My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


14. Lost && Found

            *Cinthias pov*

     "What do I do? I cant let him see me like this. I cant believe Niall told me that, I expected better from him." I said pacing back and fourth in the kitchen. "Hey its all going to be okay trust me. You choose on how you want Zayn to see you no matter how you look he'll love you for you. Niall only said that because he was aggravated."  Luke said stepping in front of me. 

    "I guess your right." I sighed. Luke smiled at me. "Go get dress Ariel." Luke said. I smiled at him and jogged up the stairs into my room. I locked the door and walked into my closet. I looked through the racks and found black ripped up skinny jeans and a black crop top. I pulled it out and took of my clothes and replaced it with the new clothes. I put on socks along with my vans. 

    I walked into the bathroom and took off all the heavy makeup. I applied foundation, mascara, blush, and a thin line of eye liner. I walked out and went to the full length mirror. 

    I looked horrible. But it dosnt matter to me right now. I walked out with my phone and went downstairs to where I left Luke at. "Im dressed." I muttered. Luke looked at me. And I looked at him with an unsure face. "Dont give me that look. You look fine." He said. I laughed. "Okay whatever you say big guy." I said patting his back. 

    He chuckled and I walked towards the fridge. "Im hungry!" I yelled. "Make something." Luke said looking down at his phone. "I would but unfortunately im too lazy." I said with a smile. I got a water bottle and sat down on the counter top. 

    "I still cant believe everything that Niall had said to me" I mumbled softly at Luke. "Im sure he didnt mean it." He said. I sighed. "It sounded like he meant it. I am stupid. How can I let that happen again? The more I keep doing it the more I mess up my life. I was like that years ago I messed up big time. I was even scared of myself. I stopped dressing like that and I changed my attitude cause it scared me." I said quickly. 

    "Then dont do it. Dont dress like that anymore. And clear things up with Niall. Call him." Luke said softly.  "I dont wanna call him. If he's genuinely sorry then he'll call me." I said getting off the counter top. 

    I heard Luke sigh as I walked into the living room. I sat on the couch staring blankly at the black tv screen. I felt depressed. I sat there staring off into space for minutes until I heard the door unlock. Without even caring I ran upstairs into Nialls room and threw myself on his bed. 

   "Im sorry that I couldnt be the perfect sister you wanted me to be. I'll change I promise. What I did was stupid and I got out of hand. Im so sorry Niall. I love you." I whispered into his pillow and burst into tears. I heard someone clear their throats behind me. 

    "Go away Luke, Im not in the mood." I said softly. "Uhm, who said I was Luke?" I heard an irish accent say. I stood up immediately and looked at the door frame. Niall stood there smiling with his arms open. 

   I gasped and ran into his arms. "Im sorry, please forgive me." I cried into his arms. "Anyone who needs to apologize here is me. I was stupid for saying that, I hope you forgive me. Im sorry and I love you." Niall said quickly. 

    I hugged him tight. "Of course I'll forgive you idiot!" I said smiling. Niall whipped away my tears. "C'mon lets go downstairs." Niall said. I nodded my head and we made our way downstairs.I saw Luke smiling widely at me and I giggled. 

    I looked at the couch and saw curly hair. I gasped and ran towards it and I threw my arms around Harry. At least I thought it was Harry until I felt it wet. "Eww gross, its a mop." I said swiping my arm across my face. 

    "Why did you just hug a mop?" Harry said taking a sip from his drink. "Cause I thought it was you, but I guess Niall was the only one who came." I muttered. I stayed silent. Thinking about what I just said. "Omg Harry!!" I yelled throwing my arms around him making his spill his drink on my shirt and the floor. 

    He chuckled. "Whats going on here?" I heard Louis say. "Lou!!!" I screamed and hugged him. "The one and only! How you been Carrot Princess?" He asked. Just as I was about to answer I heard another voice. 

   "Hey uhm where is the chips and the dri-" Liam stopped what he was saying and stared at me blankly. "Who spilled soda on the floor!? And why is it all on you?" Liam asked. I laughed. "Come here you." I said giving him a big bear hug. 

    "Where's my negra?" I asked laughing. "Negra?" Harry asked but he said something toatlly different. I laughed. "Negra means black in spanish. And im referring negra to Ninel." I said. The boys chuckled and I heard a faint yell.

     "I aint black bitch!" I heard Ninel yell, I laughed. "Where are you hoe?" I yelled back laughing. I saw her walk in the front door with Im guessing hers and Harry's suit cases.  "Hey, oh and by the way thanks babe for helping it. I appreciate it." Ninel said dropping the luggage. 

    I laughed and hugged her. "Where's my babe at?" I asked everyone. Most of them shrugged but Niall spoke up. "He went to go visit his family. He'll be back by tomorrow or next Wednesday." Niall said. "Aww..." I said with a pout. 

    I walked upstairs into my room and layed down on the bed. Someones body was sprawled there asleep. "Hey babe." I said nudging Zayns side. Wait Zayn? "ZAYN!!!!!" I yelled jumping on the bed. He opened his eyes obviously tired. 

    "Wake up! Wake up!!" I yelled. He groaned and without hesitation I crashed my lips on his. I kissed him and he hardly even kissed me back. I groaned and pulled out of the kiss and layed down. Zayn immediately crawled on top of me and kissed me. I kissed back smiling in between the kiss. 

   "Thats totally going on Instagram." Harry, Ninel, and Niall said. I laughed. "Let me se it first!" I yelled getting up. "Too late, its already up for the world to see." Ninel said laughing. "Just let me see it." I said trying to get her phone but she wouldn't let me. 

   "Go get yours." She said. "I would but mines downstairs." I said. "Get it fatass." Ninel said. I groaned and sat down on the bed next to Zayn. Zayn handed me his phone and I smiled. I saw that his lockscreen was of me and him kissing. I smiled and unlocked his phone. 

    "Aww Im your wallpaper." I said. He smiled and I went onto Instagram. I found the video and It started from where I kissed Zayn and he didnt kiss back so I threw myslef on the bed and then he kissed me. I giggled and handed him his phone. 

     "Get out. I wanna sleep." I said shooing them out. They all smirked and winked. I laughed and locked the door. "Finally alone time." Zayn said walking towards me. "Oh you think I kicked them out of the room was just to have some alone time?" I said.

    "Well I just thought-cause you-Nevermind." he said turning his back away. I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Kidding." I said laughing. Zayn smiled he crashed his lips on mines. After a great number of minutes passing by of us kissing we stopped and layed down. 

    "Now I really am gunna sleep." I said and closed my eye-lids  allowing darkness to enter. 





  *Sorry I took so long to write another chapter, I've just been caught up in school lately. I promise they'll be more progress my the 22nd of May. Thats when I come out of school, but I'll be adding a chapter relly late cause I have promotion, a party and me and my friends are going out bowling. Bye i love you guys*









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