My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


15. Happiness And Monsters

     -Next morning-

    I woke up to sound of boys laughter's. I smiled and stood up from the bed and walked towards my closet. I looked through all the racks trying to find an outfit. I settled on my coral lace flowy dress I bought in Wet and Seal. 

    I  stripped off my clothes and replaced it with the dress. It fit perfectly. Its holds your body perfect in every way. Its tight at the top and flowy at the bottom. Just the way I like my dresses. I smiled and walked into the bathroom applying my makeup. 

    I brushed my teeth and added my usual makeup foundation, bronzer, mascara, and a thin line of eyeliner. I straighten my long burgundy wavy hair and placed a white lace bow on the back of my hair. I added lotion on my legs and arms and sprayed some perfume. 

   I walked out the bathroom and looked inside my closet for my shoes. I found my converse and slipped them on. I walked towards my dresser and got my black stud handbag. I grabbed my phone and walked out of the room. 

   I made my way downstairs into the kitchen where all the boys were at. "Morning." I smiled at them. "Morning sunshine" Zayn said kissing my forehead. I giggled. "Im gunna go grocery shopping, who wants to come?" I asked grabbing a water bottle from the fridge and sitting on the counter top. 

    "I'll go" Zayn said smiling. "Of course you'll go!" Louis yelled with a smirk. I laughed. "Anyone else?" I asked sipping on the water bottle. "Count me in" Harry said walking over to me and giving me a high five. "Alright bye losers!" I yelled as I got off the counter top, which isnt easy for a girl whos 4'11. (Im really that short lol) I kinda stumbled  as I got off but at least I didnt hit my face or anything. 

    Zayn got his car keys along with the house keys and we walked outside. "SHOT GUN!!" I yelled running towards Zayn Range Rover. "Not if I beat you to it!" Harry yelled and ran after me. 

    "Hey that wasn't fair!!" I yelled at Harry pushing him. "Ha you loose you snooze!"  Harry yelled laughing. I crossed my arms and climbed in the back seat. "Poop." I said sticking my tongue out at Harry only getting a chuckle from Zayn. "Calm down children." Zayn said laughing. I laughed and the car started moving. 

   "Where to?" Zayn asked me. "Stater bros." I simply said. I pulled out my phone and went on Instagram and looked at some pics. I locked my phone and looked up and saw Zayn looking at me through the rear  view mirror and I smiled at him and he looked back at the road smiling. I giggled and bent down to turn the radio on.  

   I went to my favorite station and "Almost Is Never Enough" was on. I smiled and put the volume up higher and sang along to the song. I looked out the window as I sang and this song reminded me so much of Zayn. He's my everything and I hope that nothing will ever come between us. 

    I heard Zayn singing along to the song as well and that made my heart flutter. "Babe you have a great voice, when we get back home I want you to sing me that song on the Piano." Zayn said smiling at me. I laughed "Anything for you cutie." I said. 

    Zayn parked the car and turned it off and we all climbed out. Zayn came towards my side and held my hand. We walked inside the store and grabbed a cart. "What are we getting?" Harry asked me. "Well pretty much everything, we're running out of food." I said. Harry chuckled. "Probably cause you ate it all" Harry said. I laughed and playfully punched him on the arm. 

    "Whatever." I said and walked down an isle. "I want Lucky Charms!" I squealed as I saw the box. I went up on my tip toes to try to reach it, but I couldnt grab it. I felt my finger tips brush against the box but it was too high up for me to reach. 

    I let out a sigh and tried once more. I got on my tippy toes once again and I sticked my tongue out trying to reach it. Again I couldnt. I turn around and right when I was about to ask Zayn for help someone got it down for me. "T-thank you." I stuttered looking up at the guy. He smiled down at me "No problem." He said. I weakly smiled not being able to believe that he was standing right in front of me. 

   "Its been a while" He said scratching the back of his head. "I miss you..." He said. I looked at him and suddenly mines and his past came flooding through my head. Our love we had when we first met each other and then he turned abusive. He's the reason why I turned suicidal. He called me names, threatened to kill me, forced me to do stuff. We were engaged. I was so close to being married to this syco path. I hate him. He's the reason why I turned into a drug addict. Why I hanged with the wrong crew. He made me life a living hell. 

    I looked at him in anger. "What are you doing here." I spat. "Looking for you." He spat back. "And dont you dare give me attitude or else I'll do something I wont regret." He said through his gritted teeth. 

    "Babe do you wa- Oh uhm hello there?" Zayn said when he saw the guy standing in front of me. "You didnt tell me you had a boyfriend." He said. "Hi im Zayn, Ariels boyfriend." Zayn said. "Im Hector, Cinthias my ex fiance." He said. I gulped down. 

   "She didnt tell me anything about being engaged." Zayn said looking at me. "That cause Hector here is an asshole." I spat. Zayn placed his am around my waist and Hector eyed him. "Dont touch her." Hector said. "Im not yours Hector. I left you. Why? Cause you were nothing I wanted. You were sweet then you turned into a monster." I said softly. Zayn pulled me into his chest in a protective way. "I think you should leave." Zayn said. 

   Hector chuckled. "Why, I need food for myself." He said. "Zayn forget the grocery shopping we can go another time can we just please leave?" I asked Zayn. He nodded his head and we walked over to Harry. "C'mon Harry. time to go. I'll explain later." Zayn said. 

   We all got into the car quickly and Zayn drove off. The ride home was really quiet. I felt my phone buzz so I took it out.

   "What happened in there?" It was Harry. 

   "Long story short, my ex fiance showed up and said some stuff and I asked Zayn if we could leave." I replied back. Harry texted back fast. 

   "What was wrong with that?" He asked

    "He was abusive. One minute he cared the next minute he turned into a viscous monster." I texted. 

    Harry didnt respond back instead he looked at me and a tear rolled down my cheek. I quickly whipped it off and as soon as we got home I ran inside and went inside my room. 

    I threw myself on the bed and I couldnt believe that I had seen him. What was he doing out here? He's supposed to be locked up. He murdered people for gods sake! I took out my phone and searched up his name. I entered Hector Rodriguez and I clicked the first article that popped up. It read. 

   "Rodriguez, 32, is accused of helping admitted killer Jesse Davis in the murders of Winter Park High students Nicholas Presha, 16, and Jeremy Stewart, 18, whose charred remains were found April 15, 2012, near the bank of a canal on the Cady Way Trail.

   Potential jurors expressed differing knowledge of the high-profile case. Some had seen only fleeting headlines, while others knew details of the grisly crime, including that the teens' bodies were burned."

   "    Davis, a 31-year-old career criminal, pleaded guilty to murder charges in November and was sentenced to two concurrent life terms in prison.

   Shortly after his plea, he coldly confessed to the double murder in a recorded interview with investigators, describing how he bound the victims, shot them and set their bodies on fire.

  "I just shot one of them in the head, and then I shot the other one in the head," an emotionless Davis said in a recording. When one teen slumped over, Davis said he kept firing for "no reason."

   "They were then released on November 15. 2013".


   That was the last sentenced I read. I cant believe they let him and Davis out. I threw my head on the pillow and just layed there. 

   Minutes later the door opened and Zayn came in. "Hey so uhm can you please tell me who that guy was and what he has to do with you." Zayn asked I got up and handed him my phone. "Read." I said and I walked into the bathroom. I looked at myself in the mirror and I was really pale. 

  I splashed water on myself and I dried my face. "Oh and if you keep scrolling down you'll find out stuff about me." I said quickly. I sat down on the floor just staring at Zayns face as he read it. He mumbled the words and I lost focus and thought about what Hector always did to me. 


    "Hector! Stop please!" I pleaded. He held the knife to my neck and smirked. "Now you'll now 

                                not to mess with me. Never lie to me you got it!"

                Hector spat at me. "I-I di-didnt lie to y-you." I said slowly. Hector looked at me.

          His bright blue eyes turned into a dark black. "Shut up, you slut!" He yelled

                     as he opened my neck. I yelled in pain "Stop!!! Please! I'll do anything!!"

   I yelled. He dropped the knife and blood was dripping down everywhere. I cried and

            then I felt a sharp pain on my cheek. Hot tears ran down my face making my cut burn 

    like hell. "Take your clothes off!!!" Hector yelled at me. I did what I was told and I remember him

                 pushing into me really hard. The last thing I remember was blood 

   flooding underneath me. He pushed in to hard he made me bleed. Then I blacked out. 

                                                      *End of Flashback*

       I traced my finger tips over my neck where he had left a scar. I felt my eyes get watery and tears slid down my face. I heard sniffers coming from Zayn and I looked up. "T-this is you?" He asked with tears streaming down his face. I looked at my phone and there were 4 pictures of the wounds, bruises, and scars Hector had left me. I slowly nodded my head and Zayn immediately hugged me.

    "Im so sorry that he hurt you beautiful. I'll never let anyone hurt you anymore. Your safe here with me. I will never hurt you. Your my baby, my Ariel, my love, my everything. I would never trade you for anything or anyone. Your mine and only mines. Im always gunna protect you. Im your hero. Im your superman." Zayn whispered. I smiled and kissed him. 

    "I love you Zayn. Only you. Your my world, my universe. I never want to loose you. Your the love of my life." I said quietly. Zayn kissed me so passionately and so gentle. I felt safe in his arms. He's perfect. "I love you too Ariel." Zayn said once more and kissed my forehead. 

    "How about a movie?" Zayn asked me grabbing the X Box control . I smiled at him and nodded my head. 




     Hey guys! Sorry I took forever to update. Still more chapters coming along. Love ya. Follow me on Instagram? I'll follow you guys back : ) @chubs_solis 












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