My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


6. Try-Outs

   School went by like a blur. Everyone in the whole school knows that me and Zayn are dating. This morning when we parked alot of girls went up to me and Ninel acting like as if we're friends. I pushed all those girls off and grabbed Ninel and we walked back up to the boys. 

  Right now im waiting for the bell to ring for 2nd Lunch. Im in Art class with Zayn, and Liam but I dont sit next to any of them. Im in the far back in the corner and there both in the middle. Finally the bell rang and I gathered all my stuff and stood up. 

  "Ready babe?" Zayn asked. I nodded my head and we walked out hand in hand and we walked to the Cafeteria. We told the boys in the morning that we would just meet up at our table. We walked in and as usual me and Zayn dont get food so we just go straight to our table. 

   People stared at us since we were holding hands. I saw a couple girls shoot me death glares, while other girls smiled and started taking pictures. We reached our table and sat down. I took my phone out and Zayn put his arm around me. "Hey, lets make it official." Zayn said smiling at me. "Okay." I said smiling. 

  Zayn took out him phone and took a picture of him kissing my cheek and me smiling. He went on twitter and posted it saying " I'd like you guys to meet my beautiful girlfriend @cinthia_solis " I smiled and hugged him. 

   The boys, including Ninel came over with their food and sat down. "Hey mate, I saw the picture. Thats really cute." Harry said. I laughed. "What picture?" Niall asked biting out of his pizza. 

  "Of Zayn and Cinthia, they made it official." Harry explained. Niall spit out his pizza, "What?" He said getting up. I looked at Niall nervous. "Uhm yea, we're dating" I said. Niall looked at me wide eyed. "Am I the last person to know?" Niall asked. I looked at everyone and they all  nodded his head.

   "None of you guys told him?" I said laughing. They all shook their heads no. "Well congrats." Niall said hugging me, and then hugging Zayn. "Be careful mate, cause if you break her heart then I'll break your face." Niall said with a chuckle. 

   "I would never hurt her." Zayn said kissing my forehead. I smiled. "Hey guys why dont we play a game?" Louis asked. We all looked at him. "Sure I guess, you guys up for it?" I asked them. They all nodded their heads in agreement. "Okay, since I thought of the idea then I start it off!" Louis said yelling. We all laughed. 

   "Okay, Harry truth or dare?" Louis asked Harry. "Dare." Harry said. Louis smirked. "I dare you to post your phone number on Twitter and whoever calls you have to answer them. You have to talk to your fans for a full hour." Louis said smirking. Harry went on Twitter and he actually posted him number. Not long before he put his phone down he got a call. He groaned and answered. We all started laughing. 

    "Niall, truth or dare?" Ninel asked. "Truth" Niall said. Ninel pouted. "Who would you date in this school?" She asked. Niall thought about it. "Im not sure yet" He said shrugging. Ninel nodded his head. "Cinthia, truth or dare?" Ninel asked me. 

   "Dare." I said. Ninel smiled widely. "I dare you to go up to Luke with his bad boy friends Ashton, Callum, and Michael and pour this smoothie all over Luke and say "I'd date you if only you were this sweet." Kiss him cheek and walk away smirking" Ninel said. I looked at Zayn asking for permission. 

   "Go" Zayn said. He looked unsure about it. I kissed him on the lips and whispered in his ear. "Dont worry its fine, plus you have me for a whole week." I said and got up taking the smoothie with me. I walked slowly towards his table which was across from our table but further. 

   People stared as I walked straight. Ashton smacked Luke on the shoulder and pointed towards my direction. Luke looked up and smirked. I walked up and sat on top of the table next to Luke. "Look who finally decides to sit with us." He said smirking. 

   "I just came over to make you happy." I said in a flirty way. "Luke if she rejects you, I'd be more than happy to make her mines." Callum said with a smirk. Luke pushed him. "I called dibs first. So back off." He growled at Callum. I stood up in front of Luke. "Sit on my lap slut." Luke said. 

   I rolled my eyes. "The only person who called dibs way first is Zayn." I said and spilled the smoothie on Lukes head. I kissed him cheek and said "Tasty." Winked and walked away. Everyone in the Cafeteria was laughing, and I turned back around and Luke was smirking. "Damm you have no idea how badly I want you." He said. I rolled my eyes and went back to my table with my friends and boyfriend. 

  Zayn hugged me and Ninel smiled. "I have to admit im impressed" Ninel said. The bell rang and we all got our stuff. I walked with Zayn, Niall, and Louis. Harry went to go walk Ninel. We went into Wood Shop and the teacher said that we were gunna have a free period class. 


   The whole time I just talked to Zayn, Niall, Harry and Louis. The bell rang an hour later and Harrys phone still kept on ringing. He groaned. We walked in p.e and changed into our uniform. All we did was run laps which was tiring. 

    The coach dismissed us to the  locker rooms and I changed quickly. Ninel just changed into some black shorts and a sports bra cause she was gunna try out for Cheerleading. The bell ranged and Ninel said bye to me. And I walked outside and saw Zayn so I walked over to him. 

  "Wheres Ninel?" He asked me. "Cheer try outs." I said, then the other boys came out. We got into the car and drove home. When we got to the apartment I took the stairs and the boys went into the elevator. I opened the door to my apartment and threw my stuff onto the floor and layed on the couch. I turned the t.v on ans started watching Teen Wolf. 

   *1 hour later*

   I heard the door open so I looked up. "Hey, how did it go?" I asked Ninel. She smiled "I made it in! And im a flyer." She said. I smiled. "Thats great." I said. 

   "What were you watching?" She asked me. "Teen Wolf, it was the last episode for that season." I said with a pout. I got up from the couch and walked into my room. I was really tired so I decided to sleep. 












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