The Revenge of Love. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

*Sequel of The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

It's been a year since King Derek was killed and Jenny was announced Princess of the Vampires. But, Jenny hasn't been acting like herself lately. In other hands, Niall meets up with another princess that wants him back, but Niall won't go back because he has Jenny. So, the Princess rages about a Vampire dating a human, so she tries to kidnap Jenny. And the boys find something unusually. They think that a half-human, half-vampire don't exist...Until the boys and Jenny's friends meet up with one. Who is this other Princess? Who is this half-human, half-vampire? You'll see in The Revenge of Love!


29. Niall's Done with Princess Hilda!

  "Jenny!!" The voice yelled, "Are you okay?!"

  I looked to my right to see Niall okay with his soft red eyes staring into my light weak hazel eyes. What the hell happened? He was hanging from a tree by his wrists, with blood and cuts covering him and being unconscious. But, as I stare at him, he had no cuts or blood and being okay. Tears started to form in my eyes that I couldn't control.

  "Niall!" I cried, hugging him tight.

  "Baby," He said, hugging right back, "What happened?"

  "I was in a forest," I answered, "Following an order from Hilda to follow her voice t-"

  "An order from who?!" He said, angry.

  *Niall's P.O.V*

  I dashed my way to Hilda's castle and broke her door down with my eyes bloody red with anger as her, her guards and servants turned as well. She sat on her throne all comfortable and shit. This bitch won't know what's going to hit her.

  "Ah," She smiled, "My husband came running back to me."

  "Shut it you little wreck," I said pissed to her.

  "Well then," She said, turning her smile to a frown.

  She did a signal to tell her friends, guards and servants to leave the room so we can talk in private with no interruptions. I watched them leave and then looked at Hilda with more anger than ever.

  "Who do you think you are sending nightmares to my Princess?!" I yelled at her.

  "Who do you think you are barging into my castle and suddenly starting to yell?" She said, flipping her hair.

  "Jenny told me about her nightmare with you telling her to follow your voice!" I yelled.

  "Who said it was me?!" She yelled back, standing up from her throne.

  Immediately, I rushed to her, grabbed her neck and pinned her to the wall, behind her throne. My anger eyes showed how pissed I was and her fear actually showed in her eyes. No one can show their fear when I'm around.

  "Tell me why you gave Jenny that nightmare," I asked, mad.

 She sighed.

  "I wanted to scare her away from our situation," She said.

  My grip on her neck got tighter which caused her to have trouble breathing. This was phase 2 of my anger. If my anger was to ever get to phase 3, the End of the World would be very near.

  "Stay away from my baby," I said, with a hot anger voice.

  "You were suppose to be mine!" She tried to yell out, "Not hers."

  "Deal with it," I said, "If you ever come near me or her, real life or dream, I will rip your throat into pieces! Understand me?"

  "Whatever," She said, rolling her eyes.

  I let her go and disappeared away from her castle. She told everyone that we were dating when she would only have a massive crush on me. I would never have a crush on that psycho. I'm scared to question what she would be dreaming about.

  'Don't need to know what she dreams of,' I thought with a disgusted face.

 *Jenny's P.O.V*

  I sat on my bed, in fear while playing with my hair. Why does Hilda hate me so much? It's like she dated Niall and Niall broke her heart because she cheated or something and she wants him back, but Niall doesn't want her and she got jealous of me.

 'She's so weird,' I thought.

  All of a sudden, I heard soldiers crying in agony. What's going on here?! I ran out to see Anthony, Annie, their dads and their men killing Vampires!! I gasped, looking to my left, then right to see if the boys came out.

  "Where are you Vampires?" Anthony's dad called out, shooting his gun.

  I watched with fear as anger started to build up in me, but I held it in. God knows what I would do if I hurt Anthony. Then, I saw Anthony look up to my direction. I gasped, ran into my room and slammed the door fast, catching my breath fast. Now, he must think I'm really a Vampire!

  'I am so fucked now!!' I thought with fear.

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