The Oncoming Storm


3. Timey-wimey stuff

"What do you mean 'when'??" I demanded, whirling around to face the Doctor

"When in time..." He replied, his eyes misting over


"We've tracked through the time vortex to somewhere I've never been to, oh no! No! No! No! We can't be!"

"Can't be where?" I asked, scared by the fact of the terror on his face

"We haven't traveled only through time, but to another world entirely!" He kicked the police box in frustration. "This always happens when I travel across a long distance!"

"What happens?" I asked

"Just timey-wimey stuff." He replied ( if you could call that a reply)

"Wha-" I started to say

"Shhhshhhshhh." Said the Doctor

"What is this thing even?" I asked

"It's a TARDIS."

"Excuse me?"

"TARDIS, time and relative dimensions in space." He replayed as if it was obvious.

"Then why does it say 'police public call box'?"

"It would take to long to explain right now" he said, running around the TARDIS, examining it's every corner

"Um.... Sorry to disturb you, but I still don't know how I can help you." I said, tapping the Doctor's shoulder

"You could come with me? For one trip." He said, standing up.

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