Nothing Last Forever Or Does It?

This is a sad (romantic) G-Dragon fanfic.
You and GD have been spending alot of time together until your rival gets you in trouble! (So mean right?) AND YOU GET FIRED from YG Entertainment!! (-.-) How will GD react??


5. You're gone.

"Jiyoung, I love you I really do! But rember the old saying if you love something let it go." I got on the plane and while the plane took off I got a message. I took out my phone and looked at the message. 

(Gdragon 3:00 pm)

       "I love you. Please come back. <\3"

I didn't bother to reply. It would change anything. This message made my eyes began to tear up I messaged Seungri.

(To: Seungri at 3:10 pm)

       "Tell GD I love him too. I'm sorry I had to leave you guys."

<><><>Gd's POV<><><>

Wow. She actually left. I pulled out my phone and sent her message. I hope she got it. My world isn't going to be the without her in it. I walk back to YG Entertainment. Seungri was outside waiting for me. "Hey G, Your girl sent me a text."  He handed me the phone. I looked down at the phone. 

(Y/N 3:10 pm)

      "Tell GD I love him too. I'm sorry I had to leave you guys."

I'm crying now. I hand Ri back his phone and I run to the airport. I'm going to America. I don't care if I miss my concert tommorow in Singapore. Right now, I can't stop thinking of her.

<><><>Your POV<><><>

I got off the plane in New York. I needed to go to California but my flight was delayed because of a storm heading over in Nevada. It will take 3-4 hours. This sucks!!!!

<><><>GD's POV<><><>

D*mn it.  There is a storm over Nevada I'm stuck in a stupid airport in New York. She is probably already in California. There is no way I'm ever going to find her. I'm going to ask someone what plane I should get on to get to California. 

<><><>Your POV<><><>

Someone tapped on my shoulder. I turned around to see Jiyoung. "Butterfly!!" He screams. Everyone looks at us. He pulls me into a hug. Everyone awed, they said we were a cute "couple."

"Jiyoung you're making a scene!!" I say trying to get out of his grip but he pulls me closer. "It won't be a scene tell I do this." He picks me up and spins me around and kisses me. "Now it's a scene." G-Dragon said before putting me down. "Now, I'm making a big scene!!" He say stepping on one knee and pulling out a tiny black box with a white ring with tiny red diamonds in surrounding the huge diamond in the middle. "Y/N, will you be my wife and come back to Korea with me?" "Yes. But I'm going to kill you for making this big scene!!" "Haha I'll deal with that!!"  He says pulling you into another kiss. "Now lets get back to the guys." Jiyoung said picking up my luggage. 

-back in Korea-

Jiyoung holds open the door for me like a gentleman. Ri runs up to us "You guys are scaring me!" He yells. "How is that?" GD asked. "You are being all gentleman like!! You're never do that for us!!" Ri says sounded jealous. "When you become my fiànce then I'll do it for you." GD say smiling at me. Taeyang over hears and says "Wait, you're getting married to y/n ?"  "Yup! ^.^" GD says with the cutest on his face. G-dragon leans in and kisses me. "Ooh~" The rest of the Big Bang members say in unison. "Oh Jiyoung Oppa you so romantic!" Daesung says trying to be girly. "I sure think y/n thinks so!" T.O.P says giving me a winky face. "T.o.p Hyung!!! Not Cool!!" I say playfully punching his arm. "Haha come on y/n!! You know you find Jiyoung romantic!" Top says rubbing his arm. "Ok I do but still no cool!!" I say punching him in the shoulder. "Hey y/n let's try NOT to kill T.o.p!" Taeyang says. I look at T.o.p and say "I make no promises!!" I give T.o.p a evil smirk. "Anyway, Butterfly sit here for a second." GD says. "Wait he's actually gonna do this?" Daesung says with curiosity. "Hmm I guess so." Ri says before sitting down beside me. "What are you talking about?" I say.  "He's gonna perform the song you and him wrote for you." You begin to blush as GD picks up the microphone and start singing romantic lyrics like "your eyes shine brighter than all the stars in the heaven." And things like that. When the song ends GD runs up to you. "Well Butterfly, did you like it?" You hug him. "I loved it but there is one thing that is way better then that song." GD looked confused. "W-what do you m-mean?" He stuttered. "This is way better." I said before we kissed. "Haha, I love you." He said.  "I love you t-" I couldn't finish my sentence before he pulled me into another long kiss.

"EW!! THE ROMANCE!!" Ri says. 

"IT'S TOO ROMANTIC!" Daesung screams covering his eyes.

"My best friend gots a girl. Wait! I need a girl!!" Taeyang says. 

"Go get a room you two!!" T.o.p yells.

CL burst through the door. "Hey guys how's it go-! Woo! You get it y/n!"

We break apart. "Really, CL?" I say to her. "What? Everyone knows you want him and now you got him." She says. "Forever." GD says before holding up my hand to show the ring. "Omfg y/n!! You getting married!! This is wonderful!! I'm going to call the other members of 2ne1 and tell them what just happened!! Eekkk!!" She screamed like a fan girl. Everyone exits the room leaving me and GD alone. "Wow today's been weird. It's like a dream." I say. "Well this is a dream come true for me." GD says before one more kiss.

"REALLY THE ROMANCE!!" Seungri screams through the window. GD walks over and closes the curtain. "Now where were we?" Jiyoung says before walking toward me. 






(Thanks for reading if you want I'll make a part 2 of the wedding and stuff.)

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