The Revenge of Love. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

*Sequel of The Love of a Blood-Sucking Prince. *Niall Horan Fanfiction*

It's been a year since King Derek was killed and Jenny was announced Princess of the Vampires. But, Jenny hasn't been acting like herself lately. In other hands, Niall meets up with another princess that wants him back, but Niall won't go back because he has Jenny. So, the Princess rages about a Vampire dating a human, so she tries to kidnap Jenny. And the boys find something unusually. They think that a half-human, half-vampire don't exist...Until the boys and Jenny's friends meet up with one. Who is this other Princess? Who is this half-human, half-vampire? You'll see in The Revenge of Love!


17. Jenny, The Half Vampire!

  We couldn't believe what we were seeing. Our own best friend...killing someone for blood. We couldn't believe ourselves that she was a vampire. Annie and Anthony were right. And this whole time we were denying it.

  "I can't believe it," Shafa said.

  "This is not our best friend," Laura said, surprised.

  "That's fucking awesome," I smiled big.

 Both Shafa and Laura looked at me as if I was on crack.

  "What," I said, "It's true."

  "Rachele," Laura said, "Our friend is a killer."

  "She could kill us!" Shafa yelled.

  Immediately, Jenny lifted her head and turned to us with her straight face and her bright red eyes while the moon shines in the background of the night sky. I was smiling so bright while the girls were freaking out. I was about to go to Jenny when we all heard police sirens.

  'Uh-oh,' I thought, 'That's not good.'

  "Oh thank God the police came," Shafa said, "We'd all be dead if they didn't come."

  "Shafa," I said, holding her, "That's our friend. We can't let the police kill her."

  I was about to call Jenny out, but when I looked back to where she was, she was gone!! Where did she run off to? Is she scared of the police? Is she scared that she'll be killed? Why did she run off?

  "Jenny," I yelled, "Come back!"

  *Jenny's P.O.V*

  I sprinted with my super speed away from the situation and to my castle. But, I followed the highway and went straight into the forest, catching my breath when entering the forest. I can't believe what my eyes saw. I felt my heart drop, my mind explode, hot tears coming down from my forehead. My own best friends saw who I really was.

  "I never wanted them to find out," I said low, "I wanted to tell them when it was the right time."

  I caught my breath and continued to sprint to the school. Next, I have to tell Niall and the boys. They don't know I'm a half vampire. Half vampires is someone that hasn't fully transformed into a vampire and still has some things that a human has in them. But, if a human has full blood of a vampire, they turn into a full vampire. But, it didn't happen to me because of Niall and my blood mixed with the vampire blood so the DNA shared the two races.

  "I was lucky," I said, "that my blood and the Vampire blood mixed together."

  There was never a race of half vampires. At least that's what I know. Maybe there is a race of half vampires in the world that none of us know about. Anyone could be a half vampire, but since they have human DNA in them, they act so much like human beings. Or maybe they act like humans in the day and vampires at night, like me.

  "But," I said, sprinting, "I can no longer do that since the girls found out."

  I hate how they had to find out like this. But, it was better. More stress off my shoulders. They must be so angry at me that I lied to them with my grandmother coming from Greece to visit us when she really wasn't. Sorry if my hunger took over me.

  'I'm sorry girls,' I thought, 'You had to find out this way..'

  As I sprinted, I passed right by something. Or someone! I looked back to see who or what that was. But, I couldn't get a clear shot of the shadow. I hope it isn't Annie, Anthony or any of their dads and gang. But, if it is, I'll fight them on my own. With no help needed. Finally I got out of the woods, away from the shadow. But, who is that shadow?

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