The Revenge of Love. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

*Sequel of The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

It's been a year since King Derek was killed and Jenny was announced Princess of the Vampires. But, Jenny hasn't been acting like herself lately. In other hands, Niall meets up with another princess that wants him back, but Niall won't go back because he has Jenny. So, the Princess rages about a Vampire dating a human, so she tries to kidnap Jenny. And the boys find something unusually. They think that a half-human, half-vampire don't exist...Until the boys and Jenny's friends meet up with one. Who is this other Princess? Who is this half-human, half-vampire? You'll see in The Revenge of Love!


11. Jenny's A Vampire!

  *Rachele's P.O.V*

  "I wonder where Jenny went," I said.

  "I wonder where Annie brought her," Shafa said, rolling her eyes.

  "Seriously," I said, "Maybe we ditched her!"

  "Rachele," Shafa said, looking to me annoyed, "Shut up."

  I laughed. Shafa, Jenny and I always joke with each other that way. We always tell each other to shut up and suck each other imaginary dicks. But, I wonder where Jenny really went. Did Annie take her somewhere? Is Jenny telling her off? Then, we saw these hot ass boys walking towards us. They were mighty fine. But, I caught one of them looking at me straight in the eyes. I watched him as he passed right next to me. I smiled at me with his teeth while the one with black hair winked at Shafa.

  'Is this,' I thought, 'Love at first sight...?'

  "Oh My Goooooooood," Shafa yelled, having her moment.

  "You alright?" I said.

  "Having my moment," She said.

  All of a sudden, I saw Annie and Anthony walking down the hallways and came towards us. Annie grabbed a hold of my white and green shirt and pinned me hard onto my locker. Annie had anger in her eyes. What the hell did I do to her? Did I slap her without remembering? Did I talk shit behind her back and she heard about it?

  "Your friend is a bitch!" Annie yelled in my face.

  "Don't come in my face!" I said, pushing her off me hard.

  "Jenny's not a bitch," Shafa said with a lot of sass in her voice, "YOU'RE a bitch."

  "Shut it," Anthony said.

  "Don't tell me what to do chicken breath," Shafa said.

  "Well," Annie said, showing her wound to my head, "Jenny pushed me to the corner of the wall and injured my head!"

  "Not true!" I said.

  "And we think she's a vampire," Anthony said, walking away with Annie.

  "You're bullshitting!" Shafa said.

  'Jenny can't be a Vampire,' I thought, 'Can she..?'

  *Jenny's P.O.V*

  My mouth was covered in the animals' blood. It was so amazing. I couldn't hold in my hunger. After Annie's head started bleeding, I couldn't hold it in. Then, I remembered. I ditched Shafa and Rachele! I grabbed a leaf and wiped the blood off and sprinted back to the school to meet up with them.

  'Stupid hunger,' I thought, 'Stupid Annie and her bitchyness... If she wasn't being a little bitch to my face, I wouldn't be acting like this!'

  The moment I stepped into the sunlight, my skin started to burn. I yelled a bit since it burnt like a bitch and a half. I sprinted even faster to the doors and got in, gasping for air. I never ran this fast just to get into Hell that is called "school". I continued to breathe until I heard something.

  "Hi Jenny!" The voice said.

  'Who is that..?!' I thought.

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