My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


17. Disneyland Part 2.

            *Zayns Pov*

    "Were here!" Niall called out as he tried looking for a place to park the van. Everyone cheered and I looked down at my lap. Cinthia looked peaceful asleep. I played with Cinthia's hair and I felt her move around a bit. Her eyes fluttered open and she looked up at me smiling. 

     "Morning love." I said kissing her nose. She got up from her position and sat next to me. "Morning" She said. "Guys! I think we're gunna be here for a while. Theres no parking space and theres lots of people here today." Niall groaned.

           *Cinthias Pov*

    Everyone groaned and I layed back down on Zayn lap. I grabbed his hand and started playing around with his fingers. He looked down at me smiling and he kissed my forehead. He intertwined over hands together and looked out the window. 

     I studied his face looking at  his perfect jaw line, his long eye lashes, his muscular arms, and his sexy face. His hair was perfectly styled in a quiff with a little bit of hair gel. His hair looked so fluffy. I reached my hand towards his hair and I ran my fingers though his soft hair. 

    He looked at me and chuckled. "Having fun there?" He asked. I laughed and nodded my head. "Finally ! Its about time we get a parking spot!" Harry called out as he stood up and opened the door. I stood up and walked out with Zayn behind me. I quickly stretched my arms out and yawned. 

      Zayn handed me my handbag and I smiled at him. "Thanks." I said. We all walked towards the line and waited for about 32 minutes. Once it was our turn we showed the lady our annual pass and she let us in. "Okay so we'll be here for about 2 or 3 hours." Liam said checking his watch. 

     "We can either split up or we ca-" Liam was cut off once everyone left. Harry, Niall, and Louis left in one direction ; ) and Liam stayed with us. "I guess im stuck with you love birds." Liam said disgusted. I laughed at his facial expression and hugged him. "Dont worry, It'll be fun." I said squeezing him. 

    "Joy!" Liam said sarcastically. "No PDA!" Liam said. "Fine." I said. "What no! Why?" Zayn called out. I grabbed his hand and intertwined our hands. I smiled at him and we walked over to a cotton candy stand. "Which one do you want beautiful?" Zayn whispered in my ear as I was looking through my handbag for my sunglasses. "Uhm the blue one" I said. 

    Zayn nodded and pointed towards Liam. I looked over and Liam was sitting down on the benches alone. "I'll be back" I told Zayn as I walked over to Liam. "Hey" I said as I sat down next to him. "Hey" He said back quietly. I nudged his arm. "Whats wrong?" I asked him. 

      He looked me in the eyes and kept staring into my eyes as If he were reading me. I gently grabbed both his hands." You dont have to tell me if you want. I just wanna know if your okay." I said softly. Liams eyes wandered around. "I guess I just miss you. I mean like we used to be the best of friends and now that you started dating Zayn you kinda pushed me away." He said truthfully 

      "Liam Im sorry. Im a horrible friend for doing that, I guess im just scared that if we hang out alot then Zayn will think somethings up and he'll brake up with me just like how Brad did." I said trying to get his eyes to meet mines. 

     "But thats the past. Zayns different he would never mind if we hang out. I'll make it up to you, we can start hanging out for now on." I added with a smile. Liam looked into my eyes and a wide smile appeared on his lips. He stood up and lifted me off my feet. I laughed and hugged him. 

     Zayn came back with the cotton candy and he handed it to me. "Here you go Princess." He said. I smiled and we walked around a bit and I laughed with the two boys. 



      "Okay, okay you did what?" I laughed hysterically as Liam was telling me a story about him and Zayn. "We literally dressed like hot women and flirted at a club with some guys and the guy told me 'How about we go to my place?' and I agreed with him. When we arrived at his house he was already half naked and I took off my wig and screamed out 'Im gay! But if you want we can still get nasty' while I was running my hand up and down his arm and then he kicked me out." Liam said laughing. 

     Zayn chuckled "I still have the pictures." He laughed. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked at Zayn "You guys took pictures?!" I said laughing. They nodded their heads. "Dont show her!" Liam pleaded. I laughed and smirked. "Zayn doesnt even have his phone." I said

     Liam's face went back to normal. "Good cause those pictures are embarrassing." Liam said. "Is that so?" I questioned. By now Zayn was laughing and Liam looked lost. "I have his phone, duhh." I retorted so that Liam would understand. I took out Zayn's phone and unlocked  it going through his gallery. 

    I finally found it and coulnt help myself to laugh even harder. "Oh my god! My boyfriend and best friend look so hot!" I said laughing hysterically. Eveybody kept looking at us as if we were crazy. Liam snatched Zayn phone and looked at it laughing. 

     Zayn got his phone and put it in his pocket while we were all still laughing. 

         We went on some rides and had a blast. "Im tired." I whined as we got off the ride. "Lets head back home." Liam said. I nodded my head and we walked around trying to find the rest of the lads. 

     After minutes of trying to find them I spot Harrys hair and pointed in his direction. We all walked towards him and Liam tapped on his shoulder. "C'mon boys were heading home." Liam said. They all whined but followed his rules. 

     We all walked out and went out in the parking lot searching for the van. Zayn had his hand on my waist and I walked hugging his body. Once we got in the van I went to the very back with Zayn and Zayn layed down. "Where am I supposed to sit?" I asked him. He opened his arms wide "On me" He said I laughed and got on top of him.

     "To my surprise we fit." I said with a giggle. "Well you are tiny." Zayn said. I hugged him and rested my head on his chest listening to his heart beat. "Babe" Zayn said. I tilted my head and looked at him. "Yea?" I asked

    "I love you" He said. I smiled and felt my heart skip beats. "I love you too." I said and closed the gap between us. We pulled away I rested my head once again on his chest as we both fell asleep. 



Sorry for it being so short! Im in such a rush. Im getting ready to hang out with my  best friend , her boyfriend, and my guy best friend at the mall. Well im kinda in the friendzone with my guy best friend. Me and him dated in November but I moved and came back and we've been flirting and holding hands. Ughhh lol well i love you all. I'll update tonight if im not tired. 













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