My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


20. Best Pals

            *Cinthia's Pov*

     "What do you mean she broke up with you?" I asked Harry. He ran his fingers through his hair "Well she just didn't break up with me. I- I caught her cheating" Harry said softly. "She what?" I asked shocked. "I know Ninel and I know that she's not the type of person to cheat on someone. Maybe your thinking wrong." I told him. Harry shook his head continuously. "No-no Cinthia. I know what I saw!" He yelled standing up. 

     I backed up and looked at him. "Harry how long has this been happening?" I asked him. "A month or so." He said. I walked over to him and pulled him into a hug. "Im sorry, Ninel doesn't seem like shes that type of girl." I said rubbing circles onto Harry's back. The door opened and Harry pulled out of the hug and stood up.

      "What do you what?" Harry asked Zayn. "What are you doing hugging Cinthia?" Zayn asked walking towards us. "Shes comforting me and Im doing the same to her." Harry said. Zayn looked at us for a while "She looks fine, c'mon Cinthia lets go." Zayn said coming towards me and reaching his hand out for me to take. I gave Harry a weak smile and stood up. "Sorry" I whispered to Harry as Zayn held my hand. 

      We walked out of Harry's room and walked into our room. "Why were you two hugging?" Zayn asked as I sat down on the bed. "We were having a bad day." I said pulling the covers over my body and placed my head on the pillow. 

     I felt Zayn's body lay next to mines "It's early. Dont tell me your planing on sleeping right now?" Zayn asked me. I shrugged my shoulders. "Whats wrong?" He asked me. I sigh '"Its not a big deal." I said. Zayn nudged me "Please tell me" Zayn said. I turned my body around to face him and looked him straight in the eyes. 

     "Its Liam. A-and Perrie" I said "What about them?" Zayn asked me. "Well Liam brought Perrie over here to get me jealous and then me and you would get into a big argument about it all and Liam would come to me and comfort me then he'll make a move on me. Thats why he brought Perrie over here. To get me jealous." I said. Zayn studied my face and then looked down at his hands. 

     "No wonder why she just showed up like nothing." He said. "Im so sorry Ariel. Im sorry for the pain I put you through today. I didnt mean it." Zayn said cupping my face. I placed my hands over his. "Hey listen its fine. Dont worry about it." I said. "I hurt you. Thats why in the kitchen you seemed sad and I didnt ask you whats wrong. Like how I usually do" Zayn said. 

     He sat up and placed his head in his hands. "Im a horrible boyfriend." Zayn said. I stood up and walked over to him. I bent down on my knees and lifted his head up. "Your not a horrible boyfriend Zayn. Your an amazing boyfriend. Look at my past, I was treated like crap until you came into my life. I built up a wall to block people out but you came and showed me that you cared. You showed me love. Together we knocked down those walls and look at me. Im happier than ever." I said with tears filling up in my eyes. 

     "I love you so much Ariel" Zayn said as he planted kissed on my lips. "I love you too." I said.




          Omg Im So Sorry! I Havent Posted IN AGES! Sorry For The Short CRapy Chapter xc













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