My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


13. Goodbyes && Hello New Cinthia

        *Cinthias Pov*

   ~ 1 Week later ~

  Todays the day ive been dreading since last week. The boys and Ninel are all leaving for tour. Everyone was upstairs packing while I stayed downstairs eating ice cream and watching "Frozen". Its gunna be weird without them here for a whole month. I heard lots of footsteps make there way downstairs so I turned off the tv

   I turned around and everyone was standing there with their suit cases smiling at me really big. "Whats going on...?" I asked because there smiles started freaking me out. "Here." Niall said handing me a red box. I looked at him and opened up the box. Inside was a beautiful charm bracelet. I pulled it out and looked at each charm.

   One was a mirror, a paper airplane, 4 leaf clover, superman, batman, and a small locket that you can open up with a picture of me and Ninel when we were little. I looked up at them smiling really big. "Guys this is so sweet I love it!" I squealed and I hugged each of them. 

   Liams watch beeped and his smile faded. "Sorry guys, but its time." Liam said. We all did a group hug and said "I love yous" To me. "Bye guys, have fun on tour" I said as they walked out of the house. I closed the door and as I was about to walk back into the living room someone opened up the door wide and grabbed my waist. 

  I giggled knowing who it was. "What are you missing Mr.Malik?" I asked. He chuckled. "A kiss from Horan." He said. I laughed and placed my hands on his neck and kissed him passionately. "I love you babe." I said. "Me too." Zayn said and walked out of the house. I sat back down on the couch and got bored.

   Maybe I should of had went with them to the airport. No Niall said if fans see me and noticed im not going they'll ask me a whole bunch of questions. I sighed and checked the time on my phone. It was 6:15 in the morning. Might as well get ready for school. 

   I jogged upstairs and went through my drawer. I took out my black leggings and a white long sleeve. I slipped on the clothes and put on my socks and my brown uggs. I walked into the bathroom and applied foundation, mascara, and bronzer. I plugged in my straightner to the outlet and let it heat up. 

   After a couple minutes it heated up and I started to straighten my hair. Once it was straight I unplugged it and sprayed some perfume on. I quickly brushed my teeth, grabbed my backpack and phone and headed out the door. 

   The boys always drove me to school, but theres no car so I have to walk to school now. As I was walking I heard laughter and loud music. I turned around an saw a black range rover. I kept walking and the car pulled over. "Want a lift?" I heard. I knew who it was by the accent. 

  "No im fine Luke, thanks anyway." I said continuing on my walk. He slowly drove and looked at me. "Its freezing out there, and you dont have a jacket, get in please." Luke said. I looked at him. "Fine, only cause its cold." I said and he unlocked the door. I sat in the passenger seat and buckled myself. 

   "Where the boys?" Luke asked me. "Tour." I simply stated. "Did they leave you? Or did you decide to stay?" Luke asked. "I decided to stay." I said. "Must be lonely without them." Luke said. I nodded my head. "Why are you being so nice?" I asked him. "Your always a prick at school." I added. 

   Luke pulled up at a random house. "Im sorry for being a prick. I always do it to fit in with my friends, and cause Im known as the bad boy in school so they expect things." he said looking at me. "It fine dont worry about it, so your nice?" I asked him. He nodded his head. "Prove it." I said smiling. He thought about it. "How about we ditch school today and hang out your place? Sounds good?" Luke asked me. 

   I looked at him. "Fine by me." I said smiling. "Where do you live?" He asked me. I gave him the directions and we arrived there quickly. He parked in the driveway and w got out of the car. "This is your house?" Luke asked as he looked up. "Yup." I said and I unlocked the door. I walked in with him behind me and he looked inside. 

   "Woah." He said. I laughed and we sat down on the couch. "Alright lets get to know each other." Luke said. "Alright, well Im Cinthia Ariel Horan, I love cooking, baking, singing and being weird. Im 16 about to be 17, uhm Niall is my brother, Zayn is my boyfriend and my best friend is Luke." I said laughing. Luke chuckled. 

   "Im Luke Hemmings im 17, I love music, football. I have blue eyes. I have a secret which is being really nice and I have a best friend named Cinthia." He said. I smiled and I took out my phone. I went onto my camera and snapped pictures of me and Luke. I posted one of me and him making shocked faces and pointing towards each other. As the caption I wrote. "Whaaat? Luke Hemmings is my best friend. Love this little guy." And I posted it up tagging Luke in it. 

   His phone beaped and he saw it and chuckled. My phone was blowing up with likes and comments so I logged out of Instagram. "Wanna watch a movie?" I asked Luke. "Depends what movies you have." He said. I pointed towards the case full of movies and he walked towards it trying to pick out a movie. 

  He finally picked one and popped it into the dvd. I turned on the tv and got lemonade and candy for us. I placed it on the table and asked him which movie we were gunna watch. "Fat and Fluffy" Luke responded and sat down next to me. I got a call and I looked at the caller id, It was Zayn

 (Zayn- Z, Cinthia- A or C)

      C-  "Hey babe, whats up?"

      Z- "Hey I just saw your picture you uploaded. Whats going on?" 

      C- "Oh yea well I was walking to school and he offered me a ride cause it was really cold and turns out hes nice and hes only acting like a jerk cause thats people expect from him. And we came over to my house to watch a movie"

      Z-  "Right, well dont let him try anything on you cause your mine, I love you Ariel. I'll call you as soon as we land."

     C- "I wont, I love you too. Have a safe flight, bye babe."


    I hung up the phone and the movie just started. "What did Zayn want?" Luke asked. "He was just curious of why you were here thats all." I said smiling. I didnt wanna mention what Zayn said about him trying to do anything cause that was just gunna make everything weird. 

   "Hey, Earth to Ariel." Luke said clapping in my face. I laughed. "You called me Ariel." I said smiling. "Well you look alot like her, red hair, perfect smile, both of you are tiny, and I bet you have her voice when you sing. Whats so shocking that I called you Ariel?" Luke asked me. 

   I smiled and bit my lip. "The boys call me Ariel and I just miss them so much." I said getting sad. "Im sorry I wont call you that anymore, come here." Luke said spreading his arms out. I hugged him and he made tiny circles on my back to relax me. "You can call me Ariel all you want, dont worry." I said smiling at him. 

   "I'll be here for you no matter what." Luke said smiling. "Hey why dont we hang out everyday for now on?" I asked Luke. He smiled but then frowned. "But what about my boys?" Luke asked me. "Oh, well call them and tell them to come over and we'll talk and maybe we can all become friends. Sounds good?" I asked Luke. He nodded and pulled out his phone. He called all 3 of them and hung up. 

   "They told me to send them the address and that they'll be here." Luke said. He started texting and locked his phone. "Alright I sent them the address." He said. "Kay, so how are they like?" I asked. Luke looked at me and thought about it for a while. "Well they can be pricks at times but they can also be nice. Uhm they're overprotective when it comes to friends. If you make them happy and they see you as a friend they'll protect you and treat you like a little sister." Luke said. 

   "Woah and when I first saw you guys I thought the opposite." I said laughing. "Well we have to keep our reputation that way or else people will loose our respect." Luke said. I laughed and the door bell rang. I stood up and walked over to the door and opened it. I saw the rest of Lukes friends and I smiled. 

   "Come in, Lukes right there in the living room." I said pointing to the room. "Nice house." I heard I think it was Callum say. "Thanks." I said and closed the door. I walked back into the living room and sat on the couch next to Luke. 

   "So why were we told to ditch school and come here?" Ashton asked. I laughed "I guess you'd rather be in school then." I said. They all chuckled. "I hate it, but seriously why are we here?" Ashton asked again. "I invited you guys over cause I wanted to get to know you guys and become friends." I said smiling. 

   "I see. This isnt some kind of joke right? Your friends didnt make you pull another dare on us? Where are they? Hiding?" Ashton asked. Well. This boy sure does ask alot of questions. "No its not a joke. Its not a dare Im sorry about that. They went on tour this morning so its just me here alone for a whole month." I said. They all smirked except for Luke. 

   "You guys are pigs. She only want to be friends. She has a boyfriend idiots. So whip that smirk off your faces or I'll punch each of you guys." Luke spat. They all got serious and looked down. Im guessing Luke was the main guy in this group. "So, like I was saying I only wanna be friends. So what do you guys say?" I asked them . 

    The boys swapped glaces towards each other and looked at me up and down. After a couple minutes they all stood quiet. "Yea, we'll consider being your friends." Ashton said. I smiled widely. "But-" Ashton said. Oh god what does this kid want. 

   "You need a makeover." He said pointing at my outfit and circling my face. "You have any dark clothes, combat boots, rock band T-shirts? And that innocent face has to go away. Wear dark heavy make-up." Ashton said. "But I-" I said but got cut off. 

   "You want us to be your friend. Prove it. You probably dont have any dark clothes. Just girly stuff. Guess were taking you out shopping." Ashton said getting up. I pushed him back down on the couch and pulled the collar of his shirt. 

    "Dont worry about wasting your money. I was reckless in Middle School. Of course I have dark clothing. I was a reckless stoned skater." I said and let go of his shirt. By this time everyone smirked. "Really?" Luke asked me. "Yea I was like that since 4th grade, then people started saying shit. So Freshmen year I changed my whole appearance to a girly girl. I wanted the bullying to stop." I said. 

   "I'll be back." I said and jogged up the stairs. I walked into my closet and went to the very back. There it was. My box that was covered in tape and a sign that said "Dont open unless your stupid and reckless." I pulled it out and placed it onto the bed. I ripped the tape and opened up the box. I saw all my T-shirts, Ripped up skinny jeans. My combat boots. Make-up, vans, my beanies, my skateboards and a small black box that had my piercings in it along with my blades. I had CD's from rock bands and everything. "I miss this." I said and allowed a tear to roll down. 

   I took out my black "Sleeping with the Sirens" T-shirt along with my black beanie, black ripped up skinny jeans, black skating vans, my piercing, and all of my 7 dgk skateboards. I quickly changed into my new outfit and grabbed the make-up and piercing and ran into the bathroom. I plugged in my wand into the outlet and let it heat up as I applied my make-up.

   I added foundation, bronzer, black bottom and top eye-liner and a dark plum violet lipstick. I lightly touched my wand and it was already hot. I quickly started curling my hair. After about 30 minutes I finished curling my red hair and I put on my black beanie. I adjusted it with bobby pins and them I placed in my piercing. I wore piercings back them so I have a tiny hole that wasnt that noticeable. I only had 3 piercings. One on my belly button, One on my neck, and a Spider bite. I put in my Spider bites and my belly button piercing. I left my neck piercing alone and walked out of my bathroom.

   I grabbed 5 skateboards and made my way downstairs. I felt eyes burning through my soul and I looked up and the boys mouths were hanging. "You used to dress that hot!?" Ashton yelled. I laughed. "Close your mouth boys, dont want you guys catching flies, now do we? C'mon lets go." I said walking out the house like nothing being followed by the boys. "Where are we going?" Luke asked me handing me my phone. "Thanks and to the skate park, here." I said passing them the skateboards. 

   "But its not gunna be fun, cause its just gunna be us 5 there." Luke said. I laughed. "Enough time for us to mark our territory." I said taking out my graffiti cans from the bush. They all smirked. "Well what are we waiting for! Lets go!" I yelled and hopped on my skateboard. We rode the skateboards insanely down the streets. We howled and we got disgusted looks from people all around us.   

  We finally got to the skate park and looked around making sure nobody was watching us. We quickly tagged on the floor, and the tunnels and once we finished we threw the cans on the ground and started skating. We started ding tricks and everything. Time passed by quickly and all the other skaters started coming out were staring at us. Well thats what I thought. But no they were staring at me. I laughed. 

  "What never seen a girl skate?" I asked out really loud. They all shook there heads no and me and the boys continued skating. "Guys" I head Ashton call out. We all went towards him under a tree. We sat down in front of him. "Whats up?" I asked him. He smirked and took out a baggie. "I got hooked up." He said opening it up. "Did you get a bowl?" I asked him. He shook his head no. 

 "Idiot." I mummered and stood up and was about to walk away but Luke stopped me. "What are you doing?" He asked me. "Gunna get a bowl." I said smirking and walking away. I sat down on one of the benches and looked at all the skaters. They wernt looking so heres my shot. I went through the backpack underneath me and sure enough I found 2 bowls. I grabbed them and ran back to the guys. 

  "Good thinking." Callum said smirking. I smiled and handed Ashton the bowl and I had the other. "Lighter." Michael said handing it to Ashton. He got it and put weed into the bowl and I did the same to mines. He lit it up and took a hit. "Thats some good shit." He said and passed it around to Michael. I handed Ashton my bowl since I didnt have a lighter and Michael passed me the bowl. "Give me the lighter." I said. 

  Ashton handed it to me and I looked at it. Unsure about wanting to do it. I havnt done it in forever. "Hurry." Luke said. I looked up and lit it up. I huffed and puffed and it felt so damm good. "Here." I said handing it to Luke. Then Michael handed me another bowl and I took another hit. We kept doing this until e finished it all. At this point we were all high. All the skaters were staring at us wishing they had some. "Here." Luke said handing me eye drops.

   I poured 2 drops in each eye and stood up. "Lets head to my house, my brothers throwing a party." Ashton said looking at him phone. We all agreed and stood up. We hopped back onto our skateboard and Ashton led us the way to his house which wasnt far away.

   We got there in about 15 minutes. Loud music was playing. I smiled. "Your brother is like us?" I asked Ashton. "Yea." He chuckled. We got in and alcohol filled my nostrils. Everyone was drinking, yelling, and being reckless. I smiled. "Havnt been to one of these babies in years." I said smiling. Luke laughed. "Hey your not high?" I asked him. "No, I just took one hit. Im taking care of you." He said smiling. I smiled and hugged him. "Thanks your the best." I said smiling. 

  I walked over to get a drink and whatever it was I loved it and I kept getting more. After that I just remember dancing and everything else was a blur. 



         Next Morning.

    I woke up with a big headache. I groaned and tryed to sit up but I couldnt. I looked around and noticed I was in my room. "Oh your awake, here." Luke said walking towards me handind me a cup of water and 2 advil pills. "Thanks." I said and took the pill. "Oh Zayn called you alot of times so I answered and told him you were sleeping and he told me to tell you to call him." Luke said. I nodded my head. 

  "What happened last night?" I asked Luke. "We went to a party, You were having fun. Took a couple drinks, and smoked more. You didnt hook up with anyone and I took you home." Luke said smiling. "Thanks." I said. "No problem." Luke said and walked out. I layed down and heard my phone ringing. I looked for it and it was Zayn calling. I answered the phone immediately.


        Zayns pov  

I was starting to get really nervous because Ariel hasnt answered my calls only Luke answered. I hope calling her one more time is worth it. I dialed her number and it rand 2 times and she picked up. 

  "Thank god Ariel! Finally you answer we were all worried about you! Why didnt you answer my calls?" I said quickly on the phone. "Morning to you too, Im sorry I went to a party with the guys dont worry nothing happened Luke took care of me. I had too many drinks but Im fine." She said sounding tired. "Wait you drank!?" I asked making all the boys heads turn towards me and Niall stood up. 

  "Yes I did im sorry. I know its something you dont expect from me but Ive done it in the past. I did alot of bad stuff in the past. Im sorry." Ariel said through the phone. "D-did you s-s-smoke?" I asked worried hoping she would say no. 

 "Speaker." Niall mouthed at me. I put it on speaker and there was a long pause on the other side of the line. "Ariel did you smoke?" I asked again. "I-we- Ugh." She said. I looked at Niall and he ran a hand through his hair. "Did you smoke or not!?" He yelled onto the phone. 

   "Zayn, you -you have me on speaker?" She asked shocked. "Yes. He does get over it! Answer the question! Did you smoke!" Niall yelled again this time getting mad. "Zayn, take me off speaker." She pleaded. It sounds like shes crying. "Zayn. Please talk." She said quietly. I heard her sobbing. 

  "He's emberassed by your stupid actions you did!" Niall yelled. "What did you hook up with other guys as well?!!" Niall yelled. I heard Cinthia cry harder. "Shut up! Your making her feel bad! Niall trust her!" I yelled getting mad. All the boys stared at us. "Answer me Cinthia!" Niall yelled. "SHUT UP!" I yelled at his face standing up. All the boys stood up and grabbed me. 

   "Shes stupid." Niall spat. "NIALL! Shut up! Im your sister you dont know me! You think you do but guess what you dont fucking know me. The only person who knows me is Ninel. She knows how stupid and reckless I was in the past years! Yes I did drink, yes I did smoke! Dont be too surprised. The first time I smoked what in 6th grade! So shut up! You wernt there to save me. You wernt there to help me. You wernt there when people bullied me.You wernt there when I needed you the most. Look at Luke and his friends. They're dangerous, jocks, pot heads, alcoholics. Now take a look at me. Im a girly girl. An innocent sweet, nice girl, think twice before what you think. Look at my past. I was cutting myself when I was 9 years old Niall!! 9 Years old! I've benn over-dosing, Ive smoked, Ive drank. Im exactly like Luke and his friends. Thats how I was in High School, but I changed and turned into something else. IM A STONED SKATER! DEAL WITH IT ! YOU WERENT THERE TO HELP ME. YOU GUYS LEFT ME abandoned." Cinthia said crying. 

    Ninel was crying really loud and she screamed at Niall. "Why didnt we just bring her! I know how she is! She gets hurt easily! Dont call her stupid! Think before you speak. Its like you want her to cut." Ninel yelled and ran into Harry's arms. 

    "Baby. Im heading home right now. Dont worry about it, Im coming home, I Love you." I quickly said. "I love you too." She said and hung up. I stood up and ran in the tour bus grabbing all of my clothes. "Zayn we need you to perform." Louis said. "Cinthia needs me. You guys go on without me." I said and packed all my stuff. I looked around making sure I had everything and I told the driver to take me back to the airport. He turned the bus around and started driving. I looked at Niall and he had his head in his hands crying. 

   I sat on the opposite side of him cause if I hear him speak I'll punch him in the face. I heard Ninel crying and Harry trying to comfort her, while the rest of the boys went to Niall. The driver got to the airport quickly and I got off without saying bye. I ran inside and payed for my ticket. I waited 40 minutes and then they started boarding the plane. I got on and sat down with my luck I got a seat next to the window. 

   "Im coming home Ariel." I whispered and fell asleep. 
















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