The Revenge of Love. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

*Sequel of The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

It's been a year since King Derek was killed and Jenny was announced Princess of the Vampires. But, Jenny hasn't been acting like herself lately. In other hands, Niall meets up with another princess that wants him back, but Niall won't go back because he has Jenny. So, the Princess rages about a Vampire dating a human, so she tries to kidnap Jenny. And the boys find something unusually. They think that a half-human, half-vampire don't exist...Until the boys and Jenny's friends meet up with one. Who is this other Princess? Who is this half-human, half-vampire? You'll see in The Revenge of Love!


16. That Can't Be.

  *No worries," The voice said, revealing itself, "It's just me."

  "Josh?" Michael said.

  "That's me," He smiled.

  Everyone went to him. But, I stayed in my position. There was no need to go closer to him. I saw him perfectly fine where I was. No, I had no fights or anything with this guy, but for some reason, he looked very different. Did he not eat a lot of humans yet? Did he just wake up? He has his red eyes with a bit of purple in them still. He changed his hair colour. Then, I noticed it. It was neck veins. They grew showable. That means that he grew to be stronger and live longer. Then, he snapped his fingers to get my attentions.

  "Earth to Zayn," He smiled, "You there?"

  "Yes I am," I said, coming back to Earth.

  He just smiled at me.

  'He always smiles like that,' I thought, 'But, why did he show up now?'

  *2 weeks later*

  *Rachele's P.O.V*

  "Thanks a lot Shafa," I smiled while eating the supper she made us.

  "Yeah thanks," Laura smiled as well.

  "No problem," Shafa smiled while watching up.

  "It sucks Jenny couldn't make it," I said.

  "She said her grandmother from Greece was coming," Shafa said.

  "Plus she was doing her part during the weekend," Laura smiled.

  I felt like something was wrong. I wasn't quite sure what it was. We were working on a project for History class and we had to choose a country. And Jenny chose Ireland. I don't know why Jenny's addicted to Ireland, but Ireland does sound really cool for a research project. Then, Shafa's dogs came running in. They needed a walk.

  "After this part," Shafa smiled, drying her hands, "We'll take the dogs for a walk."

  "Okay," Laura and I both smiled.

  "It's still beautiful outside too," I smiled.

  "And the sun's out," Shafa smiled, "And that's good."

  *5 minutes pass*

  We started walking the dogs. Shafa was holding Pookie since Pookie is a lap dog while Laura was walking Koby and Rocky and I walked Teddy and Booboo. They're so small and fluffy which was adorable. The evening was gorgeous. It felt like 30 degrees, but it was only 24. Sun was still out, families were walking, friends were playing on the streets, everything.

  "Beautiful neighborhood," I smiled, walking.

  Then, the moon came out since the sun was going down. The street lights came on. Some started going inside to their couches and air conditioners. It was as if we were the only ones out which wasn't true. Shafa's neighbors are always out.

  "It looks like it's getting late," I said.

  "I'll call my mom to pick us up later," Laura smiled.

  "Okay," I smiled.

  All of a sudden, we heard a loud yell coming from the park. We looked at each other in fear and ran to the right where the park was. The dogs couldn't catch up with our pace due to their short paws, but they were fast enough to try and keep up with us.

  "I wonder," I said, "What that was."

  "Same here," Shafa said, running.

  "Maybe some kids?" Laura said.

  "Impossible," Shafa said.

  "Kids are inside," I said, "It must of been an adult."

  We ran faster towards the park. But, the moment we got to the park, we couldn't believe what we saw. It seriously had to be a dream. To all of us.

  "That can't be," I said, catching my breath with surprise.

  "This HAS to be a dream," Shafa said, surprised.

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