Nothing Last Forever Or Does It?

This is a sad (romantic) G-Dragon fanfic.
You and GD have been spending alot of time together until your rival gets you in trouble! (So mean right?) AND YOU GET FIRED from YG Entertainment!! (-.-) How will GD react??


1. The beginning

You and GD have been practicing on a song together for what seems like a month now. You and him have become best friends! But there was a problem, your rival Seren has been trying to get GD to go on a date with her trying to make you jealous.

   "Come on Jiyoung just leave this pathetic loser and come party at my place." Seren insisted trying to pull GD out of the sound booth.

    "Like I said before, stop calling her a loser. Unlike you she is actually NICE. Even if I wanted to ,which I don't , Mr.YG said that me and Y/N have to stay here and practice. So goodbye!" GD said to her. By the expression GD had on his face he was a little ticked off.

     "Fine have it your way but Y/N , you better watch your back. Because you just got In DEEP TROUBLE with ME." She screamed.

" Oh just shut up Seren! You know GD will never go with you so stop acting like your the best thing in the world! No wonder GD doesn't like you!" You screamed back. You were shock by what you had just said. You have never said anything like that. It felt good to say something like that to her face. By GD's expression he was a little shock too.

"You. Little. Son. Of . A.!" Seren shouted as she tackled you to the ground! She punched you in the face multiple times. You got back up and kicked her in her chest. She then pick up a stool and whacked you in the head   You feel down she started to kick you in the side. GD pushed her away and slapped her in the face. You seen her run off saying You will never ever see him again! GD rushed over to you . You seen that he was scared. "Y/N are you ok? Stay awake please "he picked you up and rushed you to the hospital. You blacked out.

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