about it" "but we live in Virginia how are we going to make this work and I'm staying here, if you do decide to go there?" "I guess I haven't really thought about it" I replied honestly

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