My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


9. Dinner For 4

    *Cinthias Pov* 

  When Zayn asked me if I wanted to go out for dinner with Ninel, and Harry I was excited. I was in my own apartment since I didnt bring a dress along with me. I looked through the racks in the closet. 

  "Too revealing. Too bright. To outgoing. Oh my god. Yes this one." I said out loud to myself. I pulled out the dress and careful placed it onto my bed, and went back into the closet to find heels that look good with it. 

  I saw my favorite black heels that would look good with the dress. I ran to the boys apartment and went inside Zayns room, seeing him look through his clothes. "Im gunna get ready in my room." I said grabbing my makeup, straightner and my phone. 

  "Alright love." Zayn said kissing me on the lips. "Im taking this with me !!" I yelled grabbing my favorite hoodie that Zayn wears. I ran back into my apartment and went straight to my room. I started doing my make-up like how I usually do it. Mascara, foundation, blush, but this time I put eye liner on and no bottom eye liner. 

    I plugged in my straightner into the wall and let it heat up as I went onto Pandora and a song came on that I didnt recognize was on so I skipped it and Demi Lovato came on. I straighten my long red hair and did a slight curve on my bangs so it looked kinda curled. 

  Once I finished my hair I turned off the straightner and unplugged it. I walked into my room and looked at my dress. I took off my clothes and slipped into the beautiful red dress and I walked over to the mirror to adjust it. 

  I put on my black heels with a strap on the side of my ankle. I walked into the bathroom and bobby pinned my bangs to the side and messed around with my bangs so it would look good. I put on some red lipstick and sprayed some perfume on.


   I put on my infinity necklace and engraved on it said "Never Bullies" (Its a friendship necklace I have)  I got my phone along with a small black clutch purse, my make-up,  straightner, and walked out of my room. 

   I opened the door from my apartment and closed it and walked over to the boys apartment. I went inside there apartment without knocking and walked into the living room and the only person who looked up was Liam. 

   He gasped and his lips parted open slowly. His gasp made the boys curious so they turned around and saw me. I smiled awkwardly showing my dimple and Niall walks over to me. 

  "Woah, you look beautiful." Niall said embracing me into a hug. "Thanks Ni Ni" I said as I pulled out of the hug. I walked over to Zayns room and walked in. He wasnt in there, but then I heard the sink faucet turn on. 

   I put my things on top of the drawer and sat down on the bed. I took my phone out and scrolled through Twitter. I heard the door open and Zayn came out wearing a tux trying to do his tie. I giggled and walked towards him. He looked at me up and down with a smile on his face. "Cinthia, you look absolutely beautiful. You look so much like Ariel, you have her hair and everything. Im gunna start calling you by your middle name for now on." Zayn said.

   I giggled at him and started fixing his tie. He placed his hands on my waist and a smile appeared on my lips. I finished his tie and looked up at him. "All done." I said smiling. Zayn didnt take his hands off my waist instead her twirled me around and he pushed me against the wall. I giggled at him and he started closing the gap between us. I smiled and leaned in. 

   He kissed me ever so passionately. Our lips were moving in sync. I wrapped my arms around Zayns neck and he picked me up, so now my legs were wrapped around his torso. The kiss got heated fast and Zayn gently placed me on the bed. I rolled over on top of him and Zayn chuckled at me. 

   The door opened making me jump off of Zayn. Harry walked in wearing a tux as well. "Uhhm... Limos here..." Harry said staring at us. "But I see that you two are busy so I'll let you get to it." Harry said with a smirk. I rolled my eyes. 

  "No, no were ready." Zayn said getting up. I got my phone and purse and walked towards Zayn full length mirror and re-did my lip stick. I looked at Zayn and laughed. "You have lipstick on your lips." I said laughing at him. 

  He walked over to his mirror and chuckled and started taking it off.  Zayn grabbed my hand and we walked out of his room. "We'll be back later guys, bye." Harry said getting up with Ninel. She was wearing a nice black long dress. 

   "Bye have fun, but not too much fun." Niall said hugging me. I laughed. "Okay Niall, bye." I said and we walked out of the apartment. We made our way to the elevator and I pressed the 1st floor and we started moving. 

   "I love your dress Ninel." I said looking at her. "Thanks, Im in love with yours." She said laughing. "Thanks." I said smiling and the doors opened. Harry and Ninel got out and then me and Zayn got out. 

    "Oh my! You girls look lovely! And as for you boys you look handsome!" Mrs.Vasquez said looking at us. "Wait up let me get my camera, and take a picture." Mrs.Vasquez said going to the back. She came back seconds later with a camera. 

   Zayn wrapped his arm on my waist and Harry did the same to Ninel. We all smiled really big and Mrs.Vasquez took the picture. "Lovely, bye guys have fun." Mrs.Vasquez said. We said our goodbyes to her and walked outside. 

    The limo was parked in the front and fans, and paparazzis were standing everywhere taking pictures. We walked into the limo without problems. We drove off and the limo driver drove for about 20 minutes and we stopped.

  The limo driver opened the door for us and we all climbed out thanking the driver. I looked up and noticed that we came to "Sabor Brazil". "Woah." I said as we got inside. "Hello, we have a reservation." Harry said. The man clicked on the computer. "Ah yes, Reservation for Harry Styles, Zayn Malik, Ninel Styles, and Ariel Malik." The man said. I giggled and so did Ninel. "Please, this way." He said walking us to our table. 

  We sat down and he handed us the menu. "Your waiter will arrive shortly." The man said. I looked at Harry. "Ninel Styles and Ariel Malik? Really?" I said laughing. Zayn chuckled. "It was my idea." He said smiling. 

  I laughed and our waiter came. "Hello, Im Robert. I will be your waiter for the night. To start off what would you guys like to drink?" Robert said. I smiled at him and spoke up. "Can I get natural water." I said. He nodded his head and wrote it down. 

  "Same for all us 3" Zayn said. Robert wrote down the drinks and walked off. I looked at Ninel. And she gave me the same look. I was shocked. The boys looked at us as we stared at each other shocked. 

  "What?" Harry asked. I looked at Ninel. "That cant be him." I said. "What is he doing here." Ninel added. "Whats wrong?" Harry asked again. Ninel looked at him. "Nothing, dont worry about it. If Cinthia wa-" Ninel got cut off by Zayn saying. "Ariel." I laughed. "As I was saying if Ariel is fine with talking to guys about it at home, we'll tell you." Ninel said looking at each of the boys. 

    Robert came back and handed us our drinks and straws. He was about to walk away when I spoke up. "Excuse me, Robert" I said. He turned around and came back. "Yes?" He asked. I looked at him staring into his bright green eyes and saw his dimples. "Robert. Robert Maldonado." I said.

  He looked at me smiling really big. "I knew I recognized you two. Ninel and Cinthia, Cinthia Solis." He said. "Its Horan." I said smiling. He looked confused. "My last name isn't Solis, Its Horan." I said smiling. "Oh your married?" He asked me. I laughed "No, no. Thats my brother. Turns out I was adopted and I found out who my real brother is." I said explaining it to him.

  "Oh, I was about to say your young to be married right now. 17 right?" He asked me. "About to be 17, remember we were born in the same month im just older than you by 4 days." I said. Robert smiled. "Surprised you remembered. "Well how can I not. My birthday has always been depressing ever since what happened." I said quietly. Roberts smiled disapeared. "I told you I was sorry." He said. 

  I looked at him. "I was at the hospital Robert. Yous said you'd never leave me and you did." I said. Robert looked down and walked away. I sighed "Its alright. He was a jerk." Ninel said. I nodded my head and Zayn put his arm around me. 

  "I dont know whats going on but its alright Ariel. Im here and hes gone." Zayn said. I hugged him and smiled. I took a sip of my water and joined in on the conversation with the boys and Ninel. "No mines better." Zayn said. I furrowed my eyebrows. "Tattoos." Ninel mouthed and me. "Oh" I mouthed back. 

  "Well mines are better than yours, and they're gunna look even better cause im gunna get Ariels name tattooed." Zayn said looking at me. I smiled at him. "Thats sweet, but what if we break up?Your gunna regret that tattoo." I said frowning. Zayn looked at me in the eyes. "Were never gunna break up cause I love you." He said slowly. I was about to kiss him when someone cleared there throats. I looked up and saw Robert. 

  "Are you guys ready to order?" He asked looking only at Harry and Ninel. They ordered their foods and now it was mines and Zayns turn. "Uhh I'll get the chicken alfredo." I said closing the menu book. 

  "And I'll get the steak and shrimp." Zayn said. Robert wrote down our orders and he took the menus with him and walked away. "We have school tomorrow." Ninel groaned. I laughed at her. "Hey are any of you guys gunna sign up for dram?" I asked them. They all shook their heads no. 

  "Why?" Zayn asked me. "I was thinking about signing up and I wanted to know if any of you guys were gunna sign up." I said. "Oh, what class are you gunna leave then?" Zayn asked me. "Wood shop." I said. Zayn nodded his head. "Well, you should sign up." Zayn encouraged me. 

   I smiled at him. "I will, im gunna go to the office tomorrow morning and switch my classes." I said smiling at everyone. They smiled at me and then we started talking about The Little Mermaid. Dont ask me how we got to that conversation cause in all honesty I dont even know. 

  "Well dont you think its fair that she would be able to become a mermaid and a human whenever she wants?" Harry asked. That was a good point. We kept talking about this topic until Robert came back with the food. He handed me my food first and I noticed a paper underneath it. He smiled at me and handed everyone else their foods. 

  He walked away and signaled for me to open up the note. I got the note out and looked away as I opened it up. "I didnt mean to hurt your feelings Cinthia. Im really sorry for what I've caused you. I know that now you have to look at those scars every day and it reminds you of all the pain I put you threw. Let me make it up to you. Heres my number. I hope you use it soon. Bye fatass ; ) -Robert" I smiled and placed it into my bag. 

   I looked at my food and started eating. Should I forgive him? Should I text him. He still has the same number he had years ago, I know thats his number cause I still have him in my contacts after all those years. I know he hurt me and I know I told him I'd never talk to him, but I dont know if I should still keep it that way. I guess I'll forgive him. Its been years since I last texted him and spoke to him maybe I should consider being his friend again. I thought to myself. 

  "Cinthia!" , "Ariel you alright?" I heard. I snapped out of it and looked at them. "We've been trying to get your attention for the past minute." Zayn said. "Im sorry I was thinking." I said. "Whats up?" I added. "I asked you if you can accompany me to the bathroom." Ninel said.

  "Oh sorry yea, I'll go." I said, Zayn stood up to allow me to get out. We walked to the bathroom and Ninel closed the door. "Are you okay?" She asked me. "Yea why wouldnt I be?" I asked her with a reassuring smile.  

   "Its just you seemed upset, but nevermind." She said. "Im not upset, dont worry." I said. Ninel looked at me. "Here Robert put this under my plate." She said handing me the note. I took it and read it. "Im sorry for hurting he. I did love her and I still do. Please let her know that." I crumbled up the note and threw it into the trash can and walked out and leaned against the wall. 

  He loves me? Thats just a lie. I fixed my dress and placed a fake smile on my face and walked back over to the table. "Hey, wheres Ninel?" Harry asked confused. "Oh shes using the lou." I said and sat down next to Zayn. 

   I quickly finished my food and Ninel came back. She sat down and started eating her food. She had a fake smile on as well. I can tell. I didnt even hurt her. Why is she upset. I dont love him and I know hes just playing around. 

  Robert came back and handed our check and took our plates. Zayn and Harry insisted on paying for everything. They put the money on the table and we got up and made our way towards the exit. The limo already arrived and the door was opened for us to enter. 

  We all climbed in and the limo started moving. I took my phone out and scrolled through Instagram I saw pictures of us as we exited the apartments. We drove for about 40 minutes which took forever. We pulled up and Zayn opened the door and walked out holding his hand out for me. I gladly took it and noticed we weren't at the apartments. 

   We were in front of a beautiful white mansion. "Zayn what are we doing here?" I asked him as we walked up to the door and he unlocked it. Harry was smiling and he said. "Welcome home." I looked at them astonished. 

   "This is our house?" I asked. Zayn nodded his head. "You like it?" he asked scratching the back of his head. "Zayn I i love it." I said hugging him. "C'mon" He said holding my hand and we made our way upstairs. We walked to the very last room. "This is our room." He said and opened up the door. I looked inside and all our stuff were placed everywhere in its spots. I smiled when I saw the big bed covered in pillows. 

  "Who did this?" I asked him. "The boys and other people did this while we were out today." He said smiling. "They'll be here any minute." he added. I smiled. "Were finally all gunna live together." I said and kissed him. 

  I heard the door open and im guessing it was the boys. I walked down the stairs and the boys stood there smiling. I ran to them and hugged them all tightly. "You guys are the best!" I said smiling really big. 

   "Gald you loved it sis." Niall said. "Have you guys picked your room?" I asked them. They nodded their heads in agreement and we walked up the stairs. I heard thunder and I squealed. I ran next to Niall into his room. 

   I looked out his window and sure enough it was raining and there was thunder. "Uhh bye. I hate thunder!" I yelled and ran into my room. Zayn was laying down on the bed in only his pajama pants. I walked over to the drawer and pulled out my superman pajamas and walked into the bathroom. I took off my dress along with my heels and put on my pajamas.

  I took off my make-up and walked out with my dress and heels in my hands and put them away. I grabbed my fuzzy socks and I slipped them on. I turned off the light and crawled into bed next to Zayn. "Night handsome." I said. 

  "Night princess." He said and kissed my forehead. I hugged him tightly and fell into an endless sleep. 













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