What Will Happen?

Jackie gets dragged along to some event called Magcon. Once the meet and greet starts she meets Carter Reynolds...
Read To Find out what happens next Magcon


12. Chapter 10

*Jackies POV*

I woke up with Carter's arms rapped around my waist. I pulled my hand up and looked at the promise ring Carter have me last night.I leaned over and kissed Carter on the check and wiggled out of his arms and headed downstairs to make breakfast for the two of us. I grabbed the ingredients to make eggs and waffles. As I was mixing the waffle ingredients together I felt two arms wrap around my waist and lips on my check. "Morning beautiful" "Hi Carter". Carter let go of my waist and sat down on at the table. "Oh babe?" "Yea?" "Do you want to go on a double date with Emily & Matt, he texted me this morning asking me if we would?" "Sure,what time?" "8:30" "Ok" We finished breakfast together then did the dishes. For the rest of the day me and Carter had a lazy day,which was basically stuffing our faces with food,watching TV,and cuddling and kissing. At 7:00 I decided I should get ready. I pulled on a white oversized sweater, legging yoga pants,and black combat boots. I put my hair into a waterfall braid and put on mascara and pink lipstick. After I was done getting ready, Carter came into the bathroom with dark blue jeans and a black and white baseball tee. After Carter was done we headed to the restaurant. Matt and Emily waved us over to a table.

*2 hours later*

After we got back from dinner Carter headed into the shower first, as I was on my phone checking my social media,Carter's phone dinged.

"Hey babe,had so much fun last week..round 2?" The text said from an unknown number. Just as I finished reading the text Carter walked out of the bathroom. "Hey ba-what's wrong?"he said as he noticed my tears. I didn't reply. "Babe?"

Heyy :) cliffhanger 😁 thanks for being so patience for this chapter :) I would of updated sooner but I was on vacation!! Posting more soon :)

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