My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


16. Disneyland

          I woke up with strong arms wrapped around me. I smiled and sat up carefully trying my best not to wake up Zayn. I guess we fell asleep during the movie cause the tv's still turned on. I got up and turned the tv off. I walked to the bathroom, brushed my teeth and took off all my make-up. I got out and changed into my sweats and a tank top. 

    I skipped out of the room and went down stairs. I smelled bacon and started running down the stairs. I walked into the kitchen and Harry was cooking bacon and other stuff, but I was only interested in the bacon. 

     "Ooooh I love you! Thank you thank you thank you!" I yelled hugging Harry. "Well someones in a really good mood today" Harry said with a chuckle. I smiled. "I guess so. Hey where did you get the food from?" I asked Harry sitting on the counter top. 

     "I woke up early and went grocery shopping for you." He said. "No waay! Shut up! Did you get my Lucky Charms?" I asked. He nodded his head and I walked over to the cabinets and sure enough I found my Lucky Charms

     "I got my eyes on you, your everything I see." I sang as I took it out. "Your insane when it comes to food." Harry said shaking his head. "Me and her both." Niall said walking in. "Ooh Lucky Charms, thanks sis." Niall said snatching it away from me. 

     "Oh no you didnt." I said raising my eyebrow. Niall smirked. "What cha' gunna do about it?" He asked. I smiled and walked over to the fridge and took out his left over Nandos. "Give it back or else." I threatened him. 

    "You wouldnt dare?" Niall asked. I opened up the bag and grabbed a bowl. I threw in the food and put it in the microwave. Niall grabbed a bowl as well and opened up the bag of cereal. "Dont do it!" I yelled. Niall smirked and got the milk out. The microwave beaped and I took out the food. I grabbed a fork and Niall grabbed a spoon. 

    I shot Niall a glare. "Uhm Zaaaaaaayn!!!!?" Harry called out. "Do it and I'll slap you!" I threatened. "Do it and I'll take your make-up." Niall threatened me. I gasped. "You wouldnt dare!" I yelled. 

     "wHATS GOING ON?" Zayn yelled clearly tired. "Cinthia and Niall are arguing over food!" Harry yelled back. "Really? Out of other people in the house you scream my name just for this?" Zayn asked with a sexy morning voice. Me and Niall cracked a smile and I ran towards my cerael while he ran to his precious Nandos. 

   I heard Zayn groan and he left the kitchen. I giggled and started eating my cereal. "Lou!" I yelled when he walked in. "Hey there weirdo." Louis said messing up my hair. "Whens El Coming?" I asked smiling. He checked his phone and smiled. "Next week." He said with the biggest smile ever. 

    "Yaay! I cant wait to see her!" I squealed. Once I finished my cereal I put the bowl in the sink. "Thanks Haz for buying my cereal." I said walking out. "No prob" I heard Harry say. I walked up the stairs and went into my room. "Those stairs are tiring." I said as I walked in the room. Zayn chuckled. 

    "Babe, are you gunna sleep all day?" I asked as I sat down on the bed facing the bathroom. I got my phone and logged into kik. I had like 26 conversations I havent opened up. "Depends, are you gunna be on your phone all day?" I heard Zayn mumble. I didnt answer him cause I started reading my messages. 

     "Ahhh!" I yelled as Zayn pulled me back by placing his hands on my stomach. He snatched my phone and started hugging me. "Zaaayn." I whined. "I need my phone." I added. "You sound like a teenager." Zayn said with a chuckle. "Oh wait you are." He said laughing. "Haha funny." I said sarcastically. 

     "Stay here in my arms forever." Zayn pleaded as I was trying to get up. I rolled on top of Zayn and he placed his hands on my waist and looked at me. "As much as I'd love to, I cant" I said. Zayn pouted and I giggled. "Your giggle is adorable" Zayn said smiling. 

    "Your face is adorable." I said running my hands through his hair. "I havent even shaved my beard its all prickly. How is that adorable?" Zayn asked. " I take it back, it doesnt make you look adorable it makes you look sexy." I said laughing. 

     Zayn poked my dimple and chuckled. I pecked him on the lips and stood up. "Come back." Zayn groaned. I laughed and walked towards the drawer. I took out my matching bra and underwear, washed out navy blue studded high waisted shorts, and black crop top. "I'll be out quick." I said as I locked myself in the bathroom. I turned on the water and stripped off my clothes. I waited a while until the water was warm and I climbed in. 

     I washed my hair, added shampoo and conditioner. Then shaved and washed my body. Once I finished I turned off the water and wrapped my towel around my body. "Are you done yet? I want to take a shower too." Zayn called. I unlocked the door and let him in. Zayn smirked and I laughed at his reaction. I got another towel and wrapped my hair in it. 

    Zayn turned the water back on and took of his shirt and jeans along with his boxers and he climbed inside the shower. I quickly dried myself up and slipped on my underwear and bra. I grabbed my shorts and slipped them on. I didnt put on my shirt yet cause I didnt wanna get it messy with my make-up. "Zayn ima wear your shirt real quick. I dont want any make-up on my shirt." I said. "Alright." Zayn said. 

    I threw on his shirt and grabbed my BB Cream perfector. I applied it all on my face and with a brush I blended it. I got my powder and applied it on my face as well. I curled my eye lashes, applied mascara, bronzer, thin line of eye liner, and a light pink lipstick. 

    The water stopped and Zayn came out of the shower. I handed him the towel and he wrapped it around his torso and walked next to me. I dried up my hair and took off his shirt and put mines on. I decided to not straighten my hair and to just let it form in its waves. I sat on the counter and looked at Zayn. He was drying up the body and hair. He came towards me and tried hugging me. "No your wet." I said pushing him off. 

     Zayn smirked. I started busting up. "Eww not like that!" I said playfully punching him on the arm. He chuckled and pulled me closer and kissed me. Our tongues danced in each others mouth and his hands were roaming my body and my hands where in his hair. "Guys, uhm nevermind." Harry said. I pulled out of the kiss and looked at Harry. 

     "What happened?" I asked "Uhm Niall told me to ask if you both wanna come with us to Disneyland" He said. "Yea sure let me just put my shoes on." I said and got out of Zayns arms. I got black socks and put on my black vans.  I got my studded black handbag and put gum, money, sunglasses, mini lotion, lipstick, mascara, and eyeliner. 

    "Babe" Zayn called. I walked inside the bathroom. "Yeah?" I asked "Can you put my phone and my keys in your purse?" He asked. I nodded my head and walked out. I grabbed his phone from the dresser along with his keys and put them in my purse. 

    "Ready?" Zayn asked walking out wearing black skinny jeans, vans, and a white shirt. "Yea. Ima get my sweater." I said. I walked inside our closet and looked for my long black cardigan sweater. I found it and put it on. (It reaches up to the bottom of my shorts.) I went back to Zayn and he had his leather jacket on, and his sunglasses. We walked out of the room and went downstairs. "We're ready." I called out. 

   "Great, lets hit the road." Liam said. We all walked out and went inside the black van. Niall started the engine and off we went. Me and Zayn sat together in the middle row next to Lou. In the back was Harry and Lou. And Niall was driving and Liam was in the passenger seat. 

     I rested my head on Zayns shoulder and closed my eye lids. 




  Sorry for such a short chapter, I'll update another one tonight 

xoxo love you all  












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