What Will Happen?

Jackie gets dragged along to some event called Magcon. Once the meet and greet starts she meets Carter Reynolds...
Read To Find out what happens next Magcon


2. Carter...


My alarm went off. I pounded the snooze button and looked at the time 9 am. I smiled and starting getting ready for my "date" with Carter. I got up and headed for the shower. After the shower I put on a pair of light blue jean shorts and a blue tank top with a lace back. I curled my dirty brown hair and pined some hair back with a white bow. As I went down I went into Christina's room and saw that she was still sleeping. So I wrote her a not saying where I was going and when I was planning on coming back. I slipped on my white TOMS and grabbed my phone and ran out to my car. As I was driving to Starbucks I couldn't stop smiling. When I got there I got out and went inside. I saw Carter sitting in a booth in the back of the room. I walked over and Carter saw me and stood up. "Hey Jackie" he said smiling "hey"I replied back smiling. We sat down and Carter asked me"So what would you like?" "Umm..I'll have a hot chocolate and a blueberry muffin please." "Coming right up."he replied with a smile as he walked up to the cashier. "Here you go,beautiful"he said as he gave me my food. "Thank you"I replied smiling. "So tell me about yourself" Carter asked. "Well....what do you want to know."I asked smiling.

*4 hours later*

"Wow that went fast." Carter said as we walked out of Starbucks. "Yea it did" "Jackie do you want to go on a walk with me?"Carter asked. "I would love to." I replied smiling. As we started walking Carter grabbed my hand and didn't let go. As we kept walking we came to a cute little pond. Carter stopped walking and said"Jackie I really loved spending time with you.you are an amazing person." "Thanks"I replied looking at the ground smiling. Cater lifted my chin so my eyes met his. As he leaned forward so did I. Our lips touched and I felt sparks. Once we broke away Carter said"Jackie will you be my girlfriend?" "absolutely"I replied smiling bigger then ever. Carter pulled me into a hug,after our hug we walked back to my car. When we got to my car Carter leaned against my door."Carter please move" I whined. "Nope"he said popping the "p". "Fine I guess someone won't be getting any kisses."I said. "Ok ok I'll move."he replied laughing. He opened the door and I hopped in. "Thank you" I replied as I rolled down the window. "I'll see you tomorrow right?"Carter asked. "Maybe."I replied smiling. "Please"Carter said whining."Fine."I said smiling. Carter leaned in and so did I. After our kiss we said our good byes and I pulled out and started back for my apartment.

*HEYYY GUYS!!!! I hope you like the chapter:) please tell me what you think:) 😘*

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