My Top Secret Diary by: Sadie Ky.

17 year old girl lives a normal life or so she thinks. What she does not know is that she is related to a family of top secret international spy's. She must leave Wisconsin (where she lives with her mother and older sister, Haley) to move to the royal country that she lives in. As for her, her name is Sadie.


2. Dear Diary, day 2

I wasn't feeling great at school today. I guess it may have been the double bean burrito with extra bean, might have done the trick. Or it may have been the creepy guy that came to me and knock me out... I'm pretty sure it was the burrito tho.

Oh you want an explication for the scary dude ohh... Okay so after my burrito (that made me sick) I had science and I was determent to go, But this dude wearing all black (I mean all black literally all black) he came up to me and spoke in a quiet voice '' Sadie Ky, your going to have to come with me'' when I refused he hit me on the head with a metal device of some sort. 

I was out (unconscious) for 20 minutes -so they say- when I wake up I am strapped down to a chair. A man walks in and I recognize this man a bit, not much but just enough to know who he was. This man was my father. ''Hello Sadie, we have some very important information to share with you my name is M.Ky I am the lead of the spy organisation of the USA. My family and I are in very grave danger. The criminals that we have been trying to catch threatened to kill my family I had no idea that they knew who you and Haley were. But they do now. Your sister and you must come to Washington with me to train. Or we will drag you there. Do you understand.'' he never made any of it sound like a question, although I had a thousand questions in my head. And what bothered me the most was that he comes in I have only ever seen him in one or two photos. He comes in and just says I'm a spy like it's no big deal! Well you can't just drop the I'M A SPY bomb on someone like that! There was no ''Hey how were that past 16 years of your life'' or a ''I missed you so much how are you'' no, no it was all strait forwards. I agreed to leave Wisconsin with Haley, Peter, Haley's boyfriend (who's name is Nick by the way) and my self. I mean it was better than being dragged. 

I'm a bit busy packing I will wright more tomorrow.

Good Bye dear diary 

Sadie Ky

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