A Logan Lerman Fanfic

(Created on 4/9/14)


4. First Period

     As I walked into school, all of the girls were following Logan. He honestly looked annoyed, but none of the girls seemed to notice. I pulled out my schedule from my bag and looked at who my first period was. Math. People would be very mad that they had math first period, but I don't see it as a problem since I really like math.

     I walked into the classroom. I took the seat in the middle of the class. It's the best place to sit because if you sit in front, you either get called the teacher's pet or a nerd. And if you sit in the back, you can't concentrate because everyone is fooling around and passing notes. So the middle is the best. I looked around the classroom to see who was in my class. None of my friends. Perfect.

     I kept quiet the whole period just listening to the teacher. "Hello class! My name is Mrs.Jackson. I'm going to go around the class and you have to share your name and a fact about you."

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