Nothing Last Forever Or Does It?

This is a sad (romantic) G-Dragon fanfic.
You and GD have been spending alot of time together until your rival gets you in trouble! (So mean right?) AND YOU GET FIRED from YG Entertainment!! (-.-) How will GD react??


3. THAT EVIL WITCH!!!! >:( (Stuff is about to get sad :( )


Taeyang rushes thru the sound booths door.

"Y/N , Mr.YG needs you at his office as soon as possible. He said its very important." Taeyang said.

"ok Taeyang. I will be there in a moment. I wanna ask GD something really quick,k?" I said politely 

"ok but hurry, Mr.YG is angry. And not just angry SUPER FREAKING ANGRY." Taeyang said.

Taeyang then says something else before he leaves the sound booth."I guess I will leave now and let the love birds talk." Taeyang said giggling. "What the heck,Taeyang!" GD said shocked.

"oh don't Deny it Jiyoung. It's pretty obvious you like her you never shut up about Y/N!   Y/N , GD really likes how your eyes twinkle, how you are always smiling and look happy , how you blush when he stole a kiss from you and how you sing like a beautiful angle. " taeyang said. "OMFG TAEYANG IM GONNA FREAKIN MURDER YOU!!" GD screamed as he chased taeyang around the building. Yep Taeyang and GD are still childish. It's cute . Well while thier busy might as well go to Mr.YG's office.

~~~~AT YG'S OFFICE~~~~

you: "you wanted me sir?"

mr.yg: "Y/N I'm very disappointed in you."

you: "what are you talking about sir?"

mr.yg: "how could you threaten to kill me?"


mr.yg: " Im sorry Y/N but I'm gonna have to let you go. Y/N your fired."

tears started to roll down your eyes. You ran as fast as you can out of his office. You ran past Seungri who tried to stop you.

Seungri: " Y/N what's wrong?"

you: "I got fired because of that stupid ***** ,Seren! She told YG that I was gonna kill him! Please what ever you do don't tell Anybody but mostly don't tell GD please seungri?

seungri: "ok but you know Jiyoung is going to wander what happen to you."

you: "well don't tell him but I have to move back to the United States now. :("

seungri: "NOOooOOOo you can't go!! Please don't go!"

you : "I'm sorry Panda but its for the best."

you walked away you could tell that seungri was going to tell GD but right now al you could think of is how GD will react. You began to cry. 

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