My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


1. The Truth

I ran up the stairs not wanting to hear more about it. "Cinthia!", my mother called, or should I say stepmother? "Leave me alone! You lied to me for 16 years! 16 years!" I  yelled at her from up the stairs. I closed the door to my room and started to cry. Why didnt she just tell me the truth years ago? Ive put up with her too much. I stood up and looked downstairs she wasmt there. She left to work already. 



I jogged back upstairs and started to pack all the clothes I could fit in my suit case. I put all my make-up in a duffel bag, books, shampoo, toothbrush, and my blanket ive had since I was a child. I changed my shirt into an old rolling stones T-shirt, black skinny jeans, and slipped on my socks followed by my converse. I searched under my bed for my box of money i had collected since i was 13 for when needed cash for something important. I must of had over $600 or more in there. I put all the money in my wallet, and put it in my purse along with my charger and I slipped my Iphone in my back pocket. I wrote a letter to my step mom explaining that I was leaving to search for my real parents. I put the note on her bed and jogged downstairs with my suit case, duffel bag and my purse. 

 I walked outside into the cold misty air, I breathed in the air and made my way to the bus station. I waited outside the bus station for a while until it showed up. I grabbed my belongings and entered the bus. The bus had made alot of stops until I finally reached my destinantion. I arrived at the airport at 10:15 p.m. I walked inside with my luggage and waled toward the desk. 

"Hi how can I help you?" asked the assistant. "Hi uhm can I get a flight ticket to Ireland?" The lady smiled and clicked on her computer and then printed out my ticket. I payed her, and thanked her as I sat down. The last flight there was at 11:48 p.m. , and its 10:28 now. I decided to text my niece Ninel. Shes only a year younger than me. I told her that I was leaving and that my stepmom had lied to me all these years. 

She texted back saying "I'll miss you loads, and that explains why you kinda have an accent in your voice." I texted back saying "I'll miss you more, if only you can come along with me to find my family." She replyed saying "What time does your flight leave?" I told her the time and she stopped texting me. 

Minutes later I felt someone tap my shoulder and asked if the seat next to mine was taken. I instantly recongnized that voice and turned around shocked to see Ninel with her suit case and ticket in her hand. I squelled and jumped. 

"Are you crazy Ninel?!" I asked. She smiled ans said "I wanna explore Ireland with you." I looked at her and smiled but my smile faded right away when i said "So I guess we're not family." I looked at her dissapointed. 

"Thats goodthat were not." Ninel said, I looked at her wide eyed. "What?!Why?!" I said. "Cause that way I can get to be Harry Styles girlfriend!" She said. "Good luck with that Ninel" I said smiling. 

Just then the speakers went off "Attention, flight to Ireland is now boarding. I repeat Flight to Ireland is now boarding.Please make your way to Gate 102. Thank you"The speakers went back to the classical music playing. "Thats our cue." I said to Ninel as we both stood up and got our belongings. We handed the lady our tickets and boarded the plane. We went to find our seats and with our luck we got to sit next to each other. We put our luggage at the top cup boards and took our seats. 

'Hey I never asked you, but do you even have money?" I asked Ninel. She smiled and took out her money from her purse "Yeah, im not stupid you know?" She siad. "How much?" I asked. "About 300 or so" Ninel said. I just smiled at her and carried on looking outside the window. "How long is the flight?" Ninel asked "16 hours, considering the fact that we live in L.A." I stated. "Ima fall to sleep, stay outta trouble kiddo." I said "Yeah, yeah whatever." Was all I heard as I fell into an endless sleep




*I'll Update Around Midnight Or so, Maybe Tomorrow, Or Just Later On. Im Hungry Right Now. Hope You Guys Are Enjoying The Story So Far.*

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