The Revenge of Love. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

*Sequel of The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

It's been a year since King Derek was killed and Jenny was announced Princess of the Vampires. But, Jenny hasn't been acting like herself lately. In other hands, Niall meets up with another princess that wants him back, but Niall won't go back because he has Jenny. So, the Princess rages about a Vampire dating a human, so she tries to kidnap Jenny. And the boys find something unusually. They think that a half-human, half-vampire don't exist...Until the boys and Jenny's friends meet up with one. Who is this other Princess? Who is this half-human, half-vampire? You'll see in The Revenge of Love!


1. New Beginning.

  *Jenny's P.O.V*

  It's been almost 6 months since King Derek was killed by me and when I was released from hospital. When Niall and I started dating, he made me the Princess of the Vampires. Summer came around and I've been chilling with my friends. But, there's one problem. Whenever I went out in the sunlight, I'd either get burns or sparkle. Weird huh. Niall and the others think I'm changing into a vampire. But, I think it's just my skin being sensitive. That's why were at the doctor's office now.

  "Hm," The doctor said, "The tests came in."

  "And?" I asked, holding Niall's hand.

  "Your friend is wrong from what he said," The doctor said, "Vampires don't exist."

  "Told you Niall," I smiled at him.

  He just rolled his eyes and smiled at me because he knew we were lying to hide our identities. No one can know that Vampires exist. Not even my own friends. Everything can go bad if I told one of them. Not saying I don't trust them, but it's over the whole vampire population's heads. And I can't break the promise I made them.

  "It's just your skin getting more sensitive than before Jenny," He smiled, "No worries."

  "Okay," I smiled, getting off the bed thingy, "Thank you."

  He smiled, then left. We got out of the room and back into the waiting room to where the boys were at. We got into the waiting room to see Liam walking back and forth, Greg, Louis and Harry chatting and Zayn drinking red wine. Why is Zayn drinking wine? Oh wait. It reminds him of food. Then, he caught people starring at him. It annoyed him obviously.

  "What?" He said, annoyed, "It's like you never saw a man drink wine before."

  "Zayn," I sighed, "One. You're not allowed to drink wine here and two. It looks like blood."

  "What time is it?" Zayn said, "It's also because of the time!"

  "It's..," I said, checking, "5pm. Normal time to drink wine."

  "Thank you," He smiled.

  I sighed. I payed my amount and we all left. As we walked down, I saw the girl that Shafa and I didn't like. Angelica. She was first our friend, then acted like a total bitch. I hope she starts smoking because who she hangs with, smokes. She gave me a dirty look. Don't give a princess a dirty look bitch. I gave her a death stare until she went in the doctor's office.

  "Can I eat her?" Zayn asked for the 500th time this year.

  "I wish I could," I said.

  "Are you on crack?" Zayn smiled big, "Is she on crack? Is everyone on crack?"

  "What's her problem?" Niall asked.

  "She's just a bitch," I said, "That's all I can tell you."

  "I see," Niall said.

  *5 minutes later*

  I was in the bath tub, full of water and bubbles. The bubbles covered my whole body. The bubbles with water felt like it was massaging my wounds from the past with King Derek and the wolves which felt really good.

  "Ah," I said with a relaxed voice, "This feels good."

  Then, I felt hands on my shoulders and started to massage them which relaxed me even more than before. I dunked myself a bit more into the bubbles and water, putting my head on the towel and tilting my head to the right. He kissed my cheeks, went down my jaw to my neck and stopped when he got to my shoulders.

  "That felt good," I smiled.

  "I know," He smiled.

  Then, we started to kiss. But, his kisses got harder and harder which kind of turned me on. Then, things got heavy as our kisses turned into a make out session. I heard his belt rattle and heard the zipper unzipping which was hot.

  'Oh my God,' I thought, 'He's taking his pants off.'

  Then, he pulled down his jeans. He stopped for a moment and went to my ear.

  "Take my shirt off," He whispered, "And after that, don't look."

  "Okay," I said.

  I took off his shirt and closed my eyes. A little peek won't hurt right? I took a small peek to see him grab the top part of his boxers and slowly pulled them down. Holy Jesus, he's going naked to join me in the tub. I closed my eye and I heard the water make noise. I felt a head on my collarbone. I opened my eyes to see him, smiling with his head on my collarbone and looking at me. Holy shit!

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