My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


7. Lazy Day

        I woke up to the sound of people talking outside really loudly. I groaned and got up. I looked into my mirror and my make-up was kinda smeared. Im far too lazy to change so I just put on Brads hoodie, which covered me up a bit. I was still in my pajama shorts but who cares. 

   I walked out of my room and went to the door. I looked in the peep hole and saw Zayn with some guy. I smiled and walked outside. "Hey" I said hugging him. "Morning doll." He said smiling. I looked up at the guy and I couldnt believe who it was. 

  It was the one and only Justin Beiber. I smiled at him. "Justin, this is my girlfriend Cinthia, Cinthia thats Justin." Zayn introduced us. "Hi" I said. "What are you guys doing out here in the hall?" I asked Zayn. 

   "The boys are asleep and I didnt wanna wake them up with us talking." He said. Aww how sweet. "You guys can come in my apartment im pretty sure Ninel is awake in her room. And she wont mind." I said smiling. "Are you sure?" Zayn asked me. "Yea c'mon." I said and opened my door.

   They walked in and sat down on the couch. "Im gunna go change, I'll be back." I said and scurried into my room. I went towards my closet and pulled out some high waisted light blue shorts and I put on a turquoise crop top. I went into my bathroom and re-did my whole makeup and decided to leave my hair alone. 

   I got my phone and walked out. Zayn was talking to Justin until I walked in and he stopped and looked at me smiling. I smiled back and walked into the kitchen and opened the fridge. I took out the orange juice and went to the cabinet and pulled out a glass cup. I poured some orange juice in my cup and sat on the counter top. 

   I went on my instagram and scrolled through my news feeds. I texted Ninel since I was lazy to walk to her room. 

  To: Butthole ;)

" Hey what are you doing?"

 I sent it and pretty some I got a message back. 

   From: Butthole ; )

 "At Starbucks."

 I gasped. I thought she was home

   To: Butthole ; )

 "I want a Double Chocolaty Chip Frape. Thanks love ya!"

    She read it but didnt reply. Hopefully she brings it or else I'll cry. I locked my phone and set it down on the counter. I finished up my orange juice and put the glass cup in the sink and place the orange juice back in the fridge. 

   I heard the door open so I ran towards it smiling really big. But my smile faded and I frowned. "Oh its you." I said and rolled my eyes. "Well good morning to you too sis." Niall said. I smiled "Sorry its cause Im waiting for Ninel to bring me my Starbucks." I said and walked to the living room with Niall. 

  "Hey Justin." Niall said giving him a brotherly hug. "Hey man" Justin said. I walked over to Zayn and sat next to him. He kissed my forehead and cuddled me. I took my phone out and went back onto Instagram

    "Are you packed yet?" Zayn whispered in my ear. I shook my head no laughing. The door opened and Ninel finally walked in with my drink. "Gimmiee!!" I yelled laughing. She handed it to me. 

    '"Your paying me back." She said and introduced herself to Justin. "For a delicious drink that only cost you like what  5 dollars?" I said. "Yep, is Harry awake?" Ninel asked Niall. Niall shook his head saying no. 

   "Uhg." Ninel groaned. "Go wake him up." I said. Ninel looked at me and smiled. "Im lazy, maybe later." She said. Wow that was a waste of a smile. 

   "Then come and help me pack." I told her getting out of Zayns grip. "Kay" She said and stood up. I tried getting up but Zayn wouldnt let me. "No stay" he whined. "I guess you dont wanna spend a whole week with me then." I said getting comfortable in his arms. 

   "No I never said that." He said. I giggled, and he let me go. I walked into my room and closed the door. I walked to my Ihome speakers and placed my phone on it and went on Pandora. Ed Sheeran's song "U.N.I" was on and I liked it. 

   I walked towards my closet and pulled out my duffel bag and threw it on my bed. "So what kinda clothes you want?" Ninel asked me. I looked at her "Are you serious." I told her she smiled. "Kidding" She said and went through my clothes. I pulled out 4 pair of jeans, 2 crop tops, 6 shirts, 3 shorts, 1 skirt, black socks, my converse, black vans, make-up, straightner, my pajamas, my black leggings, see through black leggings with designs, charger, and my perfume. 

  "Im done." I said to Ninel. I zipped up the bag and walked back into the living room and this time all the boys were here talking to Justin. "Harry!!" Ninel squealed and ran to him and jumped in his arms, then they kissed. "Eww." I said quietly so no one can hear, but Zayn heard and chuckled. 

  I put my bag on the floor. "You guys want lemonade?" I asked. They all said yes, and I was about to walk into the kitchen until Zayn said "I'll help." I looked at him smiling and he smirked. "eww sure your gunna help Zayn." Louis said. I laughed.

  We went into the kitchen and I took out the lemonade while Zayn took out the cups. "Are you gunna want some?" Zayn asked me. "No I still have the drink Ninel got me from Starbucks." I said back. He brought the cups over to me and I started pouring their drinks. I felt Zayn put his arms around my waist from behind and he rested his chin on my head.

    I giggled and continued pouring the drinks. "Are you ready to spend a whole week with me doll?" Zayn asked me. "I sure am." I said. I finished the last drink and set it down. Zayn twirled me around and I was facing him.

   "Your perfect." He whispered and kissed me. I ran my fingers through his hair and he hands his hands on my waist. "Whats taking you guys so long!!??" I heard Louis yell. I broke the kiss and laughed. Zayn pouted "Later" I said smiling. 

   We both got the cups and we handed it to everyone. "Sorry that took long guys. We uhh we got distracted." I said looking at Zayn smiling. "Eww!" Louis yelled. I laughed. 

   "You guys wanna watch a movie?" I asked them. They all nodded their heads in agreement. I turned on the t.v and the PlayStation  and sat down on the love seat since everyone  took up the whole couch. 

    I went on Netflix and looked at the guys. "Scary, romance, comedy, drama?" I asked then and stood up. They all stayed quiet. "Here Niall, you choose." I said and handed him the control. I walked towards the windows and closed the windows and curtains. I went into the kitchen and put some popcorn bags in the microwave and waited for them to be ready. I took out 4 big bowls for the popcorn. 

    The microwave beeped and I took out the bag and place another one in there and poured the popcorn in the bowl. I cooked at least 8 bags of popcorn. 2 bags were poured in each bowl. I managed to be able to get all 4 big bowls in my arms and gave Ninel,and Harry one bowl. Justin and Louis another bowl. Niall his own bowl, Zayn got his owl and so did I. 

   "What movie did you pick?" I asked while running to my room and pulled out blankets, pillows and my Starbucks drink. I handed everyone a pillow and a blanket and walked to the wall to turn on the A.C. 

   I came back and looked at Niall. "Were watching "The Cabin in the Woods" " Niall said. "Oh great." I said taking my seat next to Zayn. "Why?You scared?" Zayn said with a smirk. I shot him a death glare and sipped on my drink. I heard him chuckle. Well isnt this perfect? Its really dark in here and were gunna watch a scary movie. I thought to myself. 

    The movie started and I was eating my popcorn when something scary popped up and I screamed. I placed the popcorn on the ground along with my drink and I cuddled into Zayn arms. He wrapped his arms around me and kissed my forehead. 

    Through out the whole movie all I did was scream and jump into Zayns arms. Dont get me wrong I love scary movies, but then I hate them. I started getting sleepy during the movie and soon enough I fell asleep in Zayns arms. 














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