My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


4. First Day Of School

   "Wake up" I heard an Irish accent say. I groaned. "5 more minutes" I said. "Sorry, I cant allow that unless you wanna be late for school" Niall said. I shot up "Im up! Im up!" I said. Niall chuckled. "Morning sunshine, im so happy to see you excited" Niall said kissing my forehead. I giggled. "Yeah, Yeah now out someones gotta change" I said shooing him out of my room. 

 I placed my Iphone on my Ihome speakers and clicked Pandora. The first song that played was "Talk Dirty" Man how much I love this song. I put the volume higher and I walked into the bathroom. I turned on the water and stripped off my clothes. I jumped in the shower and quickly did what I had to do. Once I finished I wrapped my hair and body in my towel. Thats when it hit me that I forgot to get my undergarments. I opened the door and luckily Niall wasnt in there. I ran to my drawer and pulled out my black lace bra and matching panties. I went back into the bathroom and put them on. I put on my robe and walked back into my room. 

 I walked towards my walk through closet and thought about what to wear. I then decided on my brown short flowy summer dress since it was warm outside, and my brown combat boots, along with a brown cardigan. Once I had it on I went into the bathroom and did my make-up which only considered of foundation, mascara, bottom eye liner, and a nude lipstick. I sprayed some Justin Beiber Perfume and let my hair to dry off naturally and form into its curls. I looked in the mirror and liked the way I looked and walked out. 

 "Do My Thang" By Miley Cyrus was on and I started singing along to the words. I grabbed my brwn leather backpack and put that on. Just then I heard a knock on the door and Harry came in "Hey are you ready?" He asked. "Mhm" I said. 

 "Can I talk to you ?" He said. "Sure" I said confused. "Im just gunna be open about it, but be careful with Liam and Zayn, they both have feelings for you, after all they are the only ones single." Harry said. I didnt know what to say. Zayn and Liam both liking me? "Uhhh I guess?" I said.

 He walked out of my room and i stopped the music and grabbed my phone. I walked out of my room and everyone was sitting down waiting for me. All the boys were wearing black skinny jeans with combat boots. I hate to admit it but Zayn and Liam looked good. Liam wore a white shirt with his black skinny jeans and brown combat boots, while Zayn wore black skinny jeans, black shirt, along with black combat boots and a black leather jacket. 

 "Alright, everyones ready lets go" Harry said holding Ninels hand and walking out. I went to the kitchen and got the keys and put them in my pocket. We got out my apartment and I locked the apartment and followed everyone to the elevator. The elevator doors opened and we all managed to fit in. I groaned. "Whats wrong doll?" Zayn asked me. I felt myself blush. Wait why am I blushing? I need to snap out of it.

 "Uhm , I really hate elevators" I said. "Its okay, nothings gunna happen" He reassured me. I smiled at him and looked down at my feet. The elevator doors opened and we all got out. "Whos car?" I asked "Mines!" I heard Niall yell. I laughed as we all climbed into Nialls Rang Rover. We put the key in the ignition and started the car. Just then "Someone Else" By Miley Cyrus came on "Volume up, please" I said.

 Liam tuned the volume up considering the fact that he sat in the front with Niall, then It was Harry, Ninel, Louis , and then in the very back just me and Zayn. The drive to school was only 10 minutes. Once we arrived we had to go the the main office to pick up our time tables. Everyone climbed out of the car, and I was the last to get out. Zayn held his hand out for me to hold "Thanks." I said taking his hand and got out. I closed the door and Niall locked the car. 

  Everyone in the office stared at us. I tugged Zayns jacket "Everyones staring" I whispered in his ear. he chuckled "Well we are famous Cinthia" He said. I laughed and said "You dont say?" Which made him laugh. Liam looked at us and shoot Zayn a death glare. 

 Niall was talking to the Principle and she handed him papers. "Welcome to Dublin High School , im Mrs.Larson The Principle" She introduced herself and walked off. "Okay guys here are your times table" Niall said handing each of us our times table. 

 "Lets compare ours" I said to Zayn. We put them next to each other and we had each class together except Science. I smiled at Zayn "Score!" I said, Zayn started laughing. 

 We all compared our classes and I have 7th, 3rd, and 5th with Liam, 1st, 3rd,7th, and 6th with Niall, 1st, 7th with Ninel, 4th, 6th, and 7th with Harry, 3rd, 7th, and 6th with Louis and of course all my classes with Zayn besides Science. 

  Just as we were about to walk out, Liam being the protective one said and I quote "Oay guys its gunna get messy out there. Everyones gunna be piling on us, so I suggest we stick together no matter what. We'll meet up at the last row of lockers once bell rings for nutrition, lunch, and second lunch. Got it" He said. We all said "Got it" And pushed the door. We all walked out together through the halls. Eveyone stared at us , some girls screamed and some boys said perverted things. 

  "Hey im Emily, Head Cheerleader , You should join we have try outs tomorrow!" She told me all perky. "Uhm I'll see?" I said, more as a question

 Zayn laughed at me, and I punched him on the shoulder lightly. "Stop laughing Malik!" I said. He tryed to stop by putting on a serious face, but I busted up laughing. He put his arm around me "Im just messing with you love" He said. I giggled "Better be" I said

 The bell rang and we said our goodbyes to each other "Remember meet each other at the last row of lockers" Liam reminded us. Me, Niall, Ninel and Zayn walked to room 107, which was History. 

  We found the room and got in. I heard 2 girls scream. "Uhm hi?" The teacher said confused. "Hi, were new" Niall said clearing his throat. "Oh yes, class this is Niall, Cinthia, Zayn, and Ninel" The teacher said. "Im Mrs.Fuentes, please take a seat at the very back" She said. We walked to the very back and the girls kept staring at Niall and Zayn "The red head is Nialls sister" One of the girls whispered to each other. 

 We took our seats and Mrs.Fuentes told us to take out paper and a pencil cause we were gunna take notes. Everyone groaned except us. We were taking notes on The Civil War, which I already know about. Zayn passed me a paper. I looked at him confused and opened it up.

 "Seems like you caught someones eye." I giggled. "Who?" I wrote and passed it back to him. He scribbled something down and passed it back. "Guy in the black leather jacket, lip piercing, blonde hair, I think blue eyes, hes staring at you" It read. 

   I looked up around the room and sure enough a blonde guy was staring at me. He winked at me and I blushed looking down at my feet. 

   A couple didnt pass by that I received another note. This time not from Zayn. A brunette Cheerleader in front of me gave me a note. I opened it up and it read "The names Luke, Luke Hemmings. Lunch Tmrw me and you, I'll pick you up at 8, here's my number (432)673-2689" I looked up at the boy and he winked again. 

  Just then the bell rang signalling its Nutrition. I gathered all my stuff, and waited for Ninel, Niall , and Zayn to get there stuff. someone tapped my shoulder and I turned around "Cinthia right?" Luke asked. "Yea" I said. 

  "Why dont you hang out with me at Lunch?" Luke asked me. I was unsure about what to say but I guess Ninel over heard and said "She'd love to" I shot Ninel a death glare and she just grinned. "Alright wait for me outside by the storage room" Luke said. I nodded my head and he walked out. 

 "Ninel !" I yelled slapping her arm. "What your single, have a little fun plus he's attractive" She said. I laughed and we all walked out the classroom to meet up with the guys. I walked next to Zayn and Ninel and we walked to the last row of lockers. Once the boys came in view they came up to us "You guys took forever!" Harry said. "Sorry, Cinthia got a guys attention and they were talking" Ninel said. 

  "I was about to bail on him on that question, but nooo you ruined it" I said lauging. "Whatever you know you find him attractive." Ninel said. I laughed hysterically. "Your funny" I said. "Who is her, whats his name?" Louis asked me. "His name is Luke, if we see him at Nutrition I'll point him out to you." I said. 

  We walked into the Cafeteria with everyones eyes on us. "Im not hungry I'll just sit down" I said. "Me too." Zayn said. The rest of them went to the line while me and Zayn walked all the way to the back and found a big, clean table. "Looks like popular people sit here" Zayn said. I nodded my head. "Rumor has it that Luke Hemmings asked her out tomorrow" I heard a girl whisper.

  I sat down and took my phone out. I started playing Flappy Birds when a girl came towards us. "Can I get both of your guys signature?" She asked. "Sure" I said. Zayn signed it first and then I signed it. "Thank you" She said and walked off to her friends and she started squealing. 

  Zayn put his arm around me "You know they're not staring at me" He said. I was playing Flappy Birds while he said that "Hmm?" I asked not taking my eyes off my phone. He snatched my phone from my hands. "Hey!" I said. "You wern't listening to me" Zayn said. "Sorry what did you say?" I asked this time focusing on him only.

"I said you know they're not staring at me." Zayn said. I looked at him confused. "They're all staring at you." He said slowly. I looked at everyone and they kept watching me and whispering things in each others ears. 

   " We're back" Niall said. They all came back with their foods and they took a seat. "So this is officially our table right?" I asked the boys. They looked at me weirdly. "I guess, why?" All the boys asked. Ninel grinned "I see what your doing. Your doing what you did back then in Middle School" Ninel said.

 The boys stared at us. "What do you mean?" Zayn asked. I giggled. "We have to mark our territory." I said smiling and took out a Sharpie. Zayn chuckled as I wrote "Cinthia Horan." 

  I passed the Sharpie to Zayn "Your turn." I said. He took the Sharpie and wrote "Zayn Malik" close to mines. Then Zayn smirked and whispered something in Nialls ear. Niall nodded his head in approval and Zayn wrote something else. He covered what he wrote and passed the Sharpie to the rest. In less than 5 minutes they all finished. 

  Zayn took his hand off the table and looked at me. I heard Ninel gasp and the boys said "Aww" I looked at the table and it said "Cinthia Horan, will you go on a date with me tonight?" I smiled and looked at Zayn. "Yes" I said smiling. He hugged me and everyone started eating. 

15 minutes passed by and the bell rang. Next I had Geometry II with Zayn. We walked together to 106 and the teacher introduced himself as "Mr.Johnson" It was really boring in there all he did was explain to us about a stupid triangle. 

 Thank god the bell saved me from dying in that class. Next was Language Arts with Liam, Niall, Louis and Zayn. We walked in and the teacher introduced herself as "Ms.Harp" We took our seats, and I got to sit next to Liam and Niall. Turns out Luke is in this class. I wrote a note to Louis telling him who Luke was, and I passed the note to Niall and told him to give it to Louis. Once Louis got it he looked around the room and saw Luke. 

    Louis looked at me in disgust. I started giggling. The bell rang 30 minutes later and we all walked to the lockers and waited for the others to come. Once they did we went into the Cafeteria. Once again me and Zayn didnt eat. As we were walking to our table someone grabbed my wrist which made me turn around. Since we were in the middle of the Cafeteria everyone had there eyes on us. 

   "Luke" I said. "Hey I thought we were gunna hang out." He said. I looked around and everyone was watching us. "Uhm yea sorry about that, but I change my mind. I'd rather hang out with my friends." I said with an apologetic smile. "Your promised." Luke said clearly getting annoyed. "I didnt promise you anything." I said. 

     "Still once someone says yes to me they cant turn me down ." Luke said mad. Wow I honestly hate him now. "Well guess what, 'Mr.Hemmings' I just turned you down." I said and walked off with Zayns arm around my waist. 

      "Ooooooohh...." Was all I heard as I walked away from Luke. 

      Lunch ended after 45 minutes and we got back to class. Physical Science, Art, and Woodshop went by fast. Im in p.e right now. And luckily I have all my friends here with me. We talked for what seemed like hours then our coaches dismissed us to the locker room to change. I changed back into my clothes and walked out with Ninel. We waited for the boys outside the car as we told them we would. 

     "So you and Zayn?" Ninel asked me. I giggled "He's pretty cute" I said right when they got out. "I know you like him, and he likes you back." Ninel said 

    "No he dosnt, were just gunna go out as friends." I said. Ninel laughed "Friends, yea right." She said. "Ninel be quiet!" I said. 

  "What are you girls talking about?" Zayn asked "You!" Ninel yelled. "Uuuh, n-nothing." I said smiling. I smacked her on the head as we got in the car. 


 The car ride home only took 10 minutes. We got in the elevator and went to my floor. The elevator door opened and we all got out. "What time is our date gunna be?" Zayn asked me. "Which ever time you want." I said smiling. " I'll get you at 9" Zayn said. I nodded and said goodbye to him. I unlocked the door and went in. 

  "So its a date!!" Ninel said. I laughed. "Yea, well ima sleep for a bit." I said and walked off to my room. I plugged my phone to charge and I layed down and fell asleep. 



















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