My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


8. Cayn Day

    I woke up into a room I couldnt recognize. I furrowed my eyebrows and looked around. I was by myself. I looked at the floor and saw my duffel bag laying there, empty. I looked around and noticed that I was in Zayns room. I got up from the bed and walked out his room. 

   I went into the kitchen and Zayn was cooking breakfast while drinking coffee. I went behind him and hugged him. "Morning." I said kissing his cheek. "Morning beautiful." He said. "Want coffee?" He asked me. 

   "Sure" I said. I sat down on the island and Zayn gave me a plate with 2 pancakes, 2 bacons, eggs, and another plate with oatmeal with strawberries in the middle. I smiled. "Zayn this looks delicious." I said and took a bite out of the pancakes.

   "Mmm, this is so good. I never knew you cooked." I said while  I stuffed my face. Zayn chuckled and handed me my coffee. "Harry is the only one in this house that cook good, and I dont wanna take that away from him." Zayn said flicking my nose. 

   "Arn't you gunna eat?" I asked him. "Im good with just coffee." He said smiling. "Where's everyone at?" I asked him. "They should be down any minute by now." Zayn said.

  Soon enough the boys came into the kitchen and Harry started cooking while Niall came over to me and started eating my food. "Hey! Thats mine, get your own!" I yelled and slapped Nialls hand off my food. 

   Niall pouted and gave me puppy dog eyes. I groaned. "Fine. I suppose you can eat my food." I said scooting over so he can fit. "Yay, your the best sis ever." Niall said ruffling my hair. "Whatever." I said and got the oatmeal before he can get his hands on it. 

     *Zayns Pov*

  I chuckled when I saw Cinthia grab the oatmeal before Niall saw it. "Hey mate what are you gunna do today?" Harry asked me. "Ugh I dont know if me and Cinthia are gunna have plans today. Why?" I asked Harry. 

   "We should have a double date at that new fancy restaurant." Harry said. I smiled thats a good idea. "Yea, im up for it." I said. "Alright ima head over to Ninels and tell her." He said walking out. I sat down next to Cinthia. 

   "What do you say about having a double date tonight with Ninel, and Harry?" I asked her quietly. She looked at me. "I'd love to." She said smiling sipping on her coffee. I smiled and kissed her on the lips. 








 *Authors note Important!*

Sorry its so short. I promise the next chapter would be longer. Okay now I need a girlfriend for Niall. Comment if your interested. I need to know your name, hair color, eye color, height, favorite hobby, and age. I'll be choosing soon. Bye guys love you tons.






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