A Logan Lerman Fanfic

(Created on 4/9/14)


5. The Start of Something New... Possibly

     As students shared around the room, I was thinking on what to say. As I was thinking, something ripped me out from my thoughts.

     "Hi, my name is Logan Lerman and I'm an... actor."

     "Oh, wow! It's an honor to have you in my class Logan! I have seen your movie 'Percy Jackson.' You were amazing!" Mrs. Jackson said.

     Oh, no! I have to speak in front of Logan Lerman?! 

     "Okay. Next student."

     "Uh, I'm Melanie and my favorite color is... orange?" I said quietly.

     I looked behind me and I see Logan staring at me. I turn away quickly. That was uncomfortable

     As the bell rang, I packed my books and ran out of class. I hope I find my friends soon, so I don't look like a loner. The day went by very fast. Before I knew it, it was eighth period. I looked at my schedule and saw that I had English. As I was walking, a very soft, warm hand tapped me on the shoulder. I turned around and I saw Logan Lerman staring at me again with those eyes.

     "Umm, do you know where room 154 is?"

     I looked at the room doors next toe and said, "down the hall to the left."


     He had a quick smile and his face was a light pink. He scampered away as girls caught up to him and made a circle around him. Room 154? I looked at my schedule and found out that he had the same eighth period as me. My face turned pink at the thought. But I ignored it and walked to eighth period, thinking about how my old celebrity crush just talked to me. He doesn't know that I'm unpopular, but once he finds out, he will never talk to me again.

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