Nothing Last Forever Or Does It?

This is a sad (romantic) G-Dragon fanfic.
You and GD have been spending alot of time together until your rival gets you in trouble! (So mean right?) AND YOU GET FIRED from YG Entertainment!! (-.-) How will GD react??


4. Is this really Goodbye?

You didn't get much sleep last night you just keep thinking about Seungri,Taeyang ,Daesung , Top, and of course GD. How would they take it? What would they do? Will I ever be able to see their faces again? That's when you check your phone.

*8 new messages*

1. Seungri

"Y/N you're joking about this right?"

2. Taeyang

"is what seungri told me true? About you getting fired. Plz tell me it's not.


"Y/N are you ok?GD has been calling and you haven't answered."

4. T.O.P

"Y/N call me plz! I need to talk to you NOW! Did we make you mad?


"hey butterfly, seungri told me what happen plz stay here in Korea PLZ!!

6. Jiyoung

"plz butterfly answer  me."


7. Jiyoung

"Butterfly, when your heart is hurting mine is ripping.(btw yes this is a B1A4 reference)

you can tell me anything. I Love You please don't leave me."

8. Jiyoung 

"Butterfly, your eyes sparkle like the stars in the sky. When I see your smile my heart stops. Yourvoice makes me smile. Your beautiful in every way possible. Please don't leave me here in Korea, I Love You butterfly. I don't know what to say no more.

*that was all of your new texts *

you sent everyone but GD saying "I'm sorry guys."

for GD you sent this


When you love something let it go. If I don't leave Seren may ruin your life too. I Love You my dragon but I must go . I will always love you. :( <3

~~~~at airport later that day~~~~

you are about to get on the plane when a man pulls you off. 

"I'm sorry Butterfly but your not going to the U.S"

"GD Let me go! Seren will ruin your life if I stay! Please I'm doing this for you Jiyoungie (yep that's right you called him Jiyoungie) " 

"Forget Seren! She can go to the U.S cause your staying right here with me." He pulls out a ring

"My precious Butterfly will you marry me?" GD asked

(I will leave you to decide say yes or no?)

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