A Logan Lerman Fanfic

(Created on 4/9/14)


3. I Can't Believe It's Him!

     I hate the bus. I'm always the only one siting alone because none of my friends lived in my neighborhood. I quickly took the first open seat I could find so no one would really stare at me. I sat in the dead middle of the bus. I put my headphones on and blasted "Fix You" by Coldplay to mute all of the chattering eager people. I looked out the window and watched all of the kids walk onto the bus.

     We reached one of the bus stops and I recognized someone very familiar, but he has never gone to my school. This boy just looked so familiar. I never saw his face, so I'm not sure if I knew him. I probably didn't because I don't talk to boys and they don't talk to me. As I watched him step onto the bus, I finally caught a glimpse of his face. It was LOGAN LERMAN! Thoughts and questions rushed through my head that felt like bullets. 'I thought he lived in LA?' 'He moved here!'  'He was just a celebrity crush and now he's gonna SEE my ugly face in person?' 

     I became so hot and sweaty, and my face was to tomato red. I tried not to make eye contact with him as he passed my seat. Kids were shouting, "LOGAN SIT NEXT TO ME!!" "OMG! LOGAN LERMAN?!" Logan just smiled shyly and took the seat behind me alone. ALONE. Why would Logan want to be alone? I didn't want to EVER talk to him because I didn't want to seem like an annoying fan like the kids in the back of the bus. I just pretended like I didn't notice him. Well, he didn't notice me so...

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