My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


11. Harry, old Harold

      I awoke from my sleep hearing a screaming Harry in my face. "What?" I groaned covering my ears with a pillow. "Were home alone and im scared." Harry siad. "What?Where my babe!" I screamed sitting up laughing. 

    "They all went out to a stupid club." Harry said trying to be mad but fail. "A club?" I asked. "Yea, it was Ninels idea and I didnt wanna go and Zayn didnt wanna wake you up so I stayed home with you." Harry said smiling. 

   I laughed. "What am I supposed to do here with you?" I asked him. "Your not fun" I added. Harry looked at me shocked and put his hand over his heart trying to act hurt. I laughed at his facial expression and he chuckled. "I can be fun." Harry said. 

   I got up and grabbed some skinny jeans and one of Zayn black shirts. "Prove it." I said walking into the bathroom. I quickly changed, brushed my teeth, and did my make-up. I covered my curly hair with one of my grey neff beanies and walked out. 

   Harry was already dressed and he was standing at my door frame. "Ready?" Harry asked me. "For what?" I said as I slipped on my socks followed by my vans. "Were going out. To have fun." Harry said. I laughed. "Oooooh this should be fun." i said getting a smack on the head. 

   I laughed and we walked downstairs and Harry got the house and the car keys and we headed out the door. I locked it and we climbed into his Range Rover. Harry placed the key into the ignition and started the car. We pulled out of the drive way and Harry headed North. 

     I looked out the window and stared and the cold rainy streets. I was still raining but just a bit. "When do you guys go back on tour?" I asked Harry. He looked at me as we stopped at a red light. "Next week" He said disappointed. I regretted asking him that cause it got me really sad. 

    "But you guys can come with us." Harry said with hope in his voice. "What about school?" I asked him. I guess that question didnt appear in his mind cause his face went back to disappointment. 

   "We- we can always just drop out..." I said with a shaky voice. "I dont wanna force you guys to drop out. I know that you wanna stay in school." Harry said. "Yea, I actually wanna finish my last year of High School. Ninel will drop out of school. Just take her, I'll stay home." I said giving Harry a reassuring smile. 

    "Are you serious? You would actually stay home alone? While were gone for a whole month?" Harry asked me. I felt pain everywhere shoot in my heart, but I know that was the good thing to do. I just wanna finish High School. Thats all. "Yea, it dosnt bother me." I said faking a smile at Harry. 

   "Great, so should we tell the boys when they come home?" Harry asked. I nodded my head and then we pulled up at a Bowling Alley. I looked at Harry smiling widely. "So you can be fun?" I asked laughing as I got out. We walked inside at not too many people were there considering the fact that it was 10 pm. We rented some shoes and went to find a place to bowl. 

   We decided to get at the far back so no fans can recognize us. I sat down and Harry asked me what number I wanted. "Uhm 1 and 3" I said. Harry walked away and I pulled my phone out and scrolled through Instagram. Harry came back minutes later with the balls and he placed them down. 

    "Come over here." I said to Harry. He sat down next to me and I snapped a photo of our bowling shoes and put it up on Twitter and Instagram "@harrystyles took me out bowling. Im totally gunna beat him. Game face on." I wrote and put it up. I put my phone in my pocket and Harry had already imputed our names. Mines was Ariel. I should of known. And his was Styles. 

    Harry was up first and he got his ball and walked over to the isle. He rolled th eball and to my surprise he knocked them all down. I looked at him shocked as he turned around and bowed. 'Lets see how the little mermaid does it." He said with a smirk. 

   I grabbed my ball and quickly rolled it in knocking down 8, I got a second try and I rolled it and knocked down the other 2. I smiled and sat down. "You had to strike twice, I only had to do it once." Harry said getting up again and getting the ball. He rolled it and he only got 5 down. I busted up laughing. 

   He shot me a playful glare and got another ball and rolled it only knocking down 1. I busted up laughing and stood up grabbing my ball. I rolled it and it went straight to the sides. I heard laughter from behind me and I turned around. "And whos laughing." Harry said. 

   I sat down and he went again. Our game lasted for another hour and 20 minutes. Harry beat me at the game and as we were driving home all he did was laugh at me for missing the strike more than 5 times.

   "Laugh it up all you want Harold." I said as we arrived home. We go out the car and noticed the boys car here. Harry unlocked the door and we walked in. I heard laughter coming from the living room so I walked in there with Harry. 

    "Look who finally decided to show up?" Louis said clearly drunk. I laughed at him "Hey guys." I said. "Where did you guys go?" Zayn asked me. It looks like he drank but you can tell he only took 2 glasses. "Harry took me bowling." I said. 

    "And guess what?! She said she can beat me yet I won!" Harry said still laughing. "It was 5 misses!Stop making fun of me!" I yelled. He kept laughing so I playfully smacked his arm. 

   "Guys we have to talk." Harry said looking at me. "What about?" Liam asked clearly not drunk. "Just take a seat and relax." Harry said. Everyone sat down and I slowly walked over to Zayn. Niall and Louis took up the couch next to Zayn so I had to sit on his lap. 

    "Alright so me and Ariel were talking about tour. She told me to bring Ninel with us of course. But Ariel dosnt wanna drop out of school yet. She only has one month left until she graduates and she dosnt wanna miss out. So she erm she decided to stay home. Alone for a whole month..." Harry said the last part quietly but everyone heard.

   They all gasped and turned their heads towards me. "What?Why doll?" Zayn asked me sadly. "I- I - just- I jus-" I stopped and run up the stairs. I ran into Harrys room and closed the door crying on hsi bed. I heard the boys footsteps coming up the stairs looking for me. I heard them open door per door until they reached Harrys door. 

   I heard the door open and I looked away. Someone wrapped their arms around me and silently cried. I turned around and saw Zayn. I clinged onto him as I cried into his chest. He carried me out of Harrys room and took me to our room. He layed me on the bed and climbed in next to me. 

   "Why?" Zayn asked sobbing as I cried into his chest harder. My eyelids were really heavy and I felt heavy breathing on my neck and I saw that Zayn fell asleep. I lightly kissed his lips. "I love you." I whispered and I closed my eyes. 




















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