My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


19. Drama

                    *Cinthia's Pov*

   Zayn was pacing back and fourth mumbling to himself saying that he's gunna kill Liam. "Calm down Zayn" I said standing up. "I cant he likes you, didnt you just hear what he told you!" Zayn yelled. His eyes were so filled of anger and he looked like he could explode any minute now. 

     "Sit, and calm down." I told Zayn. "I cant im gu-" He began "Sit." I said this time more serious. He looked at me and sat  down on the bed. I stood in front of him and he just stared at the ground clearly thinking. "Zayn" I said. He didnt look up. 

       I sat on top of him and cupped his face. "Its gunna be okay, it doesn't matter if he likes me. He's not gunna try anything on me. I love you and only you. He cant destroy us" I said looking straight in his eyes. "Your right, Im just over reacting and clearly stressed." He said.

      I nodded my head and he threw his head back. "But I just cant deal with him living here now that he told you that." Zayn groaned. I crawled over to him so that we were making eye contact and he had his eyes closed. "We can always go out away from them, or we can be locked up in our room." I told him. 

      He opened his eyes and looked at me. "I love you Ariel." He said I giggled. "I love you too Zayn." I said. He pulled my down by the waist and our lips connected and we moved our lips in sync. Zayn's hands were lowing down to my butt and he grasped it. 

   I smiled in the kiss and he slipped his tongue in and we massaged each others tongues. He was tugging at the shirt and I placed my hands on this body and lowered my hand to his jeans and tugged on the button. 

     "Having fun there?" Liam asked. I stood up and coughed awkwardly. "Get out." Zayn spat. Only getting a smirk from Liam. "I would but I bumped into someone today and brought her over to you." Liam said . Her? What did he mean by her? Zayn furrowed his eyebrows. 

     "Perrie." Liam called out. Zayn looked shocked and Liam looked at me with an evil smirk. Who the heck is Perrie? Why is Zayn shocked? And why is Liam giving me and evil smirk? All these questions came rumbling in my head when suddenly this girl came in. She had blondish brownish hair, blue eyes, slim, and a nice smile. 

    "Zayn!" She squealed running up to him. She hugged him tight and Zayn hugged her back. "I missed you so much!" Perrie exclaimed. "Me too." Zayn said with the biggest smile ever. Liam walked over to me and smirked. "Arent they cute?" He asked me. 

     I looked at Liam in disgust and walked out of the room. I went into Harrys room and saw him laying down on his stomach. "Hey" I said softly walking over to him. "Hey" He said back softly. "Why arent you downstairs with everyone else? Eleanor came" He asked me. I shrugged my shoulders "Guess im not in the mood right after that girl showed up." I said. Harry looked at me confused. 

     "What girl?" He asked me as I layed down next to him. "This girl Perrie. Shes hogging Zayn" I said. Harry looked at me shocked. "Perrie? Thats his ex girlfriend. What is she doing here!?" Harry yelled. I was shocked by his sudden out burst and I placed my hand on his shoulder. "Shes Zayns ex?" I questioned. "How did she get in here. How did she even get our address." He asked me

     "I dont know Liam came in with her and she star-" Harry gasped. "Liam!." He spat. I looked at him weird and he sighed. "This is all a set up. Liam planned this all. He must of asked her for help. He wants to get you jealous that way you and Zayn break up and you'll be devastated. And Liam will be there to comfort you and then he'll make a move on you and claim you his." Harry siad clearly mad. 

     " I cant believe Liam would do that." I said shocked. Harry looked at me. "We need to stop this all." He said. "Lets tell the boys" He added. I nodded my head and we walked downstairs. We went into the kitchen where Lou, El, and Niall we at talking. "Oh Cinthia this is El." Lou said. I waved and smiled at her. 

     "Guys we have a problem. Perries here. Liam brought her in to make Cinthia jealous by hogging Zayn so that Cinthia can break up with Zayn and Liam can make a move on her." Harry said quickly. "What?!" Lou and Niall yelled at the same time. "Im lost. Whats so wrong about her?" I asked. They all looked at me. "Everything. She cheated on Zayn, and starting hitting on Lou, Harry, Niall and Liam." El said. 

     "Ew what kind of sick person does that?" I asked disgusted. "Obviously her." Niall said. Laughter was coming from the stairs so we all stood quiet. "Hey guys." Zayn said walking in with his arm around Perrie's waist. I rolled my eyes and looked away feeling anger and jealousy fill me up. "Someone jealous?" Liam whispered in my ear holding me by the waist. 

      "Get off me." I spat pulling him away. He chuckled and walked away. "Cinthia this is Perrie." Zayn said with a smile. "I know." I said and walked next to Niall. "Whats wrong? Are you okay?" Zayn asked. "Never been better" I said with a fake smile. Zayn shrugged his shoulders and walked into the living room.   Tears filled up in my eyes. He just shrugged his shoulders. He knows when I lie and he'll ask me whats wrong but this time he just shrugged his shoulders. He doesnt care.

      Harry came towards me and embraced me into a hug. "C'mon lets go to my room." He said. He lifted he up off my feet and carried me out of the kitchen. I burried my face in his neck. "Hey what happened?" I heard Zayn ask. "Nothing. Dont worry about it. Continue flirting." Harry spat. Walking up the steps. I was sobbing in his neck as he opened the door to his room. He placed me on his bed and I let the tears escape from my eyes. "He doesnt care anymore." I said sobbing. 

     Harry hugged me and stroked my hair. "He does. Dont worry about it. We'll get her out of this house soon." Harry said. I nodded my head and looked up at him. He whipped of my tears with his thumb and I smiled at him. "Thanks Harry for being so sweet and caring to me." I said. He smiled and I looked around his room. Thats when I noticed he didnt have pictures of Ninel anymore. 

       "What happened to all the pictures you had on Ninel?" I asked him. "Oh uhm when she left to move back in California she broke up with me." He said looking down at his feet.  



            Lame chapter lol i'll update later on xx -Chubs 











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