My New Life

When Cinthia finds out who her real paremts are she goes all the way to Ireland to be reunited with her real family.


3. Bad News

                                                                      *2 Months Later*

 I've been hanging out with Niall and the lads ever since that day and we all got pretty close together. Ninel and Harry have been dating right when I introduced them to each other. Me on the other hand. Its been hard lately. Brad's been jealous. And last night he broke my heart. I loved him, but I guess it was never meant to be. I can stop forgetting what he said. 


  " I see the way he looks at you Cinthia!" Brad yelled at me. "That dosnt mean anything! I only love you thats it!" I yelled back at him. "Sure you do, I dont believe any of the crap that comes out of your mouth anymore!" Brad yelled at my face. I started crying and I walked out of the room and went into the living room. "Where are you going?" I yelled at Brad as he walked out of the room with his clothes. "Im gunna live in my own apartment away from this one!" Brad yelled. "But i-i love you" I said quietly sobbing. "I love you too, but I cant stand seeing you and Liam laughing and hanging out everyday." Brad said. I cried even harder "Brad, dont go. I swear I'll stop talking to him, just dont take another step towards the door. please" I said crying. Brad turned his back on me and now he was facing the door. "I dont care, see him all you want. Im done." Brad said. "So thats it? Your just gunna break up with me cause you were jealous?!" I yelled crying. "Yes.." Brad said. "Brad please! If you walk out then that proves that you never loved me! And everything we had was just a joke to you." I said in between tears. 

"Please...." I said. He stood there for a couple of minutes then I Heard him whisper "Im sorry Cinthia." And he walked out of the door. I started crying even harder "Why, Why me?" I cried silently 

                                                                      *End Of Flashback*

 I was lying on the couch with Liam next to me. He slept over the night to make me feel better since I kept crying. I got up and walked to my room getting my towel, undergarments, black skinny jeans and a black tank top. I walked into the bathroom and saw how horrible I looked. I turned on the water and started undressing. Once I was naked I looked at myself in the mirror and saw how broken I was. Scars roamed my body everywhere. Scars here, and scars there. I still remember the first time I cut, it was in fourth grade cause I was constantly getting bullied. I kept getting pushed around by everyone. I sighed and got into the shower. The water felt so nice right when it hit my body. I started washing my body with the sponge and them massaged my head with shampoo. I then added conditioner. Once I finished I turned off the water and jumped out. I got my towel and wrapped my body in it. I grabbed the other towel and wrapped my hair in it. I dried my body up and put on my undergarments. I slipped on my jeans and put on my tank top. I walked out with my dirty clothes and towel, and threw them in my hamper. 

I walked into the living room to only see Harry and Ninel cuddling. I rolled my eyes and went into the kitchen. I sat on the counter top and saw my phone charging next to a piece of paper. The paper had my name on it. I furrowed my eyebrows and picked up the note. I opened it up and it read

        "Morning love, if your reading this letter right now that means your out of the shower. I went to the recording studio with the rest of the boys, and Harry insisted that he'd stay to take care of you."

By Harry saying that I think he meant to cuddle with Ninel and watch love movies. I shook my head and continued reading. 

       "I'll be back in an hour or so. I'll be texting you. I have to go now. Bye darling    xoxo -Liam"

 I smiled and folded the paper back up and slipped it into my back pocket. I got my phone and hopped off the counter. I walked into my room and slipped on my black toms. I looked out the window and noticed it was sprinkling. I went to my drawer to find a sweater, but there was only one sweater in there. It wasnt mines. It was Brads Hoodie. I grabbed it and put it on. I went up to my butt which was fine by me. I grabbed the keys and walked out of my room.

 "Where are you going?" Harry asked standing up. "Out, to get away from misery." I said and walked out slamming the door. I sighed and went to the elevator. Someone was already in there, so I decided to take the stairs. I opened the door where the stairs were and started going all the way down. My legs started hurting by the time I got out the door. I rested for a bit on the lobbys couches. After a good couple of minutes of resting I walked out and saw some fans with posters. They saw me and started screaming and asking for the boys. I put Brads hoodie on my head and had my head down low and started walking away.

 Eveyone kept following me and crowding me around in a circle. I just wanted to be alone and cry, but no ones letting me walk by. Tears streamed down my face cause I couldnt hold my emotions anymore. I looked up said "Can you guys please move..." They all looked at me, and kept shouting in my face. Asking whats wrong and it got annoying. Dont get me wrong I love all the fans but im just not feeling well and I wanna be left alone. 

 "Guys! Leave her alone!" A girl shouted. Everyone looked at her but it didn't work. She looked at me giving me an apologetic smile. "Hey Guys!!" She spoke again "Its Zayn Malik!! Over there!" Everyone ran towards where she was pointing. I looked at her and hugged her "Thank you so much" I said. 

 "Hey no problem" She said. "Whats your name ?" I asked her. She looked at me and said "Alex" I smiled "Can I see your phone Alex?" I asked. She gave me a weird look but handed me her phone. I punched in my number "Here you go I have to go now, I'll see one day" I said smiling and walking away. I heard her scream which made me laugh. 

  I walked down town until I saw a little park. I went to the Playground and sat on one of the swings. My mind pondered and then I started thinking about school. Maybe I should go back to school? I haven't gone since I moved out here and its been 2 months since I was in school. Maybe I should call Niall and ask him.

   (Phone Call- N-Niall, C-Cinthia)

  N- Hello?

 C- Hey Niall, I have a question

 N- Okay, whats up?

 C- I wanna continue going to school, you think you can Enroll me?

 N- Ehh, if that makes you happy then sure, why not?

 C- Thanks, I just feel like school can give me a couple of hours to not be depressed.

 N- Okay, where are you?

 C- At the park

 N- Im gunna pick you up, okay?

 C- Alright, see you here bye

 N- Bye

   And with that I hung up. I started swinging a bit until I heard a honk. I turned around and saw Nialls Black Range Rover Pulling up. I got off the swing and made my way towards his direction. I got in the car and put on my seat belt. We drove to the apartment in silence. Niall parked the car and I un-buckled my seat belt and walked out. I walked into the lobby and ran up the stairs. I was out of breath right when I reached my floor. I opened the door and walked towards my apartment and unlocked the door. I got in and ran to my room. I threw myself on the bed and looked up into the ceiling. 

  "I hate love" I mumbled to myself. I layed on my stomach and fell asleep. 

   * 2 hours later*

 The sound of laughter filled my ears making me get up. I walked out my room and into the living room. I saw everyone there. I faked a smile and joined the group. 

 "Cinthia" I heard Niall say. I focused my attention on him. "Yea?" I asked. "I did what you asked. And turns out your enrolled into Dublin High School." He said smiling. "And, here's the better news, Ninel, and all of us boys are enrolled as well!" He said smiling even more. I stared at him not sure what to say. I heard someone clear there throats "Oh uhm yea, sounds like fun" I said faking another smile. 

 I got up and walked to the kitchen. I opened the fridge and took out a water bottle. "Hey." Liam said walking in. I sat on the counter top "Hey" I said drinking my water. "You didnt seem happy when Niall said that we're all going to school" Liam said. I thought about what he said. Was I happy? Or was I mad? "No Im happy, just tired thats all." I said. "When do we start?" I asked. "Unfortunately tomorrow." Liam said I just nodded my head.

 "Are you okay?" Liam asked me. "Yea, im fine. Why wouldnt I be?" I asked. "You seem very distant" He said. Well im sorry im trying to suck up the fact that my boyfriend broke up with me and we've been dating since middle school I thought. "Just thinking thats all, Well ima sleep we have a big day ahead of us. Goodnight Liam" I said walking out.

  I went into my room and changed into my pajamas. I plugged my Iphone into its charger and slid under the covers. And after that I was out like a light. 

 * Sorry its so short, but im writing another chapter right now*







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