My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


2. The Westbury Hotel Dublin

*16 hours later* "Wake up butthole! You slept all 16 hours!" I heard Ninel say. I got up and stretched my arms. "What time is it?" I asked "2:45" I nodded my head, and grabbed my duffel bag and my purse. We walked out of the plane and into the Ireland airport. We waited until our suit cases arrived. Once they did we grabbed our stuff and headed outside. "Wow", was all I managed to say as we stared at the beautiful sky. "You act like you've never seen a sky before." Ninel said making me laugh. We called a taxi and we asked him for the nearest hotel. 20 minutes later we reached a hotel called "The Westbury Hotel Dublin" the taxi driver spoke up "Its the best we got out here" I smiled at him and payed him. He helped us with our luggage. "Thank you" I said "No problem young lady." And with that he sped off. Ninel waked next to me as we walked into the hotel. Ninel sat on one of the couches in the lobby while I walked over to the resection desk. "Hi welcome to The Westbury Hotel Dublin, How can I help you?" A man asked. "Hi, can we get a luxurious room for 2 please." I said. "Sure thing sweetie, let me check if theres one available." He said. He did multiples of clickings on his computer than spoke up "Aha, here we are, one luxurious room with 2 beds, 2 bathrooms, kitchen, dinning area, spa and indoor pool." He said and I payed him. "Here are your keys, have a nice stay." He said, as I got a hold of the keys. I smiled and walked up to Ninel. "Are you serious, were gunna stay at a huge ass room?" She said gobsmacked. "Yes" I said. We made our way to the elevator, even though I hate them, and when all the way to the top floor. When we got out of the elevator I noticed there was only 3 doors. "I guess they only have 3 big rooms" I told Ninel . "Lame." She said. I smacked her head, and we walked up to the door that said "107" I unlocked the door and saw a beautiful kitchen, dinning area. "I feel like a Queen!" Ninel said twirling and laughing. I ran to the first room and threw my stuff in there. I head Ninel turn the t.v on. Just then there were knocks on the door and I heard Ninel squeal and run into my room and hid under my covers. "Its just a person Ninel." I said "I know, but im too lazy to answer it." I laughed and got up. I walked towards the door and opened it slowly "Cinthia" I heard, I looked up and saw him. His beautiful brown eyes, his nice smile, and his curly hair. I just starred at him and ran to my room not bothering to close the door. "Cinthia" I heard him say, "Ninel! Brad is here!" I said. She looked up at me and ran out of my room "Brad!" She screamed. "Ninel!" I heard him say. I heard them laugh and talk for what seemed like hours. My door made a creak noise and I looked up to see Brad walking in. "Do I at least get a hug?" He said. I laughed and got up and hugged him. "How did you know we were here?' I asked him "Ninel texted me telling me everything and I came here quickly." I smiled at him and I told him "Where are you clothes?" "Outside your door" he said, "I was gunna get my own apartment but then I saw you get in the elevator and I followed you, but I had to use the stairs." I started laughing and I told him "You can stay here with me and Ninel, Its actually kinda big for just us 2." I said, he smiled and leaned in. I started to lean in slowly, then our lips touched and it moved in sync. "Hey Bra- woah! Why do I always see you 2 kiss?!" Ninel said disgusted making me and Brad to break the kiss and start laughing. "Maybe we can kiss later when shes not around." Brad whispered into my ear. "So are we gunna eat?" Ninel asked. I jumped out of Brads arms and ran to the phone ordering a whole bunch of food. Once I finished with the last order I hanged up and turned around to see Brad shocked. "Obsessed much?" He said. "This is why I love her!" Ninel said hugging me. I pushed her off and walked back into my room. I un-packed all of my clothes and put them in the drawer. When I finished I got up, grabbed my phone and walked into the living room. Ninel and Brad started to watch a movie without me. "Buttholes." I said. And walked into the kitchen. "You know you love me!" I heard them both yell. "Righhht." I said sarcastically. The door bell ranged and I yelled "I got it!" I walked to the door being followed by Brad. I opened the door and a guy around 16 or 17 years old walked in with all the food. "Okay so you ordered onion rings, chili cheese fries, hot wings, large Hawaiian pizza, 3 large cokes, and popcorn right?" He said looking up at me smiling. "Yea" I said. "Okay your total will be $73.89" He said I ran to my room and got the money and handed it to him. "Thank you." He said. I smiled at him and got all the food and placed it on the living room table. "What movie should we watch?" I asked. "What about a scary movie?" Ninel asked. I nodded my head "Kaay, lets watch The Conjuring!" Ninel said excited. I giggled. she clicked the movie and I started eating the pizza. Half way through the movie I got startled because someone was knocking on the door. I looked around and saw that Brad and Ninel had fallen asleep. I checked the time on my phone and it read "11:28 p.m." "Ugh who the hell could be knocking on the door this late?" I thought to myself. I got up making sure I didnt wake them up and quickly made my way towards the door. I opened the door up saw a guy with curly hair just like Brad. The guy was holding a bouquet of flowers. "Hello, you must be my new neighbor" He said. He had a British accent "I guess I am, but I'd be more than happy to be able to see my neighbors face so I can thank him for the beautiful bouquet of flowers." I said giggling. "Oh sorry about that" He said removing the flowers away from his face. He placed the flowers on the ground and stretched his arm out for me to shake "Harry, Harry Styles." He said smiling. "Cinthia" I said. I closed the door behind me that way I dont wake them up. "Your in One Direction, arnt you?" I said. He smiled "Yes I am, We're off tour right now and just relaxing." Harry said. "Thats cool, are the rest of the lads here with you?" I asked Harry. He nodded his head saying yes "They're actually right behind the peep hole in the room straight across. I started laughing. "They're all awake except for Niall" He said. Right when he said Niall, my smile grew even bigger. "Im sorry to say this, but you look just like Niall" Harry said "Well I mean you have his eyes, and smile. I cant say the hair cause yours died red." He said. I started laughing. "Well I actually came all the way to Ireland to meet My brother, which unfortunately is, Niall." I said slowly. "Wait!! No way!! Cinthia!! Cinthia Ariel Horan!!" Harry said which took me off by surprise."You know my full name?" I asked Harry. "Niall has been taking non-stop about you since we became a band, come with me we have to wake him up and tell him your here!" Harry said excited. "Let me just get my phone and key" I said. Harry nodded his head and I walked into the Apartment grabbing my phone and key from the table. I walked back outside and Harry was standing there, this time with the boys. "Hello, Im Liam, thats Zayn, Louis, and of course Harry." Liam said smiling. "Hello, Im Cinthia" I said quite nervous. "C'mon" Harry said taking my arm. We walked inside his Apartment and they took me to Nialls room. "Excuse me love, but where's you accent?" Liam asked. "Well since I've been living in America for a while, my accent started going away, but I can make it come and go" I explained to Liam. He just nodded his head and they opened up Nialls door. We waled in and they told me to sit on the bed. I did as I was told and Niall moved a bit. "Niall wake up, we have a present for you" Louis said. Niall groaned "Uggh what! This better be good." Niall said sitting up. Thats when he noticed me sitting next to him "Guys, I dont need a girlfriend in my life." Niall said. I giggled "We're not gunna make you date your sister thats gross!" Louis said making us all laugh. "Sister?" Niall said looking at me confused. Zayn turned the lights on and Niall started squinting his eyes. When his eyes got adjusted to the light he looked at me with wide eyes. Ci-Cinthia!!" He said hugging me. "Niall!" I said hugging him back crying. "I cant believe you guys found her! I've been looking for you like crazy at every foster home" Niall said. "I came here to find you, my foster mom told me yesterday and I ran away from home." I said. Niall squeezed me and cred. "Im not gunna let you leave my sight for now on, I lost you once and I dont wanna loose you again." Niall said sobbing. "You wont Niall" I said soothing him. At this point all the boys had walked out. Me and Niall started talking about everything for hours. I checked the time "Niall its 3:57, Its getting late I should probably go, my boyfriend and my niece, well my friend are in the apartment all alone. I dont want them to get scared when they wake up." I told Niall "You have a boyfriend?" He asked me "Yea, but he's always busy cause he goes on tour with his band." I said sad. "Wait your dating someone famous?" Niall asked shocked. "How is this shocking to you? I have a famous brother. And yes he's famous, He's in a band called The Vamps" I said giggling. Niall nodded his head "Alright goodnight, you already have my number in your phone now so just call me or text me whenever. Love you" Niall said. I got up from his bed and walked towards the door "Night Niall, love you too" I said and closed his door and made my way to my Apartment. Ninel and Brad were still asleep on the couch so I layed down on the other couch, and fell asleep.
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