The Otter and the Treacherous Cove

This is a fable I wrote for English class. I am pretty proud of it and I know it isn't the best but I kinda wanna start small. And when I mean small I mean this thing is SMALL


1. The Otter and the Treacherous Cove

~~     The waves crashed and the wind raged as the sun rose in a wave of pinks and blues just beyond the edge of the jagged rocks. Her name was tossed around in the wind. “Oceane! Oceane awaken! OCEANE!”  The otter snapped awake to the sounds of her friends yelling at her to wake up. She laughed and playfully pushed Dallas the Duck away. “Excuse me, is there a problem here?” interjected Manny the Manatee. “Hey, get off of me!” Oceane joked.
 “It’s almost noon, silly!” said Dallas. “You gotta get up so we can go play hide and seek with everyone else!” “Ok, ok, I’m coming” Oceane replied.

        Dallas and Manny left the room, satisfied. She rolled over and stared out her window at the glimmering water. She couldn’t see very far, but she knew that just beyond her little town was an amazing place. It was Dead Man’s Cove. She would always watch the sun set behind the sharp rocks, as the ocean threw itself against the shoreline. The foam would rise up with a mighty roar, and then the cycle would start all over again. It was truly magical. Oceane wanted to see it up close and personal. She wanted to bathe in the setting sunlight and be cooled by the rising foam. As she thought of this, her dream came rushing back to her. Then she remembered that she could never go because her friends wouldn’t allow it. As the dream faded away, Oceane got up and put on her game face. It was time to play hide and seek.

As she walked to her door, she heard whispering voices.
     “Do you think she was dreaming about the cove again?”
     “I’m sure of it. She had a huge smile on her face.”
     “If only she knew what happened to her great-grandfather.”
      Oceane burst into the room as Dallas and Manny went silent. “What happened to my great-grandfather?” she asked. “Well,” started Manny. “Much like you, your great-grandfather dreamed of visiting that awful cove. Everyone told him how dangerous it was, but he didn’t listen. One day he went missing, and they found him bloody and broken on the rocks of the cove. We wouldn’t want that to happen to you, Oceane!” cried Manny.

“There is no need to worry because it won’t happen” replied Oceane. “When I make my departure to the cove, I will be very careful. I can clearly see the rocks. My great-grandfather must have been blind if he didn’t see what was right in front of him. And besides, it’s called Dead Man’s Cove, not Dead Otter’s Cove. I will be perfectly fine. Now let’s go play hide and seek to get our minds off of all this.” And with that, Oceane walked out of the room. Dallas and Manny were horrified. They knew that Oceane wouldn’t survive if she went ahead with this. They didn’t know what to do, so they simply followed her out the door and began their game of hide and seek.

      A few hours later, the other sea creatures got tired of playing and went back to their homes. Only Dallas and Manny were left. “Have you seen Oceane?” asked Dallas. “No, she has been gone for a few rounds, now that I think of it” replied Manny. They looked at each other terrified. They both turned and frantically swam towards the cove. “I hope she is just a really good hider” Dallas worried as they swam.

     Once they could see the cove, they halted. It was dangerous territory. As they swam forward slowly Manny noticed something on the shore. “Is that…..Oceane?” They swam to the shore and ran over to the object in the sand. With shock, they realized that it was their best friend. “She must have come here while we were playing hide and seek!” cried Dallas. “OH NO! WHAT ARE WE GONNA DO! OCEANE CAN’T BE DEAD!” wailed Manny. “SHE WAS MY BEST FRIEND!!”

     With much regret, Dallas and Manny payed their respects and swam back home to share the news. Everyone was quiet as the story was told, and they lamented over the death of such a young otter. After a while, everyone swam away except for Dallas, Manny, and an old looking fish who had been sitting in the back, listening intently. He solemnly swam up to the two youngsters and said that he had known Oceane’s great-grandfather, and could sympathize with them greatly. “If you ever need anything, come talk to me.” He remarked before he swam away.

      That night, as Dallas and Manny slept, they dreamt something very strange. They were back on the beach standing over Oceane’s body. Suddenly, a bright light came from the sky. Oceane appeared to them amidst the clouds. She looked unharmed, but there was something strange. It was almost as if Oceane was just a trick of light, an illusion. The shore fell into a deep silence as Oceane spoke. “My friends, I deeply regret leaving you. I wish I could be back, and I am sorry for the sorrows that I have cast. I leave you with this – be careful what you wish for, because you might just get it.” With that she disappeared and the dream was over.

Moral: Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it.

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